Prizes Prizes and a Giveaway!

Hi Everyone.  Hope your week is going great.

I wanted to share some more of my preparation for my girlfriend Christmas party with you.

I showed you the Walking Taco appetizer in my last post.  You can see that here.

Today I want to show you some of the prizes I have for the girls at the party to win.

Here is one of the prizes.  I put together Josh Groban's beautiful Christmas CD and a Josh bottle of wine.  Yep! with all the holiday hoopla I think a time out with some sweet wine and Josh playing in the background is a must at this time of year.  So one of the lucky girls will win this.

I bought two of these rescue mugs from the Rescue Agency we adopted Cooper.  They were having a fund raiser and I bought these sweet mugs for prizes.  I am attaching a Starbucks gift card with each mug.  My theme at my party is charity and gifts that give back so these will make for perfect prizes.

Cooper is very excited to have the agency that rescued him benefit from me buying these mugs.  LOL Cooper loves to sit in the booster car seat of my granddaughter Abby.  Crazy boy!
Tied the mugs off with the Starbucks gift cards and they are ready for the girls to win.

Another fun prize is a spa gift.  If you want wonderful restful sleep this Pure Spa oil diffuser is great.  You fill it with water and put a few drops of your favorite oil in the top and it runs for 4 to 6 hours putting the lovely scent into the air. Helps you have sweet dreams and a good night rest.   I have one by my bedside and love the lavender for a great night sleep.
Makes your room smell great too.  You can buy several different oils to use in these.  I am giving the lavender and peppermint with this one. 

Have you seen these cute Wish Jar's.  I got this one through the Make A Wish Foundation.  They were selling these to raise money to help make the wishes of children with cancer wishes come true.

I am going to use this jar  for each of the girls to put a thoughtful wish and their name in the jar.  I will then pull out the names and they will win the above prizes the night of the party.

The kit comes with the jar to fill and wish tags along with a pen to fill out the tags.  Very cute idea.  I have also seen these jars sold in gift shops for special occasions like weddings.  

I got some Jingle All The Way pink and gold sparkle bags to put the prizes in.  Found these cute jingle bags at Home Goods.  

 Now on to the Give Away!!!!!!

I purchased this cute little Shop Black Friday tote on Etsy for a giveaway on my blog today.  I have not done a giveaway in a very long time so it was time.  I also think it is so important to buy gifts from small community crafters and business.  Etsy has so much talent and wonderful ideas for gifts.  I do a lot of my shopping for gifts on Etsy.

So how fun will it be for one of you die hard Black Friday Shoppers to have a sparkle tote bag?!
Love how fun and full of sparkles this tote is.

So all of you that like to be out with all the crazy's on Black Friday (me included in this group)  here is a sweet tote for you to try and win.
I really do not need anything that is offered on Black Friday but my daughters and I love to be in the crowd of people.  Watching the die hard black friday shoppers trying to get that one TV or electronic item or blender etc. etc.  at that very reduced price is fun to see!  We get a kick out of this day every year.

So to win this tote
  all you have to do is leave me a comment.  That's it.  You do not have to post anything anywhere, go to a million social media sites or like me on my IG or Facebook!  Nope just leave me a message here that you want to be in the drawing for this tote.  I got this and want to share it with all of you for being loyal and fun friends that visit and leave me sweet comments.

So it is easy peasy.  Stay calm and shop on!!!!  If you are a no reply then you will have to leave me a way to contact you if your name is drawn.  Come back on Sunday and I will have the winner posted.  Good luck.
We are beginning the downhill slide into the holidays!  So to kick off my start to the holiday season I want to share a give away with all of you.

Enjoy the week ahead.
Good Luck


  1. Such lovely goodies! Cooper is so cute ♥

  2. What a great idea to organise a Christmas party with friends. Your gifts are so nice- your friends will be very happy about them! I love the shopper! greetings. Magdalena

  3. Good Morning Kris
    Your prizes for your girlfriends are wonderful. Love them all. Look at how cute sweet Cooper is. Please give him a hug for me. Love that you do so much for Charity Kris. Your heart is so big***
    enjoy this beautiful day

  4. Kris, You have come up with some of the cutest things for your friends. I love Josh's beautiful voice. It's hard for me to believe that black Friday is so near already. wow, time flies. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  5. Your girlfriend party looks like the most fun! You chose such wonderful and thoughtful prizes...and the tote is FUN! Cooper is such a heartstealer!

  6. What a fun bag! Love the sparkles too! You are going to have an amazing party with your girlfriends! :)

  7. Like that bag. And the Lovely gifts you've done for your friends to win. What a great idea, lol.
    I just love Cooper. He's such a darling.
    Have a great day (what's left of it).
    Love Elzie

  8. Looks like you've gathered some great stuff! I commend you for buying from charities. Gotta love that precious Cooper!

  9. Kris, I always love seeing what you do for your girlfriend party. The gifts are adorable and such great ideas. I pinned the Josh gift to remember for some of my friends here. :)

    Cooper sure makes me smile. :)

  10. Cooper is so adorable!! And as always, looks like it is going to be a fun, fun time! Love that little shopping bag!! Love and hugs to you!!

  11. Hi Kris, it is so great that you have that wonderful girlfriends party each year during the holidays. You have such nice gifts for everyone and it sound like such fun. Have a great time this year. I love shopping and that tote bag is so cute. Thanks for the chance to win it. Give cute Cooper a big hug from Bosco and I! :)
    Hugs, Julie xo

  12. Cooper sitting in the booster seat is the best! I need a poster of that. Adorable!
    Your party is going to be so fun I love that charity is the gift theme.
    Enter me in for the cute tote! xoxo, T.

