Armoire Doors

Happy Thursday.

I decided to stain the two armoire doors over the chalk paint to give a little warmth to the large armoire.

My goal is to eventually find two similar vintage doors to replace the stock doors my hubby used to make this armoire.

I just think if I could find two great old doors with lots of character and beautiful features it will give this armoire character and personality.  

So I am on the hunt for some old historic doors.  In the meantime this is how the piece looks for now.

I like the darker stain on the doors.  The other vintage door in the corner is going to be moved out.  I just was not happy with anything I tried with it.    So I will find something else for that corner.  

 I will hunt for two vintage doors to replace these stained stock doors.  In the meantime I like the stained over the chalk paint.  It just gives some warmth to this armoire.

Thanks for all the prayers for Terry.  He is doing so much better.  I appreciated every single prayer and good wish for Terry's recovery.  He is back to work today and doing great.

Please come back on Saturday for Spotlight. Susan and I have two really great bloggers for you to get to know.


  1. Just love these doors, Kris, and can't believe their stock doors! You do have a way with paint and stain. The armoire is amazing and will look fabulous someday with vintage doors, too. Hope you find just the right ones waiting for you.
    I'm praying for your wonderful guy Terry. Hopefully he's feeling much better now. xoxoxo

  2. I like the warmth too. Hope you find the doors you are looking for!

  3. Those sure don't look like stock doors! So glad Terry is home and back to work. Take good care of him and yourself.


  4. Well, if anybody can find the perfect doors, it will be you! Happy that Terry is doing well and back to work already - wow!

  5. Happy Thursday. It looks beautiful. We have changed out several of the doors in our house with more to come! It is a fun little project that makes a huge difference.
    Unique Home Interior Design

  6. I like the stain on the doors too. I agree that it gives the armoire warmth...and is so pretty!! Glad to hear that Terry is doing good and is back to work.

  7. So glad Terry's better! Your armoire looks beautiful but I know what you mean when it just doesn't feel right to you... I'm sure you'll find the perfect solution!


  8. Kris, I have no doubt that you'll find the perfect doors for your armoire! In the meantime, I like the contrast that you gave them. So glad that Terry is feeling better! xo

  9. I love your doors! I'm curious to see what you will do.

  10. The warmth the stain adds gives the piece new look. Sorry about the other door :( Sometimes we need to walk away from a piece for a bit .m
    Glad Terry is home and back on track. Take care of you both!

  11. I love the way this looks and maybe you will luck up on those doors. I had missed the post about your hubby so glad he is doing better.

  12. I also like the stained look better. Can't wait to see if you find two new (old) doors! Your chandelier is gorgeous. Glad Terry is better!
    xo Kathleen

  13. I agree with you, the door on the corner has to go....

  14. Didn't think it could get any better, but it did!

  15. Kris, Good news about your sweetie. I like the color of the doors they go well with the lamp shades. I know you will jazz it up more once you get the doors you are thinking of. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. it would be hard to find matching old screen doors but, they'd look great:) so, glad terry's back to work and feeling better!

  17. Kris,
    CRAP my comment just disappeared!!! I am glad Terry is doing well and I will continue keeping you, he and family in my prayers. I think the stain is pretty on the armoire and have no doubt you will find perfect doors for what you envision. But until then how about putting a Skelton key in the right key hole and hanging a shabby chic Kris inspired tassel on the key? Just a little more textural interest to an already pretty piece.

  18. I really like the two tone armoire. It definitely gives it warmth. Hope in a full recovery for Terry, but glad to hear he is doing better

  19. So glad Terry is doing better :) Armoire looks great, hope you find those doors you are looking for! Blessings, Cindy

  20. I know you and I know you will find the perfect doors. Right now they look just fine to me!!

    I just saw the comment above mine...was Terry under the weather?

    Jane xx

  21. So glad that Terry is feeling so much better. I like the doors - the paint does give them depth. I am sure on your travels you will find the right antique doors for your Armoire. Happy hunting.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Good news about Terry!! Glad he's feeling better.
    I think the doors look wonderful with the stain added, Kris!! It gives the armoire a warm/ vintage glow.
    You come up with the best decorating ideas!!
    Happy 4th of July holiday!

  23. So glad to hear that your husband is feeling and doing better. :)
    You have such great decorating flair! love the doors!

  24. I also like the stain to it. So cool! Give some warmth.

  25. That's good news about your hubby. I'm very happy for both of you, Kris.
    I like the color you chose for the doors.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. I knew you would try something with those doors. I gotta feeling you're not done yet ;-)
    I like the brown tones with the whites. Very pretty. I'm so relieved that your sweet husband is better! Have a great weekend Kris!

  27. I have no doubt you will find those door, Kris!
    But until then I do like the contrast that the stain adds.
    So glad to hear Terry is back to work and doing better.

  28. Your armoire looks great. So glad your husband is feeling better!

  29. I like the warmth of the stain you used, Kris, but I know just how you feel. You're not going to be happy with that armoire until you find those vintage doors. And I have no doubt you'll do just that!! I'm so glad your hubby's feeling better.

  30. Love, love it Kris!!..and I am sure you will find the perfect doors always do!!

  31. I have no doubt you'll find just what you want, Kris. This is such an awesome piece. So glad to hear your husband is better!

  32. Love it Kris! You don't have extra doors????? Glad Terry is feeling better!