Sometimes Right In The Middle Of An Ordinary Day!

Happy Sunday.  Hope your week end is going wonderful.

I wanted to take a minute and do this special post as a special thank you to a wonderful person in "Blog Land"

I have said this many times since I started blogging almost 2 years ago that you meet the sweetest and kindest people out there.

I have shared so much with so many of you.   What is so beautiful about Blogland while it seems strange but true you develop some of the most wonderful friendships.  

We cheer each other on with our projects and find wonderful inspiration from each other.  We have great like minded people to turn to when you have questions about a decor change or a new idea.  That is the beauty of Blog Land. 

 The best part is that you form wonderful friendships with people from all over that you normally would not even know were out there if it was not for Blog Land!

Every once in a while you bond with someone(s) in this Land of Blog.  Never meeting in person just sharing thoughts, ideas and many sweet and personal emails back and forth.  

I have done that with a blogger.   I know some of you know her .  It is Carol from Art and Sand.  

Carol is my hero not only because she is sweet and talented but she cares and she had cared for many years for her students.  Carol is a teacher. 

 Teachers are my hero's because they give so much to shape the minds of the young people that will be in charge some day when we are all gone.  

That takes a lot of work, dedication, patience and love.  To teach our youth and prepare them for the world we live in and enhance their minds is an incredible feat.  All teachers are my hero's and they do all of this for not a lot of money but because they care.

Carol just recently retired from her many years of loving and molding the youth's of tomorrow and now she has time to be home with her beautiful and talented hubby and family.

Carol creates the most beautiful vignettes of color through out her home.  Yep!  that's right the white and cream girl here bonded with the colorful girl out in California! LOL!  It just happens and Carol and I have become pretty wonderful blog friends.

I had been having a rough couple of weeks and Carol knew about it and besides her kind words of support and hope she also put together something special to send to me.

The door bell rang and my Mailman Jim was at the door with this package.  It was from Carol.  Carol sent this to make me feel up lifted and better.  To make me smile.

It did just that and  I want to share what Carol made for me with all of you.

Carol sent me this beautiful little pillow slip.   She knows my love of white and creams so she did this pillow up in those colors.  Some of the squares are a light cream and some are white.  All are gorgeous.

What really made this special was the little silver piece that was embossed with JUNK from a spoon or fork handle. Ohhh I just loved it.  Look at the sweet rose flowers and the different pretty pieces of fabrics she used.  Carol I just love this. :)

I put this pretty right on my favorite chair in my living room.  I love this chair it was a special gift from my hubby for Christmas.  So now I have this lovely hand made gift from Carol to add to this chair.

I love to sit in this chair and read or sometimes close my eyes and doze off into a nap!  Thank you sweet Carol for this beautiful and heart felt gift.  I am blessed to know you and I hope to come to California some day and meet you in person.  I know it will happen!  Thank you sweet friend. This gift is precious and you made my day.

If some of you do not know Carol please visit her beautiful and fun blog   Art and Sand and look around her beautiful Beach Cottage Home.  You will love her and her wonderful blog.

Thanks again Carol.  Hugs and Kisses xxoo
Have a great start to the new week everyone.


  1. Your new pillow is beautiful and the silver added to it is perfect!

    It doesn't surprise me one bit that Carol sent you that. She's so so sweet - she sent me something back in the fall. :) We are lucky that she's spending her time with us in blogland.

  2. So incredibly sweet... and perfect!!!
    Happy day to you,

  3. Your pillow is stunning and such a loving gift. You are so right, there are some of the most wonderful people in blogland.

