Not Keepin Up With Fall Decor in Blogland

Happy Sunday.

I am really far behind in blog land with my outside Fall Decor.  Everyone is getting up such beautiful decor I however still have summer hanging on. 

My Front Porch still has a few flowers hanging on to these beautiful days of 70 degree weather.

I had a lot of my plants end but there are still a few hanging on.

My impatiens bag on the front door is still thriving and I just cannot bring myself to let her go just yet for fall decor.

As you can see the flower beds are done but a few plants in the bike baskets are still hanging in there.

I have my sweet memories of summer to hold onto.

Yep this is all that is left of summer at Junk Chic Cottage in the back garden. :(

No more pretty flowers hanging on the old chippy posts.

I will savor the few remaining flowers I have for the next few weeks until the cold sets in.  We have just had the most gorgeous weather.  My flowers usually only stay good until August with our water being so yuk up here in our town.  So the roots by the end of summer have just been done in by our partially softened water.  Just happy a couple have hung in there.

Memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good bye sweet summer.

 I continue to work on a little bit of fall inside.
I moved my chippy bench from out in the back garden into my entry.  I will have fun with decorating that for Christmas.  Love that chippy bench.

Went to the pumpkin farm and found some beautiful pumpkins in all shapes and sizes and such unique colors.

White pumpkins, light blue, light greens, pinks and light orange and yellows.  Finally found some white boo's too.

Loved all the unique colors.

So inside these pumpkins will stay until it gets cooler and I lose my summer flowers then I can move these out front with some of my other fall decor.  Just cannot do it quite yet.

I know a lot of you have already got your beautiful porches all ready for fall.  I just need a little more time.  Having beautiful 70's weather with sunshine and light breezes this week.
Happy Fall...well sort a!
Have a wonderful start to the week ahead.


  1. OMG Kris, I don't remember ever seeing a porch as lovely as yours!!! The bench holding the basket of pumpkins is adorable.

    Have a lovely Fall.


  2. I love that beautiful basket you filled with Fall beauty, Kris! Don't feel bad about not getting to the outside yet ~ our urn by the front door is still looking good with its summer plants and, like you, I can't bring myself to rip them out and just sit a pumpkin on top. I've got a little bit of Fall out there, but that's all it can handle anyway.

  3. Dont you just love all the pumpkin colours? such enchanting fairytale icons in shabby shades lolol......I'm off to get one more pumpkin for my urn. Your decor is beautiful.

  4. I love your decor and I'm so jealous of how lush your outdoor plants are!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mine are already dead and have been for several weeks - sigh. Bring back spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Kris, It is still looking wonderful at your house. I too would hang on to the pretty plants. I have to finally get rid of mine. I pulled out the petunias and will add marigolds for as long as they last. Some times I just poke fake flowers into the containers to go with what is still going strong. I am crazy for your entry way. I too would love that bench. :):) xoxox,Susie

  6. It's been too beautiful to think of Fall here too - today is supposed to be 27 degrees in Montreal ( that's 85 degrees in American talk lol )
    Your impatiens are gorgeous still ( mine are thriving too - but that's all that is ) one last outdoor barbque for us this afternoon - and then it's time to start clearing it out - closing the pool ( which is killing me ) and get ready for - uggghhhh - winter.
    Your pumpkins look so beautiful - those colors !!!

  7. I wouldn't be able to let go of those pretty flowers either!

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous. I too would be hanging on to the last little bit of summer, but my beds have already turned brown. The good news is that the aspen are incredible this year. Yellow, gold, apricot, and even a few red!

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Kris!

  9. If my flowers looked that good, I'd hang on to them, too! We're having a beautiful weekend here, too, but it's coming to an end with cool temps this week. Maybe then I'll feel like decorating for fall outdoors. I love your basket of pretty pumpkins!

  10. wow, Kris, that basket filled with pumpkins is calling my name!!

  11. I haven't done too much outside yet. Your flowers are amazing. That must be pretty good water as far as Texas standards. Of course, we have the heat to deal with too. I'll get started on the outside next week - on October 1st.
    Have a great week.

  12. I feel the same way, Kris. Not even one pumpkin here yet. Of course your flowers are just sooo beautiful. All of my summer flowers are dead except my carpet roses. They are still blooming away. We are just excited to start decorating for Halloween. October 1st can't come fast enough!

