Spotlight The Real Life Behind The Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself (Kris) Junk Chic Cottage wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog.

Saturday September 21st
Roxie: Sweet Vintage Of Mine

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to this week's spotlight blogger.  Roxie from Sweet Vintage Of Mine .   Roxie is not only talented but her spiritual sweet side comes across in her beautiful blog.  Please sit back and read about Roxie and her beautiful family her unique story of struggles and survival.  Have a kleenex along with your coffee.  You will be touched in a very unique way when you hear her story.  

 Hello my friends!  First , I would like to thank Kris from Junk Chic Cottage for inviting me to be part  of her  Saturday feature- Meet the person behind the blog

So come sit on my porch and lets chit-chat awhile!    Here goes...........................

I'm a southern girl at heart.  I love open spaces, my pick-up truck, junking and the simple things in life!
My faith, family and friends make life beautiful!
I retired  10 years ago after working 30 years in a family manufacturing business.  My Father started this business in 1968.  I was the office manager.  I learned a lot in these years and feel those years molded me in many ways.  It was a very important time in my life.

I am married to a wonderful man named Ken.  We have been married 7 years.   We were both divorced for several years when God put us together.  It's a good thing to wait upon the Lord!
I have a son Corey, and Ken has 3 children-Kenny, Ellen and Jason.  They are all wonderful young adults.

                             A man and his jeep........I couldn't resist!

                         A girl and her Vintage 1964 John Deere-he couldn't resist!

                                                   My son Corey at the beach...........

                                                           .............And baling hay

                                   I sold my Farmhouse of 17 years earlier in the year..........

                            ............And we are downsizing to this cute fixer-upper cottage

My FUN passion is Vintage and Junking!  This is canned ham "Sweetie" AKA "Sweet Sue".  I love to garden and decorate but haven't been doing that since before the move.  Sweetie has filled the void.  I enjoy potting plants in unique containers and she is adorable to decorate!

Ken and I love taking 1-3 day road trips with very little planning.  We look for historic covered bridges and Ken loves old towns with ole' timey bakeries.....He loves his donuts!

And one thing about me, I don't want left untold..........
In May 2009, I was diagnosed with a baseball size tumor on my pancreas.  It was also wrapped around the main artery in my body.  The diagnosis was not good.
I should not be here........I am a true living miracle........"I am HEALED of the Lord"!
I have never been cut on, but took a chemo pill with only a 30 percent chance of working for 8 months. I quit taking the pill in June of 2010.  The tumor had shrunk  half its size.
The miracle has continued to shrink since June 2010 with no treatment whatsoever! It is only an inch in size/diameter.  The doctors say it doesn't work like that!!
I am child of the King......a daughter of the Most High!   I thank him and give him praise!

I am sitting on the porch of the "inbetween" house and I love it!  I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me and look forward to meeting many more of you!  Blessings~~~Roxie

Thank you Roxie your story touched my heart and soul.  Your story of survival shows us we need to believe and have faith and that there is hope.  You are truly a living miracle and I am so blessed to know you.  Thank you dear friend for sharing your inspirational life journey with us.

Now please hop over to Susan's blog and read about Pam from Moments like These.  You will love learning more about Pam another sweet and talented blogger.

Have a Great Saturday.


  1. What an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I will definitely check out her blog.

  2. Amen...the good Lord above is AMAZING!!!!

  3. I've been following Roxie for over a year now. We actually live in the same state and about an hour or so apart. I hope to meet her one day.

  4. What a wonderful story about Roxie! My SIL just had a tumor removed from her pancreas surgically and is cancer free!!We thank God everyday for this incredible miracle. Her older
    sister died of Pancreatic Cancer 15 years ago. It's been some kind of journey we've all been on this past year. We had the blessing of taking care of her during the initial horrific chemo she had and then the surgery & recovery. She is doing good and starting to enjoy her new life.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  5. I've always adored Roxie; now I admire her even more! What a great 'story' of hope and healing she has!!

  6. Roxie's story is touching. I wish her great blessings from the Lord for continued good health. I'll go to check her blog site. The pictures were very nice. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Kris. Looks like you got some rain in your area also. xoxo,Susie

  7. Whenever Roxie visits me, she leaves such lovely comments, so it's great to meet her up front and personal! What a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart for the Lord. She truly shines!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey Roxie, it's such an inspirational story. You've truly been blessed with a wonderful supportive family.

  9. Wow! What an amazing and inspirational story...GOD is so good.


  10. Thanks for the inspiration. I know most responder are going to talk about your miracle cure from cancer. However before I got that far your story of how you and your husband came together though Gods work. I have been divorced for 28 years and have always longed for loving partner. I have been waiting for my partner to show up in my life. My friends and family want me try online dating and modern methods. I am waiting for next partner to come to me through God. I've tried to manage my own life myself and things did not turn out so well. I love your collection of "junk" also.

  11. I am honored to read about her. I look forward to future introductions.

  12. What a wonderful inspiring story! I loved reading about Roxie and her journey.

  13. Great feature, Kris. I love Roxie's blog, she's amazing! Great to get to know more about her and the amazing life that God has blessed her with. She is an inspiration to us all, and a real doll.

  14. You are such a beautiful lady and have such a wonderful story to tell. Love your cute travel trailer and your fun style! It's nice to get to know Roxie better! Sweet hugs!

  15. I love Roxie's story. Praise the LORD for her miracle.

  16. What a story!!! So nice to meet you Roxie - you've been blessed indeed!!!
    That farmhouse was magnificent - but that little fixer upper is just adorable and reminds me
    of what we've been looking at
    The best of luck

  17. What a beautiful story! And a true miracle!

  18. Roxie, you are such a sweetie. What a wonderful story and amazing miracle!

  19. your farmhouse was beautiful but, the fixer upper is very charming, roxie! your story of heaing is such a blessing and a real miracle!

  20. I loved this posting - just a wonderful story!

  21. Kris you did it again - introduced me to a new blogger who I know I will enjoy reading.

    I am now following her blog so I can see the transformation of the little yellow cottage.

  22. A BIG THANK YOU Kris and everyone for the SWEETEST and ENCOURAGING comments!! (I'm gonna need it when we start re-habbing the cottage) I'm so happy to have met such beautiful people in this blogging world! I feel so BLESSED.....I LOVE you all~~~~~Roxie

  23. I just ran over to meet Roxie, what a wonderful post!

  24. Thanks for sharing this lovely story

  25. Hi Kris! What a beautiful feature about a beautiful person! I'm going to pop over to her blog right now and leave her a comment! xoxo, Leena

  26. I love Roxie's story, and the pictures.

  27. Hello Kris,
    I think this new feature that you and Susan are doing is wonderful. Roxie is a sweetheart and an inspiration to all that know her. Now, I'm off to Susan's blog. Have a glorious day, your blogging sister, Connie :)