Midwest Summer

It has been a beautiful Midwest Summer week.

Hope your summer is fabulous so far.

My blooms in the garden are really taking hold.  They are loving this milder weather and lots of sunshine.

Loving my time spent on my deck lounger reading and soaking up some sun.

Midwest summers are the best.  After the harsh winter it is so nice to have our summer finally.

A lot of you have emailed me about what kind of plants I have in some of my planters.

They are all sun loving annuals that need 6+ hours a day of sun.  My deck gets sun almost all day and all afternoon.   The front of the house is Western exposure so it gets sun from noon till sun set.  So both the back of the home and the front need sun loving flowers and plants.

Most of the flowers are Bidens, Petunias and Verbena.  They mix very well together and enjoy each other's company.

Some of the front and back of the house have Lantana and Golden Stars.
Most of the flowers I pick have to be full sun plants and live amongst each other nicely.
So far so good and they are thriving.
Good meal of Miracle Grow plant food and bloom booster at least once a week helps them to get such beautiful color and size.

The colors are just so vibrant this season.

Hoping your summer is wonderful so far.  Make sure you come back Saturday for Spotlight.  Susan and I have two wonderful bloggers for you to get to know better.

Enjoy the week end.

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  1. Your garden is flourishing! It looks outstanding, Kris.

  2. Everything looks so lush and wonderful, Kris. Just about anyone can buy plants and have them look nice but YOU take them to the next level. They flourish under your care and the conditions you have there. It is the regular watering and deadheading that makes them so gorgeous. I love that lounge cover! I need one of those!!!! xo Diana

  3. Your flowers are so full and beautiful. I just picked up some miracle grow yesterday to start feeing my flowers. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Everything is SO pretty! I could move right in :)

  5. Love how BEAUTIFUL everything looks in the sunshine.....we haven't had any yet this week. Can you please pass some East?

  6. Just beautiful Kris - how MANY baskets do you have ???
    Have you laid on your lounger yet with a good book?

  7. We just bought chaise lounges for the back yard and I have to say that I have been spending a lot of time on a chaise reading. Your beautiful garden reminds me that I need to give my plants some Miracle Gro today.

    Enjoy the sun!

  8. SO pretty, Kris! You sure have a green thumb!

  9. So beautiful, Kris! I wish we were having that weather here in Ohio. It has been pretty gloomy and rainy {and humid}. Tomorrow is supposed to turn for the better. Yes, I meant to get some miracle grow this year! I have to remember for the next time I am at HD or Lowe's.

  10. Your gardens and vignettes belong in a gardening magazine!...they are gorgeous and love the chaise!!!...I think I need to "feed" my flowers more often...

  11. I need to Miracle Grow my plants. They need some loving care since we did not have a winter and no rain - they are confused as to the seasons. Your plants are stunning and your petunias are beautiful.
    Enjoy your lounge and get some of that wonderful sun and relax.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I so look forward to seeing your garden pictures Kris.

  13. Your garden is so colorful. This spring has been so perfect. I know the heat will come and stay soon but so enjoying these temps. The rain has also been wonderful. The severe storms can stay away though.

  14. Absolutely Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

  15. Your flowers are the prettiest I've ever seen!! Gotta love Miracle Grow...I have used it for years.

  16. Wow! Your flowers are incredible! I'm glad you said how you take care of them. Seems like Miracle Grow is the trick! I may need to start adding that to mine. They don't look good compared to yours!

  17. Your garden is an explosion of beauty. The flowers and the plants are stunning. I'm looking for the italian magazine...

  18. Kris your gardens are so pretty, loving the color mix you selected this year, Gorgeous color palate with the backdrop of your enchanting architectural salvaged pieces. Send some sun to Philadelphia, pretty please! John has been on vacation all week and everyday it's rained!
    But of course the grass is perfect bright green and the flowers are growing big and strong.

  19. Your deck looks so beautiful and inviting, Kris. It must be great to sit there and read. Your flowers are luscious and just wonderful. I didn't have luck with my 3 verbenas. They all got powdery mildew.

  20. Kris, like I always tell you, I could move/live on your deck! Love it all! :)

  21. I love it! So so pretty Kris! I l know you love relaxing in that gorgeous space! LOVE the chandy. And that chair is perfect!

  22. Wow, your deck is just gorgeous, Kris! I would spend all of my time there! Your chaise lounge is so pretty, and your flowers are beautiful, too! What a sanctuary you have created!!

  23. Your deck is absolutely gorgeous, Kris!! Everything looks so lovely out there.
    Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. You so deserve the recognition.
    You chose the perfect rug for the front porch. Looks great!!
    You really amaze me with your talent for decorating, girl!!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  24. Your flowers are beautiful! I just can't get over how gorgeous everything looks Kris, I would be out there all day long!

  25. You know how I love to visit your home!! Your bedroom is so beautiful.. all the crown molding and those gorgeous plantation shutters.. You are so blessed in so many ways. Your bedroom is so lovely bet you never want to come out!

  26. your garden flowers are gorgeous! and you have the cutest lounge ever! have a great week in your garden, kris!

  27. I love this look and I would like to create almost all of my house to look like this and I guess except for the den even my husband likes it he says it's bright and cheerful as long as I don't get too much Lacey friendly stuff he'll be okay with it specially the Sun porch I just need to see more ideas for love