Styling The Top Of TV Cabinet

Hello Everyone.

Hope the week is going great for all of you.

I styled the top of the TV Cabinet and you can see that in the next few pictures.

I also got a new cottage farm sign for my kitchen wall above my open shelves.

I am going in on Friday to have minor foot surgery and will be out of commission for a couple of weeks.  

I am hoping to get some of my decor up on the walls and this room finally pulled together including the new Fireplace surround during my down time.

Have a great rest of the week.

Fireplace Surround

Happy New Week.

I wanted to share with you a new treasure I came upon this weekend.

I miss having a fireplace especially in the winter months.  This tiny cottage house did not come with one :(.   I found this sweet fireplace surround while out treasure hunting this weekend.

The black mantel will be replaced with a wood mantel or possibly painted white and chippy. 

The cream stone will be painted cottage white.

Not sure yet if I will leave the opening and hearth black or if I will do something different with that just yet. 
I  need to put on my thinking cap on this one.

Here is an inspiration picture found on Pinterest of adding sweet candles and an old framed mirror to the opening of the fireplace.

In this inspiration picture they added the candles and then put an old window in the front.

I like this idea of adding birch logs and greens with some white lights.

Lots of good ideas running around in my head.

I am excited it fits on this wall in my living room.
 It will add a nice cottage fireplace to my decor.

Stay tuned as I re love this piece into pretty.

I found some great candelabra's and an old mantel clock that hopefully will look very pretty on the new mantel.

Have a good week.


New Armoire

Happy Friday Everyone.

I wanted to show you that you can cut down an armoire and make it fit pretty easily.

This was the armoire before we cut it down.  You can see how it sticks out of the corner into the room.

This is how it looks after cutting off about 14 inches.  It fits back in that corner so much better.

 I can leave the armoire angled or even push it flat on the wall and everyone on the sectional will be able to see the TV.

Buddy wanted to show you the new pillow we got for "his" sectional! 
He is so happy to have this sectional in the room.  He lays most of the day on the back of the sectional. 
He can see the world going by out the window and also soak up sunshine on the rare occasion we see the sunshine!

 I can start to hang decor pieces and pull this room together. 
I will be back with the whole room finally put together soon.

Have a great weekend.
Today the sun is shining and I am doing a happy dance.

The weekend is predicting more gloom and snow and freezing rain.  Oh, Spring where are you?!!

Create, Bake, Grow & Gather Party


Hi Everyone.  
I finally got the sectional in place.   
Terry was able to move the cable line over to the other wall.

I have the sectional positioned to face into the room and it defines this space more as my living room area.

The armoire needs to be in the corner to let everyone sitting on the sectional see the TV.  So Terry and his trusty tools will make this regular armoire fit better into a corner.
Terry said he can re do the back so the armoire will fit into the corner .  It won't sit out in the room like it does now. 
The TV inside is very thin so we do not need this deep of a TV cabinet.  I think this will work out nicely and fit better.

 I might move the round table in for a coffee/dining table in front of the sectional.

This way I will maybe get my dining seats.  The other option is a long sofa table behind the couch with a couple of chairs or stools.

I will be back hopefully soon with this whole room put together.  I am excited to figure out where I will hang my decor back up on the walls.

Have a great week ahead.

Flexible and Plan B

Happy Sunday Sweet Blogging Friends.

 I am happy to report that my sectional has arrived!!!!

Even with measuring out the dimensions on the floor the sectional has come in bigger than I planned out for this room.  

Having a plan in my mind to make this room work both as a living room and dining area it is not going to play out like I thought.


This is the new sectional.  This was the plan layout for this sectional.  The issue I have is it covering both windows. 
I need that back window to be a focal point in this room and I do not like the sectional covering it.

So plan B is to swing this around to face into the space and it will only block the front window.

This will leave open the focal window and nothing will block it.

The new TV and armoire will have to be moved off of this wall and onto the opposite wall in the living room.
 Where the chair and vent in the wall are open will be the new home for the armoire.  

Terry is feeding the cable up from the basement hook up through the vent duct in the wall.  This way the cable can be hooked up to the TV on this wall.

I will lose my dining area and am trying to make peace with that.  

I really tried hard to make this small space into a comfy living room and also small eating area for us.  Not going to happen!  So I am making peace with that DIY issue.

I do have one more idea to allow us an eating area but will save that idea for now.  I will be back with the whole room put together soon.  

I love the new sectional.  It is really comfy and it has the new performance fabric that is guaranteed to be spill and stain resistant.

Good Thing for Performance Fabric because of this guy loving the new sectional.