  13. Kris,
    Lingering pretty summers flowers with the start of Fall will be thought about during the long winter months when we pray to once again see the first Spring bulbs burst through the frozen ground. Enjoy the last bit of petals of beauty for soon enough there will be russet painted leaves on the trees. Your Summer garden is always spectular, a burst of flower advunance and prettiness. I always enjoy when you post your gorgeous gardens and I'm glad you shared your Indian Summer glory with us today.

    Today in Philadelphia it will be 84 and tomorrow 80. An absolute Indian Summer and I too haven't placed anything Fall outside. Your interior is looking Fall-tastic with the lovely colors of your adorable pumpkins. Kris everything you touch your heart and love gives beauty to every corner of your house.

  14. I don't blame you for hanging on to your summer flowers as long as you can. I know that you have such harsh winters there. Your summer flowers still look so great! I'm jealous. I can't grow flowers like that. I think it's too hot here or something. They just can't stand the heat. My geraniums are still hanging on, so I left those. We have been blessed with much cooler weather lately, which is a relief for us. We have such hot and humid summers. Fall is a gift! I like your pretty soft colored pumpkins inside. I knew you wouldn't use any bright orange! LOL!

  15. Kris, your flowers still look gorgeous! I say hang on to summer as long as you can! I've barely done any fall decorating...yours looks great!
    LOVE that whole vignette with the bench, gate, and shutters :)

  16. I wouldn't be in a hurry for outdoor Fall decor either if I had beautiful flowers like yours to enjoy!!

  17. Your flowers couldn't be prettier. Hang on to them as long as you can! Your indoor pumpkin patch is gorgeous too!

  18. I can't believe how well your flowers are still doing. Mine look horrible and need to be ripped out. You found some wonderful colors and shapes for your pumpkins so far. It was nice all week here but horribly foggy until about noon every day. I'm trying to catch up on blog reading today. All this school work is taking up most of my time and I hate it.

  19. It all looks beautiful, Kris. I wouldn't want to see it go, either. We are still in the 88 degree range. We can't put real pumpkins outdoors yet because they rot so quickly in the heat. That's my favorite mix of pumpkins!

  20. It is hard to get into the fall mood...we're having temps in the 80's this weekend! Some of my summer flowers are still hanging on too. Enjoy your pretty annuals as long as you can, kris!
    Mary Alice

  21. Our temps are in the 80s this week, so I am holding off on any pumpkins. I love looking at the flowers for as long as possible. They will be gone soon enough and then we will be wanting them back. xo Laura

  22. It's my kind of fall here, with all your whites and lasting blooms, but I know you and your design hands will be adding a lot more in the weeks to come :)

    It's always a beautiful day over here!


  23. Kris, even though your flowers are shutting down they are still beautiful as ever. Your display with the fireplace and the bench is outstanding. The prettiest I've seen. I love the textures of the wheats and the pumpkins and the soft colors all together with your whites. You have started a great fall inspiration..Happy Sunday..Judy

  24. I know just what you mean. We hit 88 degrees today! It is just amazing outside. I cannot pull my plants either.
    So I will say "Happy sort of Autumn to you too." ;-)
    xx oo

  25. I am slowly getting into the fall decor outside but just a little. Kris ... you could make a chicken coop beautiful! I love the way you decorate and you do white done right! Have a lovely evening :)

  26. Oh Kris, your home and garden are so GREAT! I know, even here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our summer is hanging on temperature wise, but the trees have been turning October colors! It is so strange to be teaching in school with it feeling like summer. I too lost some plants, but my white petunias are still going strong! I have not even brought out fall décor.

    Your pumpkin vignettes are glorious, just glorious with the hydrangeas involved. LOVE!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Have a great week! Anita

  27. Your white posies are beautiful and I especially like your bicycle all dolled up! I love the soft coloured pumpkins too. I'm still looking for Baby Boos here. Hope to find them soon. Have a lovely week, Kris.

  28. Kris, don't blame you one bit for wanting to hang onto those beauties! A lot of my pots out back are still really pretty as well. Just walk out onto the deck or under the pergola when I need a dose of summer. lol! My sis was here last week and she commented on how she couldn't believe how pretty my pots still were. We've had nice temps and lots of rain so it's helped. But then of course we had a few unusually warm days in the 90's. All in all, the flowers have loved it! I too love the unusual pumpkins you can find now days. Loved yours in the basket! Picked up a few last weekend. I will be making a few changes to my Fall porch for Halloween. You know me and Halloween, love it! Hee-hee.

