Last Elkhorn Flea Market Weekend

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday so Terry and I took a drive to Elkhorn Wisconsin for the final Flea Market of the Season.

Elkhorn Wisconsin is only about 45 minute drive over the border to Wisconsin just out side Lake Geneva. 

They have in my opinion the best flea market around.  I always find so many fabulous things.

Here are some of my finds from the week end.

Got these two chippy posts to add some fabric pumpkins too.

Diner prices tray to hang in my kitchen.

Old vintage rolling pins and a silver tray and little pumpkins.

While digging through one vendors booth I found this old cast iron fireplace log piece.

It was dirty and filled with junk but I fell deeply in love.

Yep,  I think it was her cute legs that grabbed my attention.

Just a super sweet old crusty and rusty piece.  Perfect for the opening of my fireplace mantel.

Terry added some white paint to her to fit more in my decor.

Added my sweet pumpkins from the pumpkin farm.

Got this old white chippy bucket so I added some dried hydrangea's to it.

Had this old chippy birdcage so added some white pumpkins and fall flowers.

So until it cools down and I can add some of this decor to the outside front porch it will be fall in my dining room.

This was my favorite find of the day.  This wreath made out of old tree branches and corn stalks.  The turning leaves still attached to the branches.

I cannot leave well enough alone so I added some fall flowers to give her a little bling and a white pumpkin.  

I have her hanging on my french doors out to the back patio for now but she will eventually go on my front door when my impatiens are done.  It is still beautiful weather but they are saying by Wednesday we will be getting cold temps moving in and lots of rain on Thursday with cooler temps maybe only 60 on Thursday.  So fall is trying to arrive in the Chicago land area.

I am excited to have Susan (Must Love Junk) and her hubby Keith come in on Thursday.  Just wish the weather was going to be a little better.  Hopefully with our junkin trips we will not notice the rain predicted for Thursday.  Hopefully on Friday for the little town of Morris it will be cooler temps but sunny.

Have a great rest of the week.  Some back on Saturday Susan and I will have another couple of wonderful bloggers in Spotlight.

Happy Week
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  1. Kris you hit the jackpot!! I love that pretty wreath too along with all the other goodies you brought home!! The vignette you created on your kitchen counter is so pretty!

  2. Great finds Kris! I thought the weather was going to be nice Wed and Thurs but bad the rest of the week.But who knows you cannot rely on any forecast around here that's for sure! I am sure you will all have a fabulous time no matter what the weather is.

  3. Just beautiful! Love the way you've styled everything (what else is new??) You are so clever!

  4. Great finds, Kris! It's always fun to go home and "play" after shopping for goodies!!
    Mary Alice

  5. What beauty you find in things! I wish you could help me decorate and wish I had your eye!

  6. Kris,
    That fireplace piece was a super duper find and it looks great in your home. I'm jealous of all of your Fall décor. I have been just too busy with my business, to do any fall decorating in my home. I guess I will just enjoy it at the shows that I will be a part of. Enjoy your visit with Susan, I know y'all will have a lot of fun, with or without rain.

  7. Love all your vintage finds Kris... that old fireplace log grate is fabulous!... and your kitchen is so pretty!... you have such a way of arranging things to look just perfect... and your tree branch and cornstalk wreath is gorgeous... love the look of it at your window, and also love your gingham curtains... (notice I use the word "love" alot"???)... have fun when Susan and her husband arrive... xoxo... Julie Marie

  8. I like all of your new finds. Those little white fabric pumpkins with the stick stems are adorable! I bet you and Susan will have so much fun that you won't care about the weather. We are having beautiful sunny cool weather this week after having had a rainy weekend. But rain will return by the end of the week here too. Could be worse. Have you seen what the weather looks like in CO? Awful!

  9. You found some wonderful goodies! My absolute favorite of your finds though is the cast iron log holder....LOVE that!!

  10. What wonderful finds, Kris. Love that log holder. I would have fallen deeply in love, too. xo Laura

  11. Ooohhhh, lots of goodies! Luv the wreath and yes, the log holder is a sweet find. I would have snagged it up as well.

  12. You found some great items! I was just at 3 French Hens and loved it! Cant wait to go back for the holiday show.

  13. Kris,
    I can almost feel your excitement felt in anticipation on that 45 minute drive to Elkhorns last flea of the season. What fun to be with Terry as you both search for new found treasures experiencing the thrill of the hunt! Then the joy of creating new vignettes - which are always lovely.
    I love the simplistic twisting of branches and leaves to form an organic wreath. I know it will give John and I am afternoon of seeking branches to create some free form twisted wreaths.
    Enjoy your visit with Susan and Keith I am sure whether the sky is cloudy, sunny or it rains the joy of being together will become a cherished memory.

  14. WOW, you found some great pieces Kris! I think my favorite is the fireplace log holder, perfect with the white paint! Enjoy and have a super fun time with Susan (and Keith)! Shop smart and LOTS so we can live vicariously through your great items :) Blessings, Cindy

  15. Oh I do love your Elkhorn finds!! I really love how you utilized them in your fall decor. I love the old chippy pieces, they are gorgeous!

