Murphy Bed

I know you all have been waiting to see the new Murphy Bed.  Well here it is.!

  Some of my pictures are going to look grainy because no sunshine, just rain for us this weekend.

First thing we did was to buy the Murphy Bed Kit.  I got ours on Ebay.  It was about $250

The kit comes in all the sizes from Twin to King.
Plus it tells you how to make the wood frame and mattress frame of the Murphy Bed.
Easy Peasy Right?!!! Well for Terry it was!

We built the frame to look like a cabinet in the room. 
We used closet folding doors for the front of this faux cabinet. 
The front of this is actually the bottom of the bed when folded down.

These springs on each side are what hook to the base and allow a nice easy motion for the bed to fold down.

Then Terry added crown molding to the top of the cabinet and a base molding for the bottom of the cabinet to make it look a little more polished.

We got a 10 inch cabinet drawer pull at Lowe's to use as the handle to pull down the bed.
Once you start to pull down the bed you can see the legs are folding up.

You just pull down the legs to secure the bed.  When you are done with the bed you just fold them back up over the mattress.  Very easy.

I ordered an online memory foam mattress from Sears that was not expensive and had all 5 star reviews. 

It is pretty comfy. 

It came in a tall long box and I thought how the heck is this a mattress? 

It is vacuum packed like those space bags for storage provide.  So you release the plastic covering and you have a beautiful full mattress.  Pretty cool and very comfy.  

I put on soft sheets and a coverlet and my bed is ready for guests. 

FYI: Terry attached the frame of the cabinet to the wall.  You can do this in the stud of the wall or at the base board. 
Just gives a little extra security when you are pulling down the mattress.

In this picture you can see the springs in each corner of the frame.  They attach to the base of this bed to fold up and down easily. 

We chose a Horizontal bed frame whick works better in this room layout. 
You can also do a Murphy Bed in a Vertical pull down.  The horizontal did not take up as much room when folded down.

I added my Madonna's and angels to the top of the cabinet.  I wanted sweet angels to watch over my guests as they sleep.

Now I have a queen bed in my 3 in 1 room.  I am looking for a cute lamp for the side table.

This room that is 12 X 10 is a guest room, makeup area and office area. 

When you live small you have to be creative with your space to get full use out of every square inch.

Wish it was not so dreary with rain the last few days.  I could have captured some better pictures. 

I am doing a few other changes to this room so hopefully when I get those done I will have some sunshine for picture taking. 
Then I will show you more how this bed is so cool in this room.

Have a great Sunday and wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Great job on the bed, Terry! And cute styling props to you, Kris!

  2. Kris, this turned out great. Nice touch putting your Madonna's to watch over your guests.

    I look forward to seeing your other changes

    Hope you enjoy the rest of Sunday


  3. Oh I love it, the cabinet is amazing. You guys create the most amazing things.

  4. Oh my gosh Kris - you and Terry are so clever! I have always thought Murphy Beds were cool, yours is no exception. What a cozy and practical addition to you 3 in 1 room.Your guests will feel very pampered! I was bummed the rain kept us from the last Elkhorn of the season today. Boo! Have a lovely week. Jane

  5. I love Murphy beds - it looks fabulous, just right in that space! Have a great week! xox

  6. OMG I love turned out so great! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.
    Happy Fall!!!

  7. Very cool! The way you finished out the murphy bed, it fits into your home perfectly.

  8. Kris, I love the whole thing. The way Terry did the front that shows when the bed is put away, so beautiful. That is getting the most out of one little room. Amazing. Nice to have the shelf on top to decorate. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Unbelievable. What a fabulous addition to the room. It's so creative and beautiful. Of course, I'm not at all surprised by Terry's talents. I do believe that man can build anything your amazing design brain can dream up! So when can I book my stay? 😉 xxoo

  10. Hi Kris, you are so lucky to have a husband who is handy! The Murphy bed looks great in your room. I know your guests will be very happy.
    Hope you have a good week.

  11. GOOD MORNING! You just made my Monday morning, Kris. I knew what Murphy beds were, but I'd never seen one in action. This is genius. What you both have done with a small space is truly inventive and this has solved a whole ton of issues. Now you have space in this room for so much more!!!! Terry is SUPERMAN and you are his talented accomplice in designing fun. I'll tell you more via email about my settee and sofa drama!

  12. I really like that! Perfect for the space and I really like how you've converted the space x 3. Wish I knew a handyman like Terry. Kudos.

