Happy Monday. New Update in the Hall Bath

I have been looking for awhile for a new shower curtain for my main hall bathroom.  I wanted something unique and different.
I was looking through Etsy.com and came across this on Simply French Market's Etsy site.

I thought wow this is really pretty.  Loved the raw edges and the unique ruffles.  I am a repeat customer of Terri's she made my master bathroom shower curtain a while back.

So here is how it looks in my bathroom.
Here is my new shower curtain hung in my grey and white hall bathroom.

Love the double ruffle on the bottom of the shower curtain.

It's the little details that I love about this.  The top of the curtain has a nice ruffle accent.  I had these cute white rose shower curtain hooks I found at Home Goods a few years ago.

 I have a pretty new shower curtain for my grey and white bathroom.

I did not receive anything from Terri for giving her a shout out on my blog about this shower curtain.  I just think it is nice for women to acknowledge each others talents.

  So if you are looking for a new shower curtain then please visit Terri's Etsy Shop.  She has beautiful designs and does custom work too.
Thank you Terri for my pretty shower curtain.  I love it.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. So pretty Kris! You know, your master bathroom toilet is even pretty! How many people can say that? Ha! Love both shower curtains!

  2. So pretty and perfectly you, Kris. The floral hooks are really sweet too!

  3. Ooooo, so pretty!!! I'm on my way to visit her shop...

  4. Kris, You are a very nice person, for helping other women. I love the curtain and those shower hooks are just the right match....they make it perfect.. Wonderful. xoxo,Susie

  5. G O R G E O U S !!!

    We just have one tiny bathroom and I am in need of a new shower curtain. You have given me some ideas for making my own. White muslin can be purchased 90" wide so I think I can make one pretty reasonably. But, I think I might paint something on mine.

    I love how a romantic idea of yours can inspire an beachy idea for me.

  6. Looks great, and do I spy a chandy in your shower too?

  7. Love this shower curtain!! I'll have to check out her etsy.
    Mary Alice

  8. Oh, what a pretty shower curtain! I love that fabric and your rose hangers are a sweet addition. Heading over to her Etsy store now!

  9. Terri does beautiful work, Kris.
    I love the fabric and it looks perfect in your redone bath!

  10. Beautiful.....love the ruffles!!!

  11. Its so pretty and your bathroom is set up almost exactly like ours. I love your all white with grey and am inspired to make some changes in ours. Thank you!

  12. I love how little changes can perk up your spirit and the room. It's pretty, Kris!

  13. I love anything with ruffles!! So pretty!


  14. That is such a pretty shower curtain. Your bathroom is very pretty.

  15. Kris,
    Very pretty, I love how you are always enhancing your beautiful home and are willing to share your decorating adventures in Blog land. I agree a shout out is always sweet and greatly appreciated. I am going to check out Terri's etsy.

  16. Love the beautiful shower curtain!! Actually...love the whole bathroom!!

  17. It fits your bathroom perfectly, Kris. The flower curtain rings are the perfect jewelry for the top!

  18. Kris, the curtain is gorgeous, and looks perfect in there! Love that whole bath...SOO pretty!

  19. I see I've missed some posts. This bathroom is my dream bath. Oh my. Sure hope Mr. Fireman (whew! don't get mad, but he is hot!) gets to feeling better soon!

  20. Beautiful shower curtain and it goes so well in your bathroom. Love the pretty flower shower rings.

  21. How so very pretty....love it in your bathroom and love those rosette shower curtain clips!

  22. I love raw edges and this is absolutely beautiful! And I love your rose hooks....I have them too and don't think I'll ever give them up!