Girlfriend Party

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Last Night was my Annual Charity Girlfriend Party.

I thought I would share some of the night with you.

I have been doing this party for about 16 years now.  We started out as a group of 4 and have grown to a group of 21!

Each year on the first Saturday of December we gather at my house to celebrate our friendship.  Everyone wears their Christmas jammies and cute slippers and we eat, drink and play some fun games.

The highlight of the party is the gift exchange.  Each girl brings a gift where some or all of the proceeds go to a charity.  I am always amazed at the gift selections and the meaning behind them picking that charity.  Very touching and we are all so blessed to share in this exchange.

Ok on to the party pics.  With being a hostess I did not always get the best pictures. I was distracted hosting the party.  I think you will enjoy what I did capture.

This Guy was keeping an eye on all of us at the Party to report back to Santa on our good or naughty behavior!!!

He also manned the kissing booth!

Each girl got to jingle with a necklace from the dollar store.  Love the dollar store.  Two necklaces for $1.

Our group has grown so much we take up all of Terry's Fireman Cave now with tables.

Food tables were set up for all the appetizers and walking taco's and sandwich bar.

I set up a Coffee/Hot Cocoa Bar.

Lot's of fun hot cocoa choices and coffee choices along with all the toppings.

I found these cute paper coffee cups at TJ Maxx.

Lots and lots of candy canes.

I love these coffee pod holders shaped like coffee pots.  Found them at Kirkland's for 50% off.

This was the desert bar almost set up.  I still did not have everything out when I took this picture and of course forgot to take a pic when I did!!!
The cupcake holder with crystals had little individual bundt cakes on it.

I loved using these cute little mugs I found at Home Goods to put marshmallows and toppings for the coffee/cocoa bar.

Yep there isElf on the Shelf still waiting for each girl to come for kisses!

Cute table runner.

Each girl gets a Swag Bag to take home from the party.

Inside each swag bag were two cute shopping totes, adult gummy's, Nail polish and a In a Pikle she emergency kit.  The kits contain hair bands, sewing kit, bobby pins etc. etc. for fashion emergencies.  They are sweet little bags you can put in your purse or in your desk drawer at work etc.

I found these cute little tags on Etsy to put on the nail polish bottles.

The tote bags from TJ Maxx and Home Goods were so adorable this year.  99 cents is such a great deal for these bags.  I use mine for everything.

Also in the swag bags were Mimosa gummies for adults.  Yummo!

This was my exchange gift and the Santa Claus pouch contained $5 in lottery tickets.  We each bring $5 in scratch off lottery tickets to exchange.  One of my daughter's friends won $500 on her scratch off.  Wooo Hooo!  Loved it!

We also play a game called Saran Wrap Ball.
This ball is wrapped in several layers of cling wrap with prized throughout.  One girl starts with trying to unravel the layers and the girl next to her has to roll two dice.  Once she rolls doubles she gets to grab the ball and continue to try and have prizes fall out.  It is so much fun.  We laugh so hard playing this game.

This was another prize that I had to give away.  I love this one because the spatula's were all designed by different celebrities and singers and athletes for William Sonoma.  The proceeds from the sale of these goes to No Kid Goes Hungry.  I added the cute girly towels with each spatula.

This was also a raffle prize.  It is a cute wine bottle holder.  Love that parka and fur hood.

Here I am with my group of bff's.  Love these girls so much.  I am beyond bless to call them friend.

My daughter Kimmie on your left front and her bff's.

Daughter Jen on your left with her bffs.  There jammie tops were so cute.  They said "Cocktails were served by the chimney with care".  So fun.

Jen's group of girls had fun slippers to wear at the party.  Jen's friend Camille made all of the slippers for them.
Many of you know this sweet bff of mine in the middle of this pic.  It is Diana from Nana Diana blog.  She lives over the border in Green Bay Wisconsin and drives down for my party.  Next to her are her two daughters Tara left and Mindy right.  Mindy is the sweetheart that adopted Peggy from us.  Peggy has the best home now with Mindy and her three kiddos and hubby.

This is my friend Pat wearing her gift from my other friend Sandy.  Pat got Sandy's gift in the exchange.  It is the cute hats from Love Your Melon.  This charity gives 50% of the profits of selling these cute hats to pediatric cancer.

Woooo that is the end.  The party was a great success.  We all had a fun time.  Here are my little birds I got from Target last year.  I love these little guys so much in my holiday decor.  I will have a post up soon on my house decor for Christmas.
Have a fabulous week.
This time of year goes so quickly so I am trying to enjoy all the fun of the season.


  1. Looks like SO much fun ~ especially with Diana in the picture!!
    Hugs to you all ~

  2. What a great party you hosted again, Kris. It's wonderful that your daughters and their friends join this event and have so much fun.
    Have a lovely week!
    xo Julia


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  4. You always put so much detail into the girls' party.

    Kudos to Terry for letting you take over the cave.

  5. Oh Kris, I was waiting for this and here it IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like Carol from Art and Sand said, you put SO much loving detail into your party, and what CLEVER and smile-inducing ideas you have! LOVE the kissing booth and that wine bag PARKA! Then Terry, giving up his Man Cave space for the women! The games, the laughter I'm imagining, your tireless work to bring people together for a are a blessing to me. BRAVO!!!!

  6. How fun was that Kris! Love all the little touches you brought to the party. You sure can not beat those 99cent bags. I always have to bring one or two home. I recognized Diana right away! Have a great week Kris!

  7. Kris, I always wonder how you're gonna top the prior year, yet you ALWAYS manage to do it. I love that Diana and her girls can come, and that tour daughters and their friends love it too. So awesome, very inspiring (I wanna do this!), and great, undercover charitable work. Congrats on another great party. The pictures and prizes were terrific.