  13. Kris, you and Terry are a force!!! It looks beautiful. The guest/office space in my small house is 9X10. Thats not much room. I decided on a twin size bed just in case the grands stay over. I purchased a mattress in a box from Amazon. The day the box arrived I opened it in the room and had to leave. The mattress started to spring to life and there wasn't much room to walk around with a desk and bed frame in the way. It all worked out and the twin bed is very comfortable. Your guests are going to love sleeping in that room.

  14. It’s amazing! When can I sleep over?

  15. The bed is absolutely wonderful! Terry did a beautiful job of making it look like a special piece of furniture! I love it!

  16. Terry did an amazing job! It really does look like a custom cabinet when folded up and one would never know a full size bed is underneath. Really love this idea, especially how you are able to make this small room have three functions and not look crowded. We just turned a 12 x 10 bedroom into my new office space on the weekend and I really would like a sewing table but there is no room. Your murphy bed inspired me to think about a murphy style table! Can't wait to see the rest of the room.

  17. That Terry is definitely a handy man! Wow, this is just perfect for a small room.Looks great too! Excellent idea!

  18. Well I thought for sure that my feed must be wonky with a thumbnail photo from Junk Chic Cottage that wasn't white! :D What a relief to see that all is well and coming along nicely in your world. Terry did an amazing job (as per usual) with the Murphy Bed and I always love your styling! xoxo

  19. It's phenomenal! That Terry is such a good carpenter/handyman/everything.

  20. Kris, that is such a good idea for your small room and Terry makes it look so easy. It looks very comfy and any guest will have a good stay at your home. Ready to see what else is happening.. I love the idea of your sweet angels looking over..xxoJudy

  21. Wow wow wow... It's all I thought it would be and more! It looks like such a stylist and "cottage style" cabinet when closed! and you have more space to put things too... how neat is that? I love the idea of a Murphy Bed. Is the Sears mattress good enough for continual use? We need a new one for our bed... I have seen many beds in boxes all over YouTube, etc. but most are too spendy. You both have worked your magic as usual. How much will you have to move when you put the bed down? The trouble with the futon we had in "my craftroom" was that I had to move so much stuff away so that we could open the bed... and even when it was in the "couch" position, stuff would get piled on top and I'd have to move all that! I think a Murphy is much better and if you only had to move maybe a table and a chair, it wouldn't be such a big production to put it down! Sorry for the drear week.. I would relish it here, though today is a little gray... first in months! Hugs... Marilyn

  22. Such a smart idea and so well done........just beautiful!
    Blessings, Linda

  23. Looks beautiful! You guys did a great job! My brother-in-law had a Murphy bed in his office and my in-laws said it was wonderful to sleep on! These are great when you have rooms that have to do double and triple duty as something else! Love and hug to you!

  24. This is absolutely incredible! You guys always wow me.

  25. Amazing! I saw a unit for sale at a store once that was pretty expensive! You are so lucky Terry is so capable of making things like this! Great craftsmanship and a perfect idea for the small room!

  26. A great idea indeed. We toured a small home that had Murphy bed. They used the bed daily as the bed they slept in. So it was fun to see how she would put it away when they woke up. :-)

  27. :)

  28. Terry did such a fantastic job again, Kris. He's so talented and all his projects are professionally executed. It's amazing what you did with this small space. It's beautiful and so very practical.
    xo Julia

  29. A bed like this is so practical, but who could believe it could look so great too! What a nice job you did. Love the angels, and I know you are going to find a fabulous lamp. So nice! Lucky guests!

  30. The Murphy bed turned out so beautiful. How special to have this for your all purpose room. The Madonna and sweet angels are perfect. You have decorated it so lovely. Great job to you both. xo

  31. I am late getting here but WOW! That turned out fantastic, Kris. That was a really great idea all the way around. Terry is so handy and with your imagination there is nothing the two of you can't do. Must be in the "fireman's" blood. Glen (Tara's hubby) is the same way. Very creative and can do/make anything. He made an island out of an old door for her kitchen (with the paned windows in it) and then topped it with a piece of heavy glass. So, he and Terry would have a lot in common.

    People that have never seen your place really have no idea how amazing it is in person. Some people think of all white as being cold and clinical. Your home is the exact opposite of that- it is warm and welcoming and so interesting with all the multi-layering of whites.

    Hope you have a great Thursday. Wish I could play hooky today and run away from home for the day. xo Diana

  32. Amazing. My son needed one of these when he lived in New York. What a fabulous idea. Terry did such an wonderful job. It looks like a built in.

  33. This is simply amazing! It's a fabulous idea. The room looks so bright and shabby

  34. It is magnificent..and again, you two are amazing!!!

  35. Terry did a wonderful job, there. Once in Ireland I had let a little cottage where we had a bed like that in the main room and it was very comfortable.


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