  16. Good eye - you always find such interesting items that you can have the foresight to know what to due with them. Like all of your treasures and they look good where you have placed them.
    Have fun with Susan and her hubby.

  17. I love that log holder, Kris. Of course, y'all turned it into something more fabulous than it was!
    I think branch wreaths are wonderful...enjoy yours.
    You're a good man, Terry. Happy wife, happy life! :)
    Beautiful job, Kris!

  18. WOW! you hit the jackpot! all of it is so pretty Kris.

  19. The things you buy always make me happy! Love the Fall look you are creating. Have fun with Susan!

  20. Great finds. I love all of it. Well done!
    Have a great time with friends.
    xx oo

  21. Love how you make everything just fit perfect in your decorating. Cool log holder and wreath! Have a great time with Susan.

  22. I just love your fireplace insert and how sweet of your husband to paint it for you! I hope you have lovely fall weather for your time with Susan.


  23. love the header . . . love the fun changes . . .

    I don't know how you keep finding such great bits and pieces for your house. All the things you find cost a fortune out here in California.

  24. That log holder is AMAZING! Count your blessings that I don't know where you live or I would sneak in like the grinch and take it away to live with me :) What a great find Kris! I love it when you go a-hunting!
    sending hugs...

  25. You hit the jackpot. I can see the fireplace insert being used in several ways. Great scores girl :)

  26. You have been busy!!! Love the wreath and the fireplace piece! Terry did a nice job painting it too!:)
    Terrific post---have fun with Susan!

  27. omg.....that fireplace piece is just the kind of stuff I love to find!!! It's fabulous Kris and I love that simple wreath too. How did you get the pumpkin on it?

  28. You find the best stuff Kris! Yep, it was the legs on that beautiful cast iron wood thing.... LOVE! Everything is always so pretty. I'm so excited for you and Susan! Have fun junkin!

  29. I'm always so jealous of the great items you find. These look spectacular. The white paint and your fall touches are gorgeous. Love the spindles and sign too.


  30. Kris, your dining room looks just stunning dressed for fall with your new finds!! (LOVE that fireplace piece!)
    Hopefully the rain will stay away, but even if it doesn't, we'll be in junkin' heaven tomorrow anyway! Can't wait :)

  31. I'm so full of envy for the way you get around shopping! You have the cheeriest fall decorating around. LOVE that heavy duty fireplace grill. Have fun with Susan!

  32. what fabulous finds my friend!!! and they all look so amazing in your gorgeous home! happy fall! ;)

  33. Great and lovely finds! They are so vintage and so beautiful! I love your fall decors...your home is fantastic.

  34. Hi Kris, I'm back lol. I love all your fabulous finds, you have the best flea markets around you, I'm jealous!! You always have a knack for using your finds to make your rooms even more lovely with each change!

  35. Kris- What GREAT finds. I have never been to that flea market. I can't believe the stuff you found there. I LOVE that hanging wreath. Wow- the pumpkins and daisies are the perfect addition to it.
    I have two of those old cast iron grates. I painted them white, too, and I use them on the covered porch for ferns in the summer and for pinecones in the winter. Don't you just LOVE them? xo Diana

  36. Evening Kris, I am SWOONING over the cast iron log holder.....I am looking for something like that too for my fireplace opening....What a find! And your bread and pastry sign is too the wood patina! You and Susan have a wonderful time and stay out of trouble~~lol! Blessings~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  37. Kris, love love that log holder! the wreath is so sweet and you have created so many wonderful vignettes for Fall. Have fun with Susan. Must admit, I am a bit jealous. lol!

  38. What a great find! It looks perfect in front of your fireplace mantle! Your fall decor is gorgeous!

  39. Wow! My favorite piece is the log holder - I can think of about a hundred different ways to use something like that! Just lovely!

  40. Everything looks awesome and I really love how the log holder turned out with the white on it! The whole fireplace mantle is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your great finds. :-)

  41. Kris, You had a great day at the market and found some amazing things! I love everything but especially the tray and log holder. I am in love with your kitchen!

  42. That fireplace insert is the best thing ever!!! I love the way you decorated it for Fall, Kris!! Everything you found is wonderful! The flowers added to the wreath just made it perfect! of course!! You are so talented, Kris. I love it all!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

  43. I have missed so much lately....finally bought new computer and it messed up...had to take it back get a new one.. back in business now.. so glad to get to visit with you. Wow, what some beautiful finds...I love the old cast iron fireplace piece... I cannot wait to see what you do with that... Your home is always lovely and anything you do shines! Have a great weekend.. Blessings!

  44. I love your finds. I always love seeing that corner of your kitchen and wow oh wow that fireplace piece is wonderful. So glad you snatched that.

  45. so many great finds, kris! the wreath is wonderful--love the changes you made to it--so charming!

  46. You always have such great finds and incorporate them beautifully into your great that you live close to such wonderful towns. There is nothing better than a great road trip with the one you love!