Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself (Kris) Junk Chic Cottage wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog. 
Saturday January 25th
Rosemary from Villa Barnes

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you this week to Rosemary from Villa Barnes.  Rosemary is a very private and quiet soul. Rosemary is a beautiful and talented artist so I was so happy when she said yes to share a little of herself with all of us on Spotlight.   I met Rosemary and her beautiful pieces where she was selling at a local vintage market.  Rosemary also does a local flea market and displays her beautiful finished vintage pieces.  So sit back and enjoy getting to know Rosemary.  

When Kris asked me to be in the spotlight, she said, "I know you're shy, but..."  Okay, in the world of blogging, I've been called secretive, elusive, mysterious, etc. Shy, was a new one. I'm not shy, just protective when it comes to my personal life.  However, I assured her that I would be able to share a bit about myself, and, still hold on to that mystique I embrace. LOL

I could literally write a book about my life,

but, I'll keep it short.

Most of you know me for the redesigns, and paint finishes I share.  However, my initial aspiration was acting.  I studied theater, art, and writing in college.  I've performed in plays, commercials, industrial films, and, had a voice over gig.  To this day, I still get recognized as an extra in "Adventures In Babysitting".  If you pay attention to the club scene, there are several close ups of me in a garish blue sequins top.

So, how did an aspiring actress end up here.  Life took a turn when I got married, and had two adorable boys. They became my priority.

Two decades ago, when my oldest was a baby, my husband and I set up at a local flea market.

I started selling at antique shows soon after, and, acquired repeat customers.  I also sell by appointment.  I've never had a brick and mortar store.

During the same span of time, I've had, "normal" jobs here and there.  However, I never fit the conventional mold.

Self-employment is not for the faith of heart.  We've had, and, still face many challenges.  Yet, when I see my 18 and 21 year old, well mannered, respectful sons, I feel blessed.

So, what brought me to the world of blogging?

I started seeing my creations on the worldwide web. Some in the online shops of clients of mine. Others, in blog land.  More often than not, there was no mention of me.  I finally decided to do what so many had told me to do.  Start a blog.  Sharing my finds,




and redesigns.

The world of blogging has also given me the opportunity to meet many kindred spirits. I'm so very thankful for that.  I've been truly humbled by all the support, encouragement, and inspiration.

Blogging has also allowed me to expand my customer base.  I recently opened an online shop on Zibbet. However, I'm planning to reopen my Etsy soon.

Years ago I could be found at an antique show pretty much every weekend.  I don't do as many these days, but, they are still necessary.  I will be setting up at quite a few this year.

A little more about myself?

I'm 54 years old, and, the youngest of six.  I'm the casual sort.  I rarely wear makeup, and, often wear hats.

With all the merchandise I've gone through over the years, I'm actually borderline minimalist.

I'm a big superhero fan.  My idea of a chick flick would be, "The Avengers", or, "Man of Steel".

My faith, is very important to me, and, I will leave you with one of my favorite bible quotes.

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.  Romans 12:12

Thanks for this opportunity Kris.

See ya soon.

Thank you Rosemary for sharing yourself with all of us.  I have always loved your beautiful creations and finished pieces so it was a wonderful thrill for me to feature you on Spotlight.  Now that you have gotten to meet Rosemary hop over to Susan's Blog and meet another beautiful and talented blogger Janet from Creating a Life.

Have a great Saturday.  


  1. So glad to read and get to know Rosemary a little better! Her work is beautiful! She is truly gifted from God with her artistic talent and creativity! I always look forward to what she has created~~~~Roxie

  2. I love Rosemary and it was wonderful to learn more about her :) Her finishes are amazing--she makes every piece look like it has a story to tell!

  3. Thanks for sharing Rosemary's journey with us and I'm so glad I was able to meet her through her blog. She is a huge inspiration to me:-)


  4. I loved reading all about Rosemary and her journey...such an interesting person...

  5. Thanks so much for including me in your series, Kris. I'm honored to be in the company of such talented souls. So many of whom are an inspiration to me. That includes you, my friend.

  6. I'm always inspired by Rosemary's creativity and talent. I really enjoyed getting to know about her acting aspirations and her commitment to her family and faith!

  7. I read Rosemary's blog regularly, but don't know much about her. This was great to learn about her. Now I have to dig out my copy of Adventures in Babysitting to see the girl in the blue sequined dress.

  8. It was great pleasure to meet Rosemary, another wonderful artists in the blog world.Thanks for sharing girls!
    Many blessings,

  9. I enjoyed learning more about Rosemary. Love the photos.

  10. Well done, Kris, in your choice of this wonderful gal. I respect and adore her creations and lovely blog - and it is fabulous to get to know her fascinating real self. Yes, there is quite an amazing woman behind those stunning artistic creations.

    Enjoyed getting to Rosemary better very much, thank you, sincerely. God bless.

  11. I popped by from Rosemary's blog, and now I'm a new follower here. :)

    I've always loved Rosemary's creations, and it's wonderful to know a little bit more about her. Love the 'spotlight' idea... will be back again and again to read more.

