Right In The Middle Of An Ordinary Day!

Right in the middle of my ordinary day today I was out watering (ughh still watering) and my mailman Jim stopped to bring my mail up to me.  We have rural mailboxes down by the street so when I saw him get out of his truck with a package I got pretty excited.  

I thought Ohhhhhhh something other than bills or junk mail.  Wooooo Hooooo.  So he handed me my mail and said this has come from a long way from California to get to you.

I thought who do I know in California then I ran in and opened up my package.

Look how cute the packaging is.  I knew right then with the cute packaging who this was from.  Carol from Art and Sand.  Ok, Ok,  I also saw her name on the front of the envelope too!!!!

Remember that cute table cloth she just made and posted here.  Well she made me some cute napkins out of that beautiful material.  She crocheted the edges.  Aren't these so pretty.  Ohhhhh Carol I love them and I love you for thinking of me and making these. 

I tried them out with my little chippy bird cage napkin rings.  Yep, so adorable.

I took another picture of them by my angel to say thank you to a very special angel.  Carol you are the sweetest person ever and I love that you sew and make such beautiful creations and share them.  I so love these napkins.  I will cherish them and think of you when I use them.

One more picture by my angel.  I love these Carol and you are really so sweet and generous.  Carol has been going back and forth on opening a shop on her blog for awhile.  I think she needs to do this.  Carol is not only so sweet but very creative and talented.  I know she would do really well with a little shop.  I probably will be her best customer.
So if you stop by Carol's blog you need to drop some hints to her about starting a shop.  She is going to put up a post on some cute pumpkins she finished.  I cannot wait to see those.
Thank you again my angel of a friend.  I love these little napkins and I love that you sent them special to me.
Thank you


  1. How sweet! I received a package today too. Will post tomorrow. :)

  2. Oh, those are so pretty and the napkin rings are simply adorable!

  3. Kris, I just posted but it would not go thru.sorry. I love you gift. That is so nice. Beautiful lace edging. xoxo,Susie

  4. Lucky you, I love them:) Carol is so sweet and I love her decorating style!

  5. I love those napkins...blogging friends are so awesome! I do so enjoy her blog--even though I am not a bright colored gal she does it beautifully!

  6. How sweet is that, Kris. Your little bird cage napkin rings are pretty sweet too. I love Carol's blog too and I will drop a hint to her..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Oh how awesome! Crocheting is a dying art - I scarf up linens with crochet, hand-embroidery every chance I get! So, yes, Carol should consider opening a shop - did you read this, Carol??

    On a side note, what's wrong with 'junk' mail? You, of all people, Kris, should like 'junk' mail!

  8. Today must have been package day, Kris! I also got one from my friend Betsy at Coastal Colors. I actually just got a chance to open it a little while ago.

    The napkins Carol sent you are just beautiful and suit your home perfectly! What a sweetheart she is!

  9. Your napkins are lovely! Carol is so creative and talented. She runs circles around me with all of the projects she has going all the time.
    Mary Alice

  10. What a delightful gift. The napkins are perfect for those cute birdcage rings. I wished I had been more patient when my grandmother wanted to teach me to crochet and tat.

  11. Carol is a talented and creative as she is sweet! The napkins are pefect for you Kris and I love, love the crocheted edge!

  12. Those are GORGEOUS! I think she needs to open a shop, too. Those are really darling- xo Diana

  13. Oh, my, the pressure!

    I love that you love them. I used a patterned fabric for your napkins and I like how they turned out so I hoped you would too.

    I mailed everything late on Monday and so far I have heard that 3 or the 5 packages I mailed arrived.

    Today is a "yes Etsy day!"

    1. Carol,
      You are the sweetest ever!!!! I love them and will think of you each time I use them. Wow to get those across to Chicago from California in two days is fantastic. Your timing at the post office must have been just perfect. Thank you again. Now get working on opening that shop!!!!

  14. Such pretty napkins. Nothing like hand made!!!!She does luvly work!!!
    People like me depend on people like her for pretty things.

  15. Love them!! What a sweet gift from Carol.
    Yes...she should open a Etsy shop.

  16. Good morning Kris,
    I love your new napkins. They really are gorgeous with their crocheted edges. How lovely they were made specially for you by your friend. She really should open her own shop. I also adore those little chippy birdcage napkin rings. I have never seen anything like them before; darling! Thanks for sharing and have a delightful day.


  17. How beautiful are these and how sweet or Carol to send them to you! Lovely little acts of kindness are always so dear to the heart! I love how they look with your birdcage napkin holders! I really think she would do quite well selling her gorgeous pieces! Hugs, Leena

  18. Those darling napkins are perfect for you! I love the sweet napkin rings too. Carol is amazing! There's nothing she can't do.

  19. Oh Kris, what a very thoughtful gift and how beautiful are they!!!! I really love the napkin rings you used. They are so pretty.


  20. How sweet! And your angel is adorable!!!!!!

  21. Those napkins are beautiful! I think I have said before I just love the chippy bird napkin holders!!! Nancy

  22. What a sweet and lovely gift! They are beautiful!

  23. What a lovely gift and yes, Carol is a sweetie pie.
    Love those little birdhouse napkins rings.

  24. What a lovely friend to send you a surprise package! They are lovely and delicate and I love the way you displayed them.