Fall Kitchen

Hi Everyone.
Before I share some of my Fall Kitchen I have to show you why I cannot start the fall decor outside just yet.

Still seeing summer hanging on in the front of the house.

This is how my flower boxes looked back in May when I planted them.  You could see the flower boxes!

This is my flower boxes at the end of September trying to hang on.  They are so lush still and have grown down to the ground.  You cannot even see the black flower boxes.

My bike is still going strong too.

There are not a lot of flowering plants except for the re blooming of my hydrangea's and a few petunia's and daisy's are hanging on.  

The hosta's are nearing the end and my knock out roses are still going strong.  

We are in the northern suburbs of Chicago so they are saying we could get a frost over the weekend.  If that happens all of these plants will end and Fall will definitely be in full swing. 

I am hoping the greens will continue and I can add some faux fall flowers and pumpkins etc. to the flower boxes.  A little of real and a little of faux for fall hopefully soon.

Here are some of the changes in my kitchen for fall.

You all saw my sweet witch angel that my friend Cil gifted me.  Pumpkins are all around her.

Just simple fall under the kitchen window.

Nothing better than sunflowers and daisies in an old chippy watering can.

I got the cute black and white check bag from a sweet lady that follows my blog. 
I met her and her daughter at a market a few weekends ago. 
They had the cutest booth and I scored this cute bag and some pumpkins.    It was fun to chat with them. 
It is always fun to run into people that say Hey Kris I know you from your blog and was hoping I would see you here and be able to meet you.   That just made my day.  I felt like a celebrity! 
Adding just a few things here and there in the kitchen.
This is the sweet painting I got from artist Julie Norkus at the Vintage Market Show.  Julie said she will make a pretty version like this fall picture for the holidays.  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.  Then I can switch this out for a lovely Christmas picture.

Julie's art work is so beautiful.  I cannot wait for her Holiday Open House Show at her home.  That will be coming up in November.

I've got my light gray and white pumpkins in my decor for the kitchen.

I think this cherub loves hanging with the fall decor pieces on the shelf.

As you know I live small now but I still like to add a little decor in each room.

It is hard to see the color of the velvet pumpkin in window but it is a soft gray color.  Shooting into  backlighting is hard with this window no matter what time of day it is.

I moved around some of the things on my shelves to make a few changes to my coffee area.

I loved this cute little sign I found at Home Goods.  Ya gotta love Home Goods!

The Murphy Bed is finished and just needs to be painted.  I am loving how it came out.
I will have that post up in the next few days.

I have a new puppy so things are getting done on a much slower schedule now!

Thanks for all your good wishes for our newest fur Angel Buddy.
He is doing really great with the puppy training.


  1. Kris, A little gray hot-dog. So cute !! I know you will love him. I love the witchy poo on your island. You decorate so wonderfully. I want to make myself some of those white pumpkins. :) I think the front of your house still looks great. Yes, our plants will be drooping too after frost. It was 49 degrees this morning. A 40 to 50m degree difference in a matter of a week. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Everything looks like it came straight from heaven Kris. I wouldn’t touch the outside either. It’s just too darn pretty!

    I’m still in awe over Terry building a Murphy bed. Is there anything that man can’t do?


  3. Wow look at your plants! They are definitely happy! Mine are reviving as we've had cooler temps and lots of rain! We had our first cool front come in yesterday - it is in the 70's and I'm ecstatic!
    Love your pretty kitchen and decor. It is so peaceful and just oozes charm. Buddy is adorable. I was telling my sister about him and she's intrigued about his color. She's never heard of a cream doxie.

  4. Always so pretty. I love your additions of fall and I was amazed at your window boxes. Wow, they really are pretty.

  5. Everything is coming along great with your fall touches. The painting is so pretty.

    Your greens in your windowboxes are amazing. I can see white pumpkins nestled in them. Would be pretty

    Buddy is so handsome

    Enjoy your day


  6. Fall is very pretty in your kitchen! Buddy is so cute.

  7. Everything looks so pretty and that soft grey on the walls is perfection. Great job Kris! Have a happy weekend xoxox

  8. Your flowers are amazing! I can't believe how lush and full they are in early fall. Love all the fall touches you added to your kitchen too! Buddy is so cute, I can't get enough of him!!!

  9. Your romantic touches are just gorgeous

  10. Hi Kris, sorry to have not visited much lately. We finally sold our MI home (my in-laws former). I did bring that expand-o-matic table home and even found the chairs!! Your new fur baby is precious. Love all your fall touches. I was so amazed by how gorgeous all the summer hanging baskets were while we were in MI. So lush and HUGE!

  11. Good Morning Kris
    Loving your gorgeous flowers still in bloom, they really all look amazing. Your fall decor is just beautiful. I love that you use alot of white pumpkins, they are my favorite. Everything looks so beautiful and your new puppy is the cutest
    love your coffee bar

  12. Buddy is so sweet! Love that fall painting. Your home looks so inviting. I've only done a few things for fall. I wish I had some open shelves to decorate.