    Happy weekend,

  12. So interesting! Loved reading more about Rosemary, what a fascinating lady!

  13. Rosemary, the mystery continued for me as I read your spotlight. It was only when I went back to your blog link that I was able to connect the face to the blog. Before I was the occasional reader, but now following. It's nice to get to know more about you. :)
    Rita C. at Panoply

  14. I'm so happy that you featured Rosemary, Kris! I've been a follower of her blog for quite some time, and love her style! I also love how Rosemary so generously shares tutorials with us. She is a master at creating gorgeous vignettes, too! It's a treat to learn a bit more about the "Rosemary mystique":)

  15. Great post! I loved learning more about you Rosemary! Now you know I'm going to have to look for that movie to catch you. : ) It's wonderful that you've taken the creativity you have and been able to channel it from acting to creating the beautiful pieces you do.

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  17. It was so nice to get to know a little bit more about Rosemary. An actress? Wow, that's awesome. I've been a follower and admirer for quite a while, just love what she does and all the inspiration she so generously shares.

  18. Great post!! Rosemary is so incredible talented! Really enjoyed learning more about her personal side.
    Mary Alice

  19. I've followed Rosemary since I began blogging, and love her style! Thanks for helping us get to know her better, Kris.

  20. Kris, I'm so pleased you introduced us to Rosemary! She's amazingly talented and I'm definitely going to follow her.

  21. Rosemary is one of the most originally creative bloggers out there. I love to see what she comes up with each time she blogs.

  22. Wonderful feature! I love Rosemary and her work is outstanding! The items in the photos featured here are fabulous! Happy Saturday, Kris! Hugs, Leena

  23. OMG! I'm going to have to find her in that movie now! How neat! I've been a follower of her blog for years now and loved learning more about her. I never knew about her acting career. She is such a good artist. It's no surprise that she is successful with her new business.

  24. So nice to know Rosemary more personally...she's one talented lady!

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  26. Kris, I'm enjoying my Saturdays here so much! Love it!

  27. It's great to learn about Rosemary. She is very talented and I love visiting her blog.

  28. Oh- I am so glad to know more about Rosemary. She is truly a lovely soul and I always look forward to what she has to offer/share on her blog. The physical age might be 54 but I do believe that she is an "old soul". Thanks Kris and Rosemary. xo Diana

  29. I think Rosemary is an amazing artist and am awe struck at her incredible paint finishes and re-designs. What a pleasure to get to know Rosemary a little more. Thanks Kris and Rosemary.

  30. Rosemary is an awesome soul and I learned more about her in this article. Her spirit is amazing and she is an inspiring person who I love and admire very much. Thank you for having sharing Rosemary and her beautiful art.

  31. Love Her! Love the look, it gives me peace... My master suite is done in soft creams and white and my grandchildren say they feel like they're in Heaven when they are in my room... that's how I feel here. xo

  32. Oh Rosemary... how much I enjoyed your reveal. I too am a big superhero fan. In the world made small throughout blog land you my wonderful blogger wanna friend are a super heroine to me. I don't think I'm shy... Well OK a bit, but I too like you are private.
    I always say incognito land is perfectly fine. I admire the beauty you create and the grace you walk through life with.

  33. Hi Rosemary, thank you for sharing a bit of yourself. I love your sense of style.

  34. I'm happy that you shared more of the Rosemary....she is amazing and I'm always in awe with the things that she creates!

  35. I have been following Rosemary for awhile and trying to recreate those gorgeous patinas she teaches us. (I call it "Rosemarying"!) I have grown as a painter because of Rosemary and truly appreciate her sharing her wisdom.

  36. One of my favorite persons in blogland. Thanks for the post.

  37. Kris
    It was wonderful to meet and read Rosemary's story.
    Her styling is beautiful!

  38. Love Rosemary's work. Thank you for sharing!

  39. oh, Rosemary., always was thrilled when you visited!

  40. Rosemary is one of the most talented ladies I've ever met in blogland. Her work is incredible and when she does hop over for a visit she is always so sweet! I love that movie, 'Adventures in Babysitting'. Now I need to watch it again to see her. I really enjoyed learning a little more about her!

  41. Rosemary is the best..she is so very talented and love her creations..Loved reading about her interesting life and career and admire her for putting that all aside for her family...however, knowing Rosemary and her faith, commitment and selflessness, it is not surprising...A great, great feature Kris...and thank Rosemary for a wonderful story!

  42. I loved reading about your background, Rosemary. Thanks for sharing this side of yourself with us.

  43. Well that was a nice glimpse into the heart of Rosemary.

  44. thanks for sharing the personal side of a very creative lady, kris!

  45. Kris, Rosemary is one of my favorites. Her talent just amazes me all the time. I hope she reads this because the frame that she showed looks like the frame that she did around a mirror., I bought from her. I haven't even seen yet. I bought it in the old house when we decided t o move and I loved it so much I had to jump on it for sure. I will be such a great thing to have in our new home. Thanks so much for getting her to do this for us. I also didn't know bout the acting, very interesting.


  46. I enjoyed reading this post. I loved the pics of your work and items...they are quite beautiful. I'm new to this whole blogging thing and so i really enjoy hearing about others that have been at it a longer time than me. Good luck and thanks again for sharing!

  47. Rosemary is over the top talented with such a beautiful sense of style all her own. I truly enjoyed this feature to learn even more about this incredible lady. I just love her!! Kate xoxo