Love Blogland and the Friends We Meet

Happy Monday.  Hope the week is starting off to be a great one.

I came home today and saw a box on the front porch.  Wooooo Hoooo love when I receive a package instead of bills and flyers.

The package was from my friend Suzan from Simply Vintageous.  Suzan told me she had this little gift for me since April for my birthday and she finally got it mailed last week!!!!! 

I am going to let her off the hook with my birthday being back in April, because if you know Suzan and her blog you will know that John and Suzan bought a fixer upper home in the Montreal area and have been up to their necks literally in renovations.  

So Suzan to get this to me is so appreciated.  

So I opened up the "little something" she said she sent me and this is what was in there.

Yep!!! she knows I love to garden so all these sweet gifts came in the box.  I so love it all but this cute garden hat is too sweet.  The little bird is going in the garden.  

Ha ha I love this sign!!!!! So perfect Suzan.
Thank you so much for all my sweet treats. "Little Something" ohhhhh how about a big something!!!! You my friend are the best.
Thank you for taking the time in all your crazy up there in Canada with the reno projects to send this to me. I love it and I love you for thinking of me.

Speaking of crazy come back tomorrow I am going to let some of my crazy show with my post on the never ending changes to the living room armoire.

Thanks again Suzan love love love my garden treasures.
Have a great start to the week everyone.


  1. How sweet, I love the chintz garden spade....

    Amy Jo

  2. Oh how sweet of Susan to think of that darling hat and that sign is super cute.


    1. Thank you Linda. Just hope you come back to see this comment. Some of you that leave comments are not coming into my email. Not sure why. Someone told me it was to do with Yahoo and some gmail bloggers. I am trying to see why some of you do not come into my email anymore when you leave a comment. Thanks for coming by.

  3. That is a sweet gardening set. Perfect hat too. Blessings for some good gardening. xoxo,Susie

  4. What a sweet friend you have! The little spade is sooooo cute.....lovely goodies!

  5. Happy belated birthday Kris LMHO - now my secret's out - no one will ever want to enter a giveaway of mine - how horrible of me - those items sat in my living room for 3 months !!!
    And there's others I still have to send out to people - God knows when I'll finally get around to them !
    Oh and just so you know - that little planter could be used for a tea light :)
    Much love to you, girlfriend, and you are sooooo welcome

  6. What SWEET gardening gifts!! Though I haven't known Suzan and her blog very long, she is a doll and has the cutest blog! We are renovation partners~~(i know what she's going through)! Love your gifts've given of yourself many times over. Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. There's just something magical about receiving a gift in the mail, don't you think? Suzan picked the perfect gifts for your garden loving self, Kris!

    I can't wait to see what you're up to now!

  8. I love getting those special surprises....What a wonderful blessing to have someone to think of you enough to send you a special gift.. Enjoy them.. Blessings!

  9. What cute gifts for your garden from Suzan!! I've heard that my comments aren't showing up in some bloggers email. And when I try to reply to comments on my blog...some of them come back to my email that they can't be delivered. I heard it was a yahoo problem and I sure wish that they would get it fixed.

  10. Very sweet surprise Kris, unexpected deliveries are the best! The hat is darling, wear it with bliss, the spade is sweet too.

  11. I LOVE that sign. Made me giggle.

    Have a beautiful week!

  12. What a sweet thought & friend!

  13. Kris, how cute! That sign is the best!! :)

  14. What a great b-day gift. You are loved by everyone :)

  15. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! Love the pretty garden lovelies.....but I also love that sign what a hoot!

  16. Love both you gals! So genuine, talented and sweet!

  17. how great to still be getting bday gifts! very sweet garden gifts!--enjoy!

  18. You received sweet and adorable gifts. They are perfect for your gorgeous home

  19. So sweet of Suzan! That sign cracked me up :)


  20. What a sweet and oh so you package of goodies! How fun! Hugs, Leena