New Island

Hi Everyone.

Remember this cute kitchen island that Terry made for me.  

Remember this pretty French stencil for the front of the island.   I just love it.  So that was taken off for my new island that will go in this place.  I loved this one but it was almost too big for this space and I am adding a treasure from our trip to this room.  So I needed a little more space than this island allowed.

Stay tuned for that reveal.

Here is the new island with the tin ceiling tiles and crown front.  The old large vintage picture frame is still on this island too.

Kept the cute ball feet.

It has a nice butcher block top.

You can see the old pieces of door panels used to make this island.

We kept the back open so someone can put stools or chairs under this island for seating.
This island was made out of old pieces of oak doors and lots of fun trim pieces.  The top is butcher block and food prep ready.

You can see in this close up that the tin ceiling tiles are chippy to perfection.

So if any of you live in the Chicago land area and think you could use this island just leave me a comment along with an email and I will contact you.  The measurements are 29 deep and 48 long.
It will fit two adults comfortably to sit at this island.

I think it would be a great crafting table too.  Storage in the back of this along with a seat would be great for any of you crafters.

I am asking $200 for this great piece.  You will have to be able to pick it up.  It is not real heavy but solid.

I hope to have the new island ready soon to show you and also the new treasure I got for the kitchen area.

Stay tuned.
Have a great week.


  1. Oh! Someone will surely snap this up, Kris. I just love it- it's amazing! Just beautiful! I still say you and Terry are the best working duo I know- You dream it and he achieves it!
    Hope you have a blessed Sunday. xo Diana

  2. Ah, love the tin tiles! If I lived close by, I'd be on my way to get it! Can't wait to see what your new one will look like. Have a wonderful week!

  3. How fun is this, someone should grab this in a heartbeat

  4. Kris, someone will snatch this up for sure. Can't wait to see the pieces you snatched up

    Have big projects I finished. Every time I want to post real life gets in the way.

    Our Peanut is on the mend. Talk about soon. Still to fresh. My babies


  5. I'm sure someone will grab this beauty quickly! I love that the back was left open for seating. That's a definite plus. And the butcher block top is great too!

  6. Kris, That will be a sweet island in someone's kitchen. Hope they send you a picture once they get it placed. Anxious to see your new island. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. OK, so this is really going to be a fun reveal!

  8. It still looks beautiful without all the extra pretty! Someone will be one lucky person to get it. Can't wait to see the new one..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  9. Someone will def. want that! It looks like a perfect crafting table especially with the back opening! It will be fun to see what you have newly created!

  10. So pretty - I'm sure it will be snapped up quickly. xox

  11. That will be snapped up quickly for sure. xo

  12. You always find the best stuff, Kris!

  13. So pretty....can't wait to see what is going to replace it!!

  14. It is lovely and someone close enough to pick it up will be very lucky to have it, with those ceiling tins full of character. I know that you like to have loved pieces go to someone who will treasure them too. But we're all looking forward to what will replace it!

  15. WOW, so lovely .. I can not wait to have a peek. :-)

  16. Its such a great looking island and like you said can be used in so many different ways. The one I just got is 15 x 40 which my kitchen great. Excited to see what you're new island.

  17. What a beautiful piece Kris. I'm sure someone will snap that up in an instant. I definitely would if we stayed closer ;-)

  18. Someone will snap that up for sure. It’s so cute.

  19. I wish I had room in my kitchen for your island!

  20. oh my, that would make a great crafting station as well as an kitchen island. Alas, not in the Chicago hoo me for many a reasons ;) I can't have it!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  21. You and Terry make a great team. Surely someone is going to buy that gorgeous beauty. Hugs, Linda

  22. So pretty! Did you sell it yet? Your vision and your hubbys skills... ya'll are an amazing couple! I love that you always have something up your sleeve and changes are ongoing! Makes me feel better about myself LOL!