  13. Hi Kris: Some girl will be awfully lucky. Great ideas and love to Cooper..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Love Josh Groban. Does shopping for our Christmas tree on Black Friday count for the tote giveaway? Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Thanks for such a nice giveaway opportunity! And Cooper is just so precious!

  16. Your love of friendship reaches us all in blogland. Very sweet and inspiring gifts for your party. Love Cooper in his booster seat - so cute.

  17. Hi Kris! I don't need the tote - it's cute though, I just don't do Black Friday, I think I'm getting older :)!! I do get excited for your girlfriends charity party and it looks like you are planning to have another fabulous time! Blessings, Cindy xo

  18. Your party sounds wonderful with so many thoughtful gifts. You are such a good caring person Kris and I know your party will be a success.

    I think I am caught up on your posts. Have a wonderful week.

    Hugs dear friend,

  19. That does it! I am putting my PJs on and driving myself right down to your party. lol Oh- wait..I can't. I have a JOB now. lol Your girlfriends are SO very lucky!!!

    Don't sign me up for the tote, Kris. I am trying to get rid of Somebody will LOVE it!!!!!

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  20. Oh My Gosh you have the BEST give a ways,
    who ever wins will be thrilled I would
    And Cooper is so sweet sitting there so proper and mannerly
    on the booster seat

  21. Kris, those are fabulous gifts, they wil all be a hit! Lucky ladies!!

  22. My dear Kris,
    Cutie cutie cute cooper. I love his big ears. Some time show us his picture when he is flapping his ears. :). And for the give all the gifts are so cute and thoughtful. I love the spa package. And the tote is so cute...If I get the tote, may be, I'll go to Michael's on Black Friday. I love your blog and decorating sense. Have nice day. :)

  23. What a lovely bag. Such a lovely gesture on your part. Thanks for the chance. While I haven't been blogging much lately I always read my favorites. Yours is one of them. Thank you.

  24. Kris

    Love your party each year. Where did you get the spa gift?


    1. Hi Debby,
      I got the spa gift at Home Goods. Hope that helps.

  25. Eeeeeekk !! Love the bag and would love the chance ! Always look forward to your blog !! I agree Cooper is too cute !!

  26. I love your parties! You are so thoughtful and FUN! Looks like Cooper loves that booster seat :) Too cute!

  27. How fun! Thank you for the opportunity.
    I love the ideas you have for prizes.

    I just love Cooper in the car seat. CUTE!!!
    Have a great time getting ready for the holidays, I know I am getting giddy for them too. :-)

  28. What a wonderful party for your girlfriends. I am sure it will be a cherished memory of fun times with good friends. Happy. Holidays. Kris Buehler

  29. Kris, everything looks fabulous! You sure do know how to throw a party. Have a great rest of the week. xx Jo

  30. I loved everything I saw and am ready to start shopping. (

  31. Cooper is so sweet! How many pretty goodies
    Hugs Alessandra

  32. Just found your blog today. Looks like a great girlfriend party. Put my name for the tote please.

  33. All VERY cute ideas! I am excited for the girls who get to join you for this fun get together!
    Cooper is such a handsome little man in the car seat :)

  34. Looks like it's going to be such a fun party. Such lovely gifts! Cooper is such a sweetie. So cute on that booster seat. Every time I see him he just makes me smile.

  35. You certainly do know how to throw a great party...and will be so much fun. I just love Cooper and looks like a very happy boy!

  36. OH KRIS!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful job you've done with the gifts! Excellent presentations and COOPER...he is a hoot! teeeheheheheeeeeeeee

  37. Hi Kris, WOW all the gifts for your party are terrific. The girls are going to have the best time!! Cooper is so sweet sitting in the booster seat!! Have fun with the party! Happy Weekend! xo

  38. Kris - As always, your gifts are so thoughtful and such a blessing to each organization. Love the sparkley tote. Cute, cute, cute. Your party plans just continue to get better and better.


  39. Your girlfriend parties must be so much fun! You always make the most beautiful gift bags and even better are these with so much goodness behind them. I'm commenting because I always enjoy your posts - no need to add my name to the giveaway because quite frankly, I'm not much of a shopper. Have a great party, Kris! ♥♥

  40. Such good ideas for a girlfriends party I Like the attention to details in the food Always enjoy your posts

    linda m

  41. First off...thanks so much for this darling bag...I appreciate the chance to win it...thank you.
    Second, I have quite a few smaller gifts I need for girlfriends and got some great ideas from you here...perfect....

  42. Great prize ideas Kris, you are a very good at picking items that I think anyone would love to go with. Cooper is just hysterical in the booster seat! Ha! That made my day...and Black Friday shopping, huh? When I was in college and getting my master's, I worked in or managed just about every retail store from Pottery Barn and The Children's Place to Esprit and Coach. I have seen enough Black Fridays to never need to go to a mall again on that day. Ever. ;) (I still have nightmares!!) Enjoy the shopping though! You and your girls have the right spirit!

  43. I'm late to the party but wanted to say how incredibly wonderful these gifts are!! You are so generous and I know your friends loved them! I'm going to use the "Josh" gift idea. A friend of my daughter's last name is Josh and she calls me her "Texas Mom" as I *adopted* her years ago. :) Her real Mom lives in VA and they don't get to see each other very often. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

    Cooper is adorable! My boy sits on top the console, between the 2 front seats while waiting for me to get gas, run into the cleaners, etc. They make our hearts sing don't they?


  44. Hi Kris, omg I love Cooper, I want Cooper!! He is killing me with that face!!!! MUAHHHHHHHHH oh and the bag is awesome!

  45. Love your gifts .... and my fav?....the JOSH gift....Love Josh Groban and what a great idea to tie the CD and wine together!....I must do that!!!....

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