  29. I don't blame you for hanging on to summer! It is all so gorgeous. I'm hanging on to it here back deck has never looked so pretty. We've just had the best weather ever. This summer was fairly mild and this fall has been mostly in the 80's so ....yes my impatiens are going better than ever. I've thought about buying some pansies to switch to but just can't bring myself to do it yet.


  30. Your summer flowers are still too pretty to let go~~~they deserve some more "summertime"!! I would do the same in keeping them as long as one can!! Yes, we are feeling or seeing? a bit of Autumn......I enjoy seeing your touch of Autumn colors in your beautiful home~~~can't wait to see ALL you Fall decor~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  31. From 12/1979 thru 12/1994 we lived in the Sierra Mountains in CA, hanging on to every last second of summer was vital in order to get through the Long winters. So glad you still have some beautiful flowers and nice weather to enjoy! I can't believe how wonderful your impatiens have thrived on your front door ~ Beautiful!! Those pumpkins are great too! Enjoy your week and the nice weather as long as you can! Blessings, Cindy

  32. I think you have just enough Fall. I love the basket of pumpkins and fall flowers!

  33. Love the mantel with your angel. I can't get rid of my flowers yet either. Just throwing in a little fall with them.

  34. Your flowers are gorgeous and your porch too. I love everything, every single decor and eyes are enchented now!

  35. don't blame you Kris, hang on to summer as long as you can. Last Fall I had my pink and white impatiens, white pumpkins and corn stalks (which I sprayed white) all mingled together. Just could not bare to tear out the flowers. Enjoy

  36. Kris, I'm behind too as far as fall goes. I need a nip in the air to get in the mood. Plus still getting things done. I never blame you for holding out. You're flowers are still going with gusto. Love what you did with that bench. I'm hoping to find some boo pumpkins this year. Not easy around here.


  37. If my Summer flowers were still as beautiful as yours are Kris, I would hang onto them too... your porch and yard still looks so pretty!... I love your indoor Fall decorating you have done... the bench full of pumpkins is beautiful, and that little Harvest Blessings doll is precious!... did you make her?... Happy Autumn to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  38. Yes, hold onto those summer memories Kris. Your flowers were thriving this summer, just adore those photos. Even though it's looking more bare now outdoors, I know your porch will look amazing once you start putting the fall spin on things out there. I just love how you've set up your chippy bench inside. Those pumpkins! Sigh.....

  39. Kris it's still summer time at your house! I can't blame you for not getting into the mood to add Fall. Hang on to it cause one day ole Jack Frost will just take it all away. LOL ((HUGS)) Joanne

  40. Kris, love the summer feel in your home :) Everything looks beautiful and fresh!

  41. Hi Kris! Your summer flowers still look beautiful! I know what you mean. I can never throw away flowers that still have life to them! I haven't done any fall decorating either. Having just returned from the beach, it's really hard to make the transition! Endless summer! Guess not as out weather is turning cooler, especially at night. Beautiful during the day as well and gives me new energy! I love your basket of pumpkins! Those colors are fantastic! Have fun when you do decorate! I'm sure it will look gorgeous! Hugs, Leena

  42. Hi Kris,
    Hang on to those memories.........but I must say I LOVE the shapes and colors you have used on your chippy bench! Great
    way to compromise.

  43. Yes, it is wonderful to enjoy this wonderful weather but hard to think of the cold days ahead! Love the chippy bench with all the pumpkins! I don't have anything fall out yet. Have been too busy! Nancy

  44. We are expecting 90 degree temps here this week so it has been very hard to get into the fall mood. Transitioning into my fall decor is going kinda slow for me too. Your bench with all the pretty colored pumpkins is beautiful. I love it. Happy new week my sweet friend.


  45. i'm not looking forward to the colder weather that is coming. our weather has been so nice lately. your pumpkin grouping and mantle look so pretty, kris! enjoy your weekend!

  46. Kris,

    Your home looks so lovely! That angel is truly special.

    Amy Jo

  47. Kris, if my flowers looked as pretty as yours, I would definitely leave them to enjoy as long as possible. It's too hot here for pumpkins outdoors. My porch has not been fallified yet. I need a few more weeks. Your fall vignettes are gorgeous! Aren't the colored pumpkins getting prettier and prettier. I love your color scheme. Nice and light. Perfection Kris! Have a great week friend!