Fall Reminiscing

Hello my sweet friends.

I want to share some of my past fall decor along with the beginnings of this years fall decor.

I will start with fall from the last
 Junk Chic Cottage Homes.

Fall 2013 My first year in Blogland.

Mixing my summer flowers still hanging on from summer with fall.  This was Fall from the Lake House in 2013.

Sweet potato vines still going strong all the way to our first frost in 2013.

My front door  2013.

In 2014 we were still in out Lake Zurich home.

2014 Pumpkin decor. Hmmmm what happened to that sweet silverware lamp???!!!! Now seeing this past picture has me thinking what the heck happened to that lamp.  I loved that lamp!  I must have given it away with all the moves. :(

Mantel 2014 Fall.

Some of the pretty neutral pumpkins in my decor 2014.

2015 Our Front Fall Porch.  We just put the Lake Zurich home up for Sale.


2015 I loved those little white boots.  I just found them the other day while looking for something else in my storage area. I will have to think of something cute to do with them for this year.

Terry's little fire truck we had in the front yard 2015.  It is now living in my daughter's front yard.  When we downsized to the town home we had to give away a lot of the yard stuff.  Just happy it has a good home in my daughter's front yard.  Her hubby is a firefighter too.

2016 centerpiece living room.


2016 Centerpiece

2016 white chippy chair and pumpkins.

2016 my gifted witch mouse from Judy @ Country Gold Cottage.  Love this little guy.

Some of my decor in 2017.  You can see the little witch mouse on the bench with my pumpkins and of course Cooper resting in his favorite spot in this house.  He loved that spot and laying in the sun all day.  Oh I miss you so much Coop. ;(

2017 Front Door Harvest Angel

My Harvest Angel put up last year 2017 right when we moved into the new cottage home.  As you can see she gained more flowers last year.

Some of my whites and neutrals 2017

My sweet angel with her white pumpkins 2017.

Very neutral Harvest Blessing 2017.

2017 White sweater pumpkins.

Beginnings of fall for 2018.  Lots of gray and neutrals in my cottage home.
This sweet angel witch was gifted to me by a beautiful southern angel artist.  

You will be learning more about who gifted this sweet angel witch to me and some other exciting news to share relating to this sweet artist in my next post. 

So stay tuned.

Terry and I will be married 37 years this coming Wednesday September 12th.  He and I are escaping life for a few days to celebrate together.

  Hopefully when I return after the weekend I will have more to show you on the vintage door decor and about the Murphy Bed he is making for our guest room.

Have a beautiful week.

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  1. Wow, what a fall decor extravaganza! Every year is better than the last:) I LOVE that chippy, white chair. The fire truck is precious and I can't wait to see the Murphy bed! xo Kathleen

  2. Hi Kris - thank you for sharing several seasons of your fall decorations, they bring back good memories. Your romantic collections are such a treat. Happy 37th Anniversary.


  3. Each season you have always inspired me with your beautiful decor. Happy Anniversary - Have a fabulous trip.

  4. Thirty-seven years....we will come to that same point in March. Oh Kris, I wish you and Terry a peaceful and relaxing celebration. And to see the stages of your decorating style is SO FUN! All the chippy beauty, all the hard work both of you have put into tweaking and refining your style. Much love to you both!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your holiday xoxox

  6. We just celebrated 35 years. Quite an accomplishment for us both! Enjoy your trip!

    Every single shot looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine.


  7. Love your fall vignettes, all just wonderful!

    Happy 37th anniversary! This past Saturday was our 49th. We had our last one together 6 years ago. Love & life are precious! Enjoy your time away together.

    I am always inspired when I visit here, and look forward to seeing the Murphy bed that Terry is creating.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Happy Anniversary*** have a great time on your adventure
    I love your decorating so much. You are the queen of making everything so pretty and cozy**

  9. It was fun seeing your decor from previous years. Many I remember.

    The witch is cute. Happy Anniversary and many more blessed years to come. Enjoy your time.


  10. Wishing the two of you a very Happy Anniversary!!! My husband and I just celebrated our 37th on Sept. 5th. Wow times flies when you re having fun.

  11. How fun to see through the years! I love that lacy pillow.

  12. Your decor is always beautiful, Kris! Enjoy your special getaway!

  13. I love looking back at all your fun decor, Kris, so beautiful! I also had to laugh about your lamp. That happens to me all time when I peek back. I'm like what happened to this or that...and if I gave it away there's always a little wash of regret. Oh well...room for more new stuff now, right? Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip and you know I'll be anxiously awaiting your next crafty post to see what you two have up your sleeves! xoxo

  14. I loved seeing your decor through the years ~ they are all gorgeous!
    Happy 37th anniversary tomorrow ~ I hope you & Terry have a magical time together!

