Hi Everyone.  Hope the week is going great for all of you.

I want to give a shout out to a really wonderful friend and my partner in Spotlight.  Susan from Must Love Junk.

Susan and I started our blogs just about the same time two years ago.  We immediately clicked and when she came into Chicago last year for a vacation we met up and become even closer friends.

Last week Susan had another wonderful blogger friend Kathy from Creative Home Expressions make something special and then had Kathy send it to me this week to just say I am thinking about you.

I was so excited to get this cutie.  Susan and  Kathy  both have Etsy's shops .  Kathy and Susan sell some really awesome things in their shops.   Please visit Kathy's Etsy to see all her wonderful creations and I think she even has a few more of these cute bunny towels like the one she sent me up for sale.  Susan also has a nice Etsy shop with her mom and a brick and mortar shop too.   

Blog World is such a wonderful place.  I cannot say that enough.

Well girls I love this little guy and I  love both of you for thinking of me and sending this adorable towel to me.  Now I am going to show him off.

It is a stamped bunny on a cream muslin towel for my kitchen for Easter.

Is it not just too adorable.  I love it on my counter in the kitchen with my Easter bunny display.  Thank you Kathy for your talented hand made gift and Thank you Susan for thinking of me and having Kathy make this for me.  I just love it.
Big hugs and kisses to both of you.

He is too cute look at the sweet face.  Come back on Saturday Susan and I will have two wonderful bloggers in Spotlight for you to get to know better.
Have a great rest of the week.


  1. I absolutely love your bunny towel.

    I am helping my daughter and her friend with a baby shower they are planning. The theme is Alice in Wonderland and we talked abut giving tea towels as the gift. I am pinning this as an idea for the towel. Of course, it will mean me making them all.

  2. So sweet of the Ladies. Adorable bunny towel Kris.
    Hope your week is going better.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. Very cute and I love it with your bunny!!

  4. Very nice! Love meeting blog friends. :)

  5. Kris, I'm so glad that you love this little towel as much as I did- I thought it was just the cutest bunny! (Kathy does a great job) It looks just perfect how you have it displayed!! I just wanted to brighten your day a little bit, as you brighten so many lives around you :)

  6. Thanks so much for your kind words, Kris, and the shout out! : ) So glad you love it! It was a pleasure to make it for Susan to send you.

  7. Kathy makes really cute things. Love the bunny. You have a nice friend as well.

  8. Cute, Cute, Cute!! Good friends are the best.
    Mary Alice

  9. Oh Kris, how pretty is that towel. How nice of the girls to send that to you. You are very deserving of that gift. I just love how you have it placed in your little vignette.

  10. Kris- I LOVE it! Isn't it wonderful when you meet someone in blogland that becomes a friend via emails and then you meet them and everything just "clicks". How great is that? Well, obviously great enough that someone wants to send you something just gorgeous! Love it! What a pretty, pretty towel. xo Diana

  11. It is really cute and goes so well with your home!

  12. Well that's one beautiful towel - DO NOT USE IT lol - I too have received beautiful tea towels - and yes - the blogging community is one incredible world to be a part of !!!

  13. You are blessed, blessed, blessed, Kris! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! Blogland has been good to and for you! Blessings, Cindy

  14. What a adorable, sweet bunny!! And the bunny tea towel is as well! Blogging friends are the BEST~~~you are such a thoughtful, kind and giving person~~~what goes around, comes back around! Blessings~~~Roxie

  15. Yes, the towel really is darling but when I saw those kisses and hugs I wondered what is she up to now!! LOL Nancy

  16. What wonderful friends you have Kris to give you such sweet things! They fit right in to your gorgeous home! I'm going to go check out their Etsy shops right now.

  17. What a darling little bunny towel. Kathy did a wonderful job on it and it was very sweet of Susan to send it to you.


  18. It's adorable, Kris! I'm off to visit their Etsy shops... have a happy one!

  19. The bunny towel is so cute and how thoughtful of them to send it to you!

  20. Kris,
    Very cute bunny towel and with your creative vignette looks perfectly placed and wonderful in your home. A sweet gift of friendship. I totally agree with you on how you bond with bloggers and they and your favorite blogs brighten your day... As yours always does for me.

  21. My cuteness! You just have the gifts pouring in. So nice you and Susan became such close friends, I love that!

  22. oh, the bunny towel is too cute! kathy is so talented! your crowned bunny looks great with the towel:) and susan is a doll:) off to check out the etsys.

  23. Hello to my fave Junkie Chic (Kris)?

    OMG! Now we're talking. that towel is to die for and I love King Junkie (Bunny) LoL* Adorable.

    Hope you have a great day and enjoy the upcoming weekend. I will be here or there in you mingling time.

    Shame I am too far away from you.

    GB all,
    /CC girl

  24. pretty and adorable! I'm going to see the shops of your friends.

  25. What a sweet Easter vignette. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Love the towel and cute rabbit with the little crown.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  26. Your Easter vignette is so the towel, what a sweet gift! The little bunny with the crown is soooooo adorable too :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  27. How so very special Kathy is...had the great pleasure of meeting her at Haven last the towel..Kathy is so very talented...Yes, the blogworld family is certainly special and you being in it makes it even more special!!!

  28. Prayers for you and your husband. I hope they find out what is wrong and he is feeling better soon. (By way of Diana, but I am a follower.)

  29. Prayers for you and your husband. I came over from my friend Diana's. I can relate to what you are going through from being a caregiver to my hubby. Take care and I will be back. Hugs and Prayers from a Missouri Friend.

  30. Prayers for you on 34th street.