  8. What fun and a great way to give back! Love all the fun touches, Kris!
    My little birds are out too. They make me smile each time I see them! I'm trying to enjoy each moment too as I know it will be over with in a flash. I'm getting ready for my Christmas market and ornament painting workshop on Saturday. Hope you have a great week!

  9. Looks like everyone had such a great time! I love your gifts and now you've given me ideas for gifts for the girls in the office!

    1. Oh Great Debbie. If you need to know where I got anything I did not give in the post just email me.
      Have a great start to the new week.

  10. I look forward to seeing this every year. I always say it looks like a blast. I saw Diana post before the weekend and she mentioned going to Chicago. I told her to have fun at the party. I knew it was for this and it was fun,fun,fun.

    Love all the goodies. The game with the plastic wrap must be a riot. So right those bags were great that you found. Another super year with your besties.


  11. I always enjoy seeing your party theme each year. Your attention to detail is impeccable! The Elf Kissing Booth is ADORABLE. Glad to hear another funfilled party was had by all.

  12. What a fun party! Love the added touches to make this party so fun. The kissing booth and those cute swag bags are awesome. So nice Diana and her girls got to attend. You are a charming hostess who create such a fun and memorable event. xo

  13. I am smiling so big! Best girl party ever! And of course I recognize that blonde from Green Bay, and I'm so glad to see who gave Peggy a home with lots of kids to play with. This is an amazing idea, Kris, and obviously the hostess had as much fun as her guests. What a happy post!

  14. What a great party!!! The decorations were so cute and everyone looks so happy. I'm glad Peggy is adjusting to her new home so well :o)

  15. Looks like you all had a blast, and some great ideas for gifts and partying!

  16. You really go all out for this event, Kris! So much attention to detail. I'm sure you made everyone feel like a princess with all the care you put into things! Looks like a smashing success! Love seeing Diana!

  17. I love seeing and reading all about your annual friend's party and this year was no exception! It looks and sounds like the party was a smashing success. You sure do a lot of work for this, but I bet all these lovely ladies appreciated it very much.

  18. Well, it was a wonderful party and I see you put a picture of me in there-even though I hate having my picture taken. When did I get so OLD? lol It was a blast and I am looking forward to next year already---that is if my daughters actions prevent me from getting an invite back. OMG- those two. Mindy said everyone down at their end was laughing at all their 'sister' arguing. Idiots (my girls- not the laughers). lol

    Once again- your pictures do NOT do justice to your home and party. The 'spirit' doesn't come through and that is half the attraction. Love it- Love the party-love the home-love you! You are definitely the Hostess with the Mostess.

    Have a great week--I am still recovering (even if you and I don't drink) xo Diana

  19. Oh Kris, it all looked so perfectly perfect!! I know you girls had such a wonderful time and you decorated everything wonderfully! Love those swag bags and the fur wine holder!! Honey, you really did a fantastic job! So how did Terry feel about being kicked out of his space??!! LOL I hope you behaved yourself and didn't get into too much trouble! ;-) Love and hugs sweet friend!

  20. fun this all looks...the gifts..decorations...smiles...all just perfect...
    I hope my party is as fun (altho, we are all olden,) even OLD GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN.....
    You inspired me to have a cute coffee/tea/cocoa bar...thanks.

  21. How fun! I was just getting ready to ask if Diana got to come down again and then her smiling face showed up in your photos! Sounds like a wonderful party!

  22. Hi Kris, wow what a great girlfriend party. You really out did yourself and it looks like everyone had so much fun. So nice that Diana and her two daughters were able to make it to your party too. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your party! :)
    Hugs, Julie xo

  23. I love your party photos every year! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I'm laughing at Diana's comment about Tara and Mindy! Sisters! Maybe one day I'll get to experience it for myself. I love all the thought you put into special!

  24. I always enjoy your party.. So much fun!!

  25. You throw a fabulous party Kris! It looks like so much fun. All the treats and little gifts look so festive! Wishing you a very joyous and fun holiday season. It looks like you're off to a good start.


  26. Hi Kris! The kissing booth just totally cracks me up. Your annual party is not only a fun party for you and your friends, it's definitely a "must read" for us readers. You have such clever hosting ideas and I adore the charity aspect of it as well. Such fun! Jane

  27. Kris, you truly are the hostess with the mostest!! Where do you find all of those perfect party treasures? Your attention to detail is amazing and I love the games and of course, the charity and giving air of the entire party. It looks like a fabulous time and I love that Diana and her girls were able to come party with you and your girls. Isn't blogging wonderful?? The friendships we form are honestly the best part of it all. Merry Christmas my friend. xoxox

  28. What a fun party! I love all your special touches from the kissing booth to the necklaces and beyond. You literally think of everything! You're such a good party planner! Loved seeing all these pics. And now I also want tacos. Lol!

  29. You thought of every detail and then some! I love it all, but I’m wondering what stories that elf could tell, especially regarding you and Diana ;).


  30. Your girls' party was amazing! You thought about everything in a such perfect way. I love all, but the flip flops are absolutely cute

  31. Kris, looks like a great party. You must all have such a good time. I thought I spotted Miss Diana there in the background. I didn't know that the kisses were wrapped like that this year. Too cute, I guess I don't get out much!..Merry Christmas..xxoJudy

  32. What a fun time! I have my Saran wrap ball ready for New Years Eve. We have a great time with it too! Your place looks wonderful and it inspires me for Christmas. I got caught up on a bunch of your posts. Merry Christmas!