  4. What a sweet friend. I have enjoyed her blog for sometime. I have made some amazing friendships through the blogging world, sometimes more support from you all than my own friends and extended family... Sure is neat when people take the time out of their busy lifes to make something, package something, mail something. I remember how my mom taught me at such a young age how to write out an envelope, send a thank you card or Christmas card. I still try to keep that going the best I can. Hope you have better days ahead. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Kris, You are so right about Carol. She has the cutest vignettes, full of her wonderful colors. I must say, that little white/cream pillow she sent you is beautiful. It goes well with your chair and the other pillows. We are blessed with our blog land friends. Kris you encourage many others also. Have a great Sunday, xoxo,Susie

  6. Kris, what a gorgeous gift from Carol! I love how it says "junk": the incongruity and whimsy. :) ♡

  7. How pretty and what a wonderful surprise, Kris! Carol always leaves such nice comments on my posts so I'm not surprised that she would do something like this for you.

  8. How beautiful Kris... both the pillow and the sentiment behind it. I agree... we meet some of the sweetest people in blogland!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Hugs, Gee

  9. How wonderful! It suits you perfectly and I know how much a mail treat means. Enjoy!

  10. Such a beautiful and heartfelt gift. I hope you are doing better these days and that joy is filling your soul!

  11. You are so sweet to give me such a wonderful shout out!

    I love how you staged the pillow. It looks like it was made just for that chair and to sit with the other pillows.

    My thoughts are with you and I hope you and Terry have a great week.

    1. Carol,
      Just XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO's. Love you girl and thank you for making my day. I love this pillow. You are too sweet.

  12. What a sweet little pillow! It has your name on it, Kris. And JUNK for your blog!! I follow Carol, too. I love her energy and spirit, it shows through in her pictures and writing...a great zest for life. She's very creative on top of that! You're a lucky duck!

    I hope whatever trials you have been going through are ending. Think of summer and let's start planning a little get together! :)


  13. That pillow is darling. What a sweet bloggy friend. I'm so sorry you are having a tough time. Just said a quick prayer for you and I hope that you will be feeling better soon.

  14. Oh, Kris, this is it! Carol is such a sweetie! (And btw, something else is in the mail to you, too, my friend! ;)

  15. What a gorgeous surprise. Isn't it wonderful how we make such amazing connections in blogland. xo Laura

  16. What really sweet thing to do. Carol has really considered your tastes and the cushion looks perfect on your chair.There are such lovely people in blogland.

  17. What a gorgeous little pillow:-) It's hard to believe that it was handmade. I really love it as well as your blog:-)

  18. Well that is sweet Kris and just beautiful! Nothing more than a cheerful gift and thought at your door.

  19. I LOVE Carol from Art & Sand! She is a gem all the way around...AND she has a talented hubby, too! I, like you, have met some very wonderful people here in blog land, Kris. We are lucky girls, aren't we? xo Diana

  20. Yes, Carol is a sweetie and I have loved her style and colorful home for a long time.

  21. I'm sorry that you've been having a rough time, Kris. Carol is so thoughtful and talented and I can see why her gift made with love cheered you right up. I hope you're feeling better.

  22. What a wonderful gift from looks like it was just made for your chair!! I love her blog and your blog too. Your blog is the one that started me on my journey of loving whites and Carol's blog makes me loving my pops of color here and there.

  23. Oh, I love to visit Carol at Art and Sand! She's a real sweetheart! What a special gift from her, lucky you!
    Have a wonderful day~

  24. what a sweetie! love the pillow slip! and how cute is the stamped silver piece!! take care, kris:)

  25. Kris,
    Sorry to read you've had a couple difficult weeks, sending a big cyber hug. I too adore Carol and she is very talented. The pillow looks perfect on your chair and the silver Junk charm is precious and makes it unique.

  26. This is so sweet, Kris! Carol was so thoughtful...I so hope things are better for you! A BIG XOXO

  27. That is what I so love a about being a blogger and getting to know so many wonderful, caring people...How so very sweet of Carol who reached out to you and made your day fill with sunshine and warmth....I hope you are feeling better Kris...many xoxo's to you!

  28. Your friend is very sweet. You received gorgeous gifts. The pillows are very, very beautiful.

  29. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

  30. That pillow just couldn't be anymore perfect--how sweet of her! Enjoy it!