  13. Oh my goodness, I can't get enough of that puppy!! And your home always looks stunning and warm and dressed perfectly for the seasons. That painting is just dreamy. I hope you don't get that frost. It's just too early and then it means it's coming to me next!! Haha!! Could you send me a little of your green thumb instead? Now that I could use!! xoxo

  14. your garden is gorgeous! I love it..

  15. Kris, your home really looks so good. You do small very, very well. I like your little witch and Julie's art. Buddy is just what you needed to reduce your stress (apart from the puppy training, that is).

  16. Wow Kris I thought y'all would be much cooler by now. Your plants are beatifully lush. It's still hot here and I am waiting for fall to arrive. Your fall kitchen is sweet and so is that puppy!

  17. You know how jealous I am that you still have flowers in bloom. After our snowfalls over the last couple of weeks everything but the Mums are finished. I can't believe how lush your window boxes got in just a few short months. I'll have what you're having for fertilizer! lol

  18. Your window boxes are lovely, I like your idea about the fall and greens put together. I am doing that now too. We are to freeze this weekend as well. We will see ;-) never know about Mother Nature. Looking back at my calendar it was 98 degrees last year on the 29th of September.

  19. I love to drop by and soak in all your wonderful whiteness of the walls and furniture. My husband is real resistant, but I hope to incorporate more white in our next house.

  20. Oh my...I missed that post! Buddy is ADORABLE! So excited for you!
    Your fall decor is beautiful...and you have the greenest thumb ever!

  21. Love it all Kris and enjoy watching your transition into a new season.
    Enjoy those last summer blooms while you've got them!!
    Hugs, Kerryanne

  22. Kris, what fun. Everything is just beautiful and perfect. I love that new painting you have and that big grey pumpkin, is that a felted one? So pretty..Hi sweet Buddy, you look so comfy..Happy Fall..xxoJudy P.S. Your plants are still looking so great, some pumpkins in the mix would be just beautiful..

  23. What do you have planted in the bike basket? Those are really pretty! I had vinca and chives in mine and they did well but I like the white flowers. My zinnias are still going strong and blooming. They sometimes survive the first frost or two, I hope that's the case.

  24. HEY BUDDY BOY!!!!! You match mum's house, all in white!!!!!!!

    KRIS, your plants. MERCY! Well, my inpatiens are still going strong too and i haven't even watered them because we've had so much rain! Everything looks so lush and perfect out your way. Can' wait to see the Murphy bed!

  25. It’s been a great summer and your plants reflect that! I’m only beginning to start fall decorating. My Annabelle hydrangeas got destroyed by wind and now I have to just cut them all down. Your decorating looks so cute. Love the sweet little pumpkin on the wreath in the window. It’s cooled off here but no frost advisory yet. Seeing bits of color change here and there. Glad the puppy training is going well. I think it’s us that gets trained more than them! In out...in out...in out... Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Ahhhhh your lovely home, Kris, it gets me every time!! And now you even have a new puppy to add to the mix who also matches your decor - how handy is that, ha ha!! Your kitchen looks fabulous, great fall touches, just enough without going over the top! We are dipping into the 30's this weekend too, I think my impatiens may give up the fight....we'll see! Happy Weekend to you, Kris! xoxo

  27. I can't believe how beautiful your flowers and greenery still looks! They're saying we could get our first frost tonight, but I'm hoping not. I still have some flowers and greenery outside, too. I guess I'll move a few of my smaller plants into the garage.

    Your kitchen is beautiful - I love it! I think smaller homes have so much character.

    You got a new puppy?! I haven't read your previous post - I'm behind. Going to read it now! :-)

  28. Hi Kris! Aw, sweet buddy - there is no way to resist that sweet face! You probably have the same weather as md , fall came in like a lion overnight. It's cold and Elkhorn Flea will be a chilly one tomorrow. Your kitchen looks terrific with some fall cozy. Jane

  29. I love your pretty kitchen Kris. You decorated it so pretty.
    Wow, your Buddy is a real cutie pie.
    Hugs to Buddy from me and Bosco.

  30. Everything is wonderful, as always....BUT little Buddy is the BEST!!! I'm so very happy that ya'll decided to get a little dog. What a cutie he is! xoxo,T.

  31. How in the heck did I miss this? I LOVE it. That painting is really fabulous and I LOVE it!!! Your outside gardens look great- you really have a green thumb -that's for sure....and I love that you give a bit of fall to each and every room. In your home even small changes have a big impact because of your size constraints. You do it up just perfectly.
    Okay- better get back to work here so I don't get my pay docked...bwhahahaha. xo Diana

  32. Oh Kris, it's like stepping to heaven to look at your kitchen here. You'd know what I mean if you knew how disappointed I am that being sick has kept me from even thinking about fall decorating and now I might as well wait for Christmas decorating.

    Precious Buddy!


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