He is already positioning himself several different ways on this new sectional for the comfy spot.

We are getting 3 to 4 more inches of snow today.  Ughhhh when will it ever end.  Please Spring come soon!!!!

Have a great new week.

Simply Blessed and Rosemary and Mint

I found these sweet DKNY drapes at Home Goods.  I love the little buttons on the pinch pleats.

I also ordered this Simply Blessed sign off of Etsy to hang over my window.

The room is awaiting the sectional to arrive on Saturday.  Yeah!!!
Then I think this room will really pull together nicely.
No sun today for a good picture. :(
With the house facing East I usually get great sun in this room for the better part of the day. 
Not today when I would have loved that for a good picture!

I also wanted to share this sweet smelling candle I got at Pier I the other day.

It is a combo of Rosemary and Mint.  Oh my it smells so fresh and wonderful throughout my whole house.

They have several combo scents but this is by far my favorite.  Their candles are 2 for $20 which is so reasonable.
I love the soft and fresh garden smell this gives to my whole house.

I will be back when the sectional arrives and I can get more decor up on the walls to show you the living room hopefully all pulled together.

Leaving on Saturday to take a girlfriend trip to Michigan. 
We will leave early Saturday morning and take a ride to my favorite shop The Found Cottage.
The Found Cottage has opened up a sister shop next door with lots of one of a kind vintage and wonderful treasures. 

I cannot wait to go and see what that is all about.

Hope to find some treasures for the new living room on my trip.

I love a girlfriend trip.  We will have 2 hours in the car to catch up with each other and then some wonderful shopping and great lunch together.

The weather is suppose to be clear and lots of sunshine for our trip.

Letting Go

Good Saturday Morning sweet blogging friends.

Today's post is about letting go of a vision and moving on to see what might work next!

As many of you know I have been trying my hardest to make the tiny corner of my living room into a dining area.  

The answer seemed to be going in the direction of a banquette.  

Inspiration picture from Ballard Designs

This was my first attempt.  Just was not what I was wanting.  Sooooooo.......

I found this piece for $40 dollars on Offer Up.  Terry thought he could cut it down to fit the spot and we would work from there.

It easily came apart for Terry and his trusty tools to try and make it fit in the space.

Re making the back pieces to fit.

Adding new fun legs to the base looked great too.
I was excited this might work.

I started to add the foam pieces to cover the wood.

This is where we ended up.  NOPE!!!

With adding fabric in a neutral and then thinking about painting the legs and base just was not felling right. 

It looked like a booth in a restaurant and not what I had envisioned.

This is where I am at now. 

I have thought about adding some kind of wall ship lap or find an antique head board etc. to make this look more finished.

It just was not going to be what I envisioned.   I also want this to be comfortable to sit.

So my new vision is to find a settee for this space against the wall and then maybe a couple of fun chairs.

This is my friend  Des's loveseat/settee.  This is an inspiration photo for me to find just the right settee.  I have always loved this piece she has in her home.

This is another inspiration photo from Miss Mustard Seed Interiors.

I love this piece she did with her chippy paint technique.  I love the deconstructed look of this piece too.

I found a talented girl in Michigan near the shops I love to frequent. I contacted her and she said she would work with me on  a slipcover over a settee. 

I also reached out to my slipcover angel Lisa from Fabric's 8 for a price quote for her to make one too.

I just have to find the right settee.

I love the box pleat on this with some of the fun leg showing.

This is a sample of a settee I can buy on line fairly inexpensive and then have a slipcover made for it.

This is one of the looks I could get too.

Now I just have to find the right settee.  I wanted to get one already done but The Found Cottage where they carry a lot of these pieces have sold all of what they had.  :(  

I will hunt down a small settee and then see about having a slipcover made for the piece.
I think this will be the best solution for this small corner space.

Stay tuned I will keep you updated on what I might find.

If any of you know of anyone that is selling a slipcovered settee like my inspiration pictures please let me know.

I have exhausted all my connections here of shop owners etc. to find one already done.  

I think I am going to have to find a settee on line and then have a slipcover made for it.

Good News!!!! Pottery Barn called and they set up delivery of my new sectional for next Saturday.
Yeah!!!! Hopefully then this room will begin to feel like a cozy spot in my house.

Have a good weekend.
Hugs to all of you.

Vintage Window Dressing Valentine's Day DIY Gift

Happy Weekend Everyone.

We are finally coming out of the brutally cold days here in Illinois.  It was unbelievably frigid.

We were 26 below with a wind chill of -50 below for two days and now we are climbing back up and will hit 55 here on Monday.  So crazy here. We go from one extreme to another. Welcome to Midwest Winter!