Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind The Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog. 
Ana A Petite Cottage
June 14th 

Hi Everyone.

First and foremost I would like to thank Kris for the honor of "spotlighting" little ol' me in this week's Saturday Spotlights. Thank you Ms. Kris, it is truly an honor.

So here we go...

My name is Ana and I blog over at A Petite Cottage. I am currently majoring in domestic engineering and minoring as a Roadside Acquisition Specialist at the University of Life...Hee, Hee, Hee.

I have been married to Jose, the love of my life for 21 wonderful years this past May and we have a beautiful, smart and super funny daughter (currently attaining college but still living at home...Yay!!!) whose name is Briana.
The above is our most recent family portrait, commissioned and painted by me...It was just way too hard with work and school schedules, to get all of us together to get our picture taken in a studio so, I decided to take matters into my own hands. The only one missing from our family portrait is....
Cookie, our petite, 14 year old fur baby. She's soooo cute,  isn't she?
Anyway, we all share our very petite but very comfy and full of love cottage overlooking the bay. Over the years it has under gone many transformations...transforming from a simple little house to our Cottage Sweet Cottage.
Living room one side
Living room opposite side
Dining room.
Master bedroom one side.
Master bedroom opposite side.
Computer room/petite den.
Little corner out on our front porch.
I am truly the happiest when I am with my family and when I am being creative and/or creating. I have a Fashion Design and Merchandise degree from FCC, so I guess you can say design has always been in my blood. Although I am a stay at home mom and choice I may add...I can still put into practice a lot of what I learned in my own home. I love to decorate and redecorate our home. There is truly nothing better than watching my family's expressions when they walk into a newly reorganized and redecorated room.
A few years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and even though my condition prevents me a majority of the time from doing as much as I was able to do before, it hasn't stopped me completely. I love creating, decorating, sewing, crocheting and crafting way too much to let it stop me...I've just had to learned to rely more on God, less on me and to work around it. 
Some of my other loves include blogging, of course, thrift shopping and stopping at yard sales...Ooh, love the thrill of the hunt. I love, love, love Mexican food, the spicier the better, I always say :-) And on my down time I love to sit and watch television with my hubby. Criminal investigation/Detective and Sci Fi shows are our favorites. But above all and over anything else I love, love, love being a Wife, Mother and a Child of God.
As I close off, I would like to say that I have been blogging for 5 years and the friends I have made along the way have brought so much joy to my life. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have met so many kindred spirits, kind, caring supportive souls who I feel very blessed to be able to call friends.
Thank you all for stopping by and thank you again Kris for this opportunity. 

Wishing everyone a wonderfully creative day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Thank you Ana.  I love your blog and was so excited you said yes to sharing yourself with all of us.  It was fun to get to know you better.  Your hubby, daughter and fur baby family are adorable.  Love the self portrait you did.  It is beautiful.

Now that you have gotten to know Ana please hope over to Susan's blog and meet another wonderful blogger Cindy from Cynthia Lee Designs.  Enjoy the week end.


  1. Another great blogger that I'm sure I will enjoy getting to know. Isn't that Cookie just the cutest little pup? :) Enjoy your weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  2. Well, I should be sleeping but you lured me in! lol What a wonderful glimpse into this bloggers life. This is one blog I don't know so I am headed over there to follow. Thanks for doing this, Kris. It is a lot of fun for all of us. xo Diana

  3. Lovely to discover your blog Kris and thanks for sharing - I have been a follower of Ana's for a while and always lovely to see all the wonderful things she shares and her photos.
    Happy weekend

  4. Well there is just a ton of wonderful inspiration in this post! How lovely to find a new blog that I've missed somewhere along the way!

  5. Wow, Kris, thanks for that introduction. Ana is definitely a fresh blog that I want to explore more of!

  6. Ana's home is lovely! I'm on my way to visit her...

  7. How fun to meet Ana! She has a beautiful home and I love the items she has created. I'm off to visit her blog. Nice feature, Kris! : )

  8. Lovely post about nice to meet her. Always fun to learn more about new-to-me bloggers.
    Mary Alice

  9. Kris I just love Saturday spotlights! Hello Ana, nice to meet you and I will be visiting your blog soon. I love that you truly express yourself and the love you feel for your charming home.

  10. I love Ana and smile when I see a recent post from A Petite Cottage on my side bar.

    A great choice for Spotlight on the Blogger.

    Have a great day!

  11. Ana, thank you for sharing! It was nice learning more about you and seeing pics of your lovely home. :)

  12. Beautiful home! I love the little dress artwork perched in the flower frog. So pretty!

  13. It's so nice to get to know Ana better! I love her beautiful home and all of the special touches that make it uniquely her own! Lovely feature! Thanks Kris! Enjoy your weekend...both of you! Hugs, Diane

  14. I don't know how I missed this LOVELY blog....What a sweet cottage! I am Ana's newest follower and looking forward to seeing more! Beautiful home~~~Roxie

  15. Great choice Kris - I will; be following Ana.

  16. Count me in! Heading over to follow! She sounds like a blogging sister to me. Love her home, her talent and it seems we have a lot in common. Great feature Kris!

  17. I know Ana and i love her beautiful cottage! She is very talented and sweet.

  18. Thank you again Kris for featuring me. It was so much fun. And thank you to all for all the sweet comments. Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday.


  19. I enjoyed getting to know about you, Ana. What a lovely home with so many pretty details! I'll be over to visit at your place soon. Great spotlight, Kris.


  20. ana's home is gorgeous! and i love her papercrafting--and her painting! thanks kris for sharing!

  21. I am not familiar with Ana, but I love her style and she sounds like such a sweet lady. Very creative and talented! Excited to hop over and visit her!

  22. Nice to meet you Ana....your home is absolutely gorgeous!...I love all of the wonderful creative details in your vignettes and rooms...Great feature today Kris...loved reading about Ana and touring her fabulous home!!!

  23. Hi Ana - just love love love your family portrait - how wonderful!
    And of course love your style -
    Sorry I'm late Kris ( again I know - but even if I'm late I DO always make it in the end LOL )
    Such a fantastic series