Master Bedroom Update

Hi Everyone.

Here are some of the new decor items and the changes in our Master Bedroom.

We put up a new chandelier over the bed.  It is white with pretty crystals and a touch of gold in the chains.

Everything in my bedroom is soft, neutral and serene.  Since I chose white and this room has lots of light I have a hard time capturing the softness of the room.  Everything looks washed out in pics but trust me it is pretty with all the white.

I added old vintage picture frames around the cherub sconces.  These sconces lite up at night are very pretty.  I like not having lamps on the night stands anymore.

This is one of my sweet cherub sconces up close.  I added the crystals to them.  They are pretty with or without the crystals.  I just like the bling!

I love to have a soft and fresh scented candle lite at night at the bedside.  The soft scents like lavender help me to sleep.

Rita from Panoply awhile back gifted me with two of these cherub stands.  I painted them white and have them on each of our nightstands for a candle holder.  Thank you Rita.  Love them.

Terry's side the bed is similar to my side of the bed. 

Gotta love a man that is ok with sleeping in this serene room surrounded by angels.  He is ok as long as I do not touch his pillow lol! 

Keeping it real when the pictures are not staged,  there is usually things like his watch, badge, wallet, phone laying on his nightstand!

This is the new old door that Terry made into this slider for our closet.

This is my beautiful sleeping angel mounted on this old chippy window in my bedroom.

I still have my pretty headboard made out of three old cottage doors.  Terry framed them out and added crown molding to them.  I have loved this headboard for many years.

Thanks for coming by to see the newest decor items I added to this room.   

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I find peace and serenity in this room at the end of the day.

I apologize for the washed out pics.  Even with using Picmonkey the pics are washed out. 

Maybe someday I will own a fancy camera with a great lens and filters for rooms like this.

Have a great weekend.
I am working on the kitchen island area.

I also gave my daughter my twin bed from my 3 purpose room.  The room that acts as my office, make up area and a guest room.

Now I have a big open space since the bed is gone.  We cannot have that right?!!!! So I am hoping to do up some changes in this room too.

  Lots of projects ahead for me and my handy man!!!  It is just hard to stay focused when summer is going on.  I am a summer girl and love to be outside during this short season we have here in the midwest.


  1. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love all the changes you made and that headboard is amazing! Your room is so peaceful and I can see why it's your sanctuary. Your pictures are beautiful Kris! I'm always inspired when stopping by to see you!

  2. Kris, I love all the angels and cherubs. Terry's a hero and heroes can deal with white. :) I really like how he framed the headboard. You two work well together. Hope it's cooler there. We had a few days of cooler mornings. So nice too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I particularly love the bed with the flowered duvet. What a pretty room - as always Kris! Have a happy weekend!! xoxoxo

  4. Love your touches in your bedroom. Still swoon over the headboard. The cherub sconces are a beautiful touch.

    It has been very humid here. Can tolerate the heat, humidity not a fan at all. That's NJ during summer. I'm a fall girl all the way.

    Have a super weekend and can't wait to see what's up next.

    Finally some sun this weekend. Taking pictures of some projects I just finished up.


  5. It is just beautiful, Kris, but I wouldn't expect any less than that from you. I wish people could see it in person because your pictures just don't do your home justice to capture the 'texture' and 'feel' of the room. There is a depth in the layers and differing colors of white and neutrals that just doesn't translate through a camera lens.
    Have a great weekend- love to you- Diana

  6. Kris you always make the best choices for accessories to carry your theme through. Love your bedroom changes

  7. Your bedroom looks so peaceful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Love the use of your cherubs, crystals and angels, Kris. I'm happy you were able to use those two little marble stands so well. Being in your sanctuary obviously rejuvenates you and Terry, because you guys just keep on going with one project after another. Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful, every square inch of it! Love that you still have your amazing headboard. I think it was the post that brought me to your blog! Have a great weekend :)

  10. I think your photos are beautiful...soft, not washed out. Your room looks very serene. It's just all so pretty!
    Oh no! An empty space? You must fix that soon! lol. Enjoy your summer and if you want more, I'll send you some of ours for a cool Fall! :)

  11. Morning Kris
    I just love your gorgeous bedroom, the pictures did not looked washed out at all. I love all the white and all the angels. Love the headboard and the sliding door. The sconces are just amazing. Hope you are enjoying your summer Kris

  12. Soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! Your new chandelier is very pretty.....I absolutely LOVE your door headboard. Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Everything you do turns out great. I love all the chippy texture. And candle light with your neutrals is very pretty.

  14. Oh so glad to SEE THIS! I've been waiting to see your sconces, and there they are. Perfectly place, and that headboard....awesome! Well, my husband is also a prince because our bedroom is FROU FROU to the max. White, ballet tutus hanging on an antique screen, and a poofy eiderdown make that bedroom fit for a queen, but a true prince can sleep anywhere!

    Love every detail you've paid such attention to here, Kris. Now on to your multi-purpose room for more changes! Stayin' tuned....

  15. Your room is so beautiful and peaceful...I'll bet you sleep like a baby...

  16. What a beautiful and cosy spot to retire to each night Kris. I love scented candles in the bedroom too. Those angel wall sconces are my absolute favourite though. I could gaze at those all day and can imagine just how beautiful they are at night. Enjoy your summer!

  17. The peacefulness and serenity of your bedroom shines through the photos, Kris. I am in love with your headboard!

  18. It really is lovely Kris. Wow!! I love your headboard.
    We had lighting bugs in our yard the other night, so much summer fun. :-)

  19. So beautiful and peaceful. Your whole home is like that. Love it. Have a beautiful weekend.
    xoxo Jo

  20. Oh, how I love your headboard! And that chandelier is gorgeous, too. Hmm, if you got rid of the twin bed in the guest room, what are you going to do if you have an overnight guest? I know you have something else in mind...can't wait to see what it is!

  21. I would take that room for my house in a heartbeat! You know, I've been thinking about sconces as bedside lighting for a while now.....your chandy is gorgeous (one can never have enough bling!) Funny, after reading your post about the greenhouse I realized that you bought it just a stone's throw from where I just had a fun day of junking! I'm partial to the Red Arrow Highway between New Buffalo and St. Joe.....lots of out of the way antique malls, etc. I'll have to try the Three Oaks shop the next time I make it up there! xo Kathleen

  22. Oh Kris.. as usual everything you've done is just wonderful! I bet the room at night with the wall scones lit up, and the candles flickering is heavenly... plus the angels too of course! I can't imagine my hubby sleeping in an all white bedroom, but he might. He's sleeping in a pink bedroom right now! :-) And the headboard he got us he has promised he will paint white. I may have to start on it to get him going on it though. I be the touch of gold on the chandeliers is pretty too. Love it all! xoxoo Marilyn

  23. I absolutely love that headboard! Your bedroom is gorgeous and so serene. What a wonderful place to end your day. xoxo

  24. When I see your headboard I think:


    Hugs & Sweet Dreams,

  25. How beautiful, Kris! If only my man would let me decorate all white. You gals are so lucky your men like the white, too.

  26. I love the chandelier. The headboard is always a favorite too.

  27. Your room looks gorgeous! So serene and calming! Looking at your gorgeous pics always makes me happy!😍

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