  15. It was fun to see all of your beautiful fall decor thru the years! Wishing you and Terry a very Happy Anniversary!

  16. What a fun post! I love looking back. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. Have a great trip! xo

  17. Happy Anniversary! Wow, Terry has some mad skills. I look forward to seeing the Murphy bed. Thanks for putting together this round-up post of all your autumn pretties. I love the white pumpkins, and I must say that the recipient of the silverware lamp is one lucky chick! So cute!

    Ricki Jill

  18. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Celebrate with love and cherish it! I had my husband for 37 years before he passed and I enjoy my memories.

  19. Was fun looking back! I like when there is just a tiny pop of orange in your Fall decor. For some reason, though I don't like orange that much, I need to see it in Fall decor for it to seem like Fall! Weird huh? Love all of your beautiful types of pumpkins and angels (and mice too)!! Happy Anniversary and have a really nice mini trip! xoxoxo Marilyn

  20. So pretty, Kris. I guess I didn't meet you until Lake Zurich as I don't remember some of the earlier decor. It's good to catch up. It seems Terry is at it again! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm so glad Bitty Morsel's little sibling got such a good home. Happy Anniversary to you both and enjoy your little get away..xxoJudy

  21. Have a wonderful anniversary trip, sweet Kris!!!! xoxo

  22. Beautiful!!! Always love your posts and pictures your home is gorgeous.
    Happy Anniversary and have a great getaway! We celebrated our 37th on Aug 1 this year. I can hardly believe it seems like yesterday as I am sure you know.
    Blessings, Candy

  23. Kris, Happy Anniversary to you & Terry! Have a great time away. Love your new angel witch and all the past fall looks too.

  24. A very happy anniversary to you and Terry! Love seeing the progression of your decor. Love the new Angel witch. She's adorable!

  25. I love seeing all your Fall decor thru the years, Kris. It's so nice that we have this visual memory of the fun. I know you understand where I am right now. I'm so glad you're settled and happy in your new home. I know I'll get there soon. Have a great Anniversary! xo

  26. Congratulations my friend!! Enjoy your getaway!

    This was fun, I enjoyed looking back. I just purchased 3 white pumpkins at a Farm Stand, you gave me inspiration. :-)

  27. You are such a talented designer.. i always admire you work.. XOXO

  28. I loved looking at your pretty vignettes from years past. Have a wonderful time away with Terry and Happy Anniversary!!

  29. All is so wonderful but I love the firetruck the best. While my red impatiens are so pretty on my front porch I can't bring myself to add pumpkins yet. :)

  30. Isn’t it fun to put together a compilation like this! You’ve created some really cute fall arrangements. Of course the little fire truck is the cutest darn thing! Happy Anniversary to you both and best wishes for a fun few days away!

  31. Hi Kris, I loved all your wonderful fall vignettes. That little fire truck was adorable too. You are a so good at putting sweet things together. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. That is my grandson's anniversary too. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

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  33. Kris, I love your style! Each and every photograph is stunning!

  34. Such pretty fall decor. I love all the door decorations. And happy anniversary!!!

  35. What great walk down memory lane Kris! Can not wait to see what you come up with this year.

  36. It's fun to visit our archives as we post...I didn't remember you using color over the past years It's all pretty....hoping you had fun on your get away....

  37. Dearest Kris - Oh how delightful to see your past autumn neutrals - you've always done that up so perfectly! And a blessed and happy anniversary to you both! Hope you had a wonderful time getting away. Ours is Sept. 20th ♥ 15 wonderful years married. Where do the years go, my friend? Anyway, thank you for popping by - big big hugs!

  38. You are cracking me up about that lamp! I do that all the time when going through old photos! It drives me crazy wondering where things went!

    Your decor is beautiful. Oh, and 1803 Pumpkin Cornbread candle is one of my all time fave fall scents.

    Happy fall!

  39. That was fun. I'm sorry about the silverware lamp. I do that all the time. In fact, I've been looking through stuff for something for the past few days. So frustrating. Happy Anniversary.

  40. What a fun post...something for everyone. Love all your neutrals and white...and the new angel witch is precious.

  41. I love seeing all your past fall decor.

    I don't usually decorate until mid October, but our first two weeks of September were cool so I went ahead and decorated and I love it all.

  42. What lovely vignettes, Kris... And how fun to look back at your fall decor. You have had so many lovely pieces through the years. I remember some of them from your past posts. Congratulations again to you and Terry! Have a wonderful Saturday...the last day of our lovely summer.

    Hugs and blessings,