Bathroom Reveal

Hi sweet blogging friends.

I got my bathroom done to show you. 

I am sort of done.  There are some little things I still want to do in this tiny bathroom.

 It is amazing when you shop your house and just add a few new touches to the bathroom you can get a whole new look.

This is my offer up find.  Love this vintage dresser and mirror.  $85

I had a vision of this being my new vanity for the bathroom.

I finally found one small enough that would fit in my small space bathroom.

She got a new coat of white cabinet paint and some new hardware.

I know a lot of you loved this old vanity I had in this bathroom. 

I did too but the issue was storage.  

The only storage was the very bottom draw and the cabinet door area.
The other two drawers were blocked by the plumbing behind there and the drop in sink.  

I needed more storage!!!!

This sweet vintage dresser gives me all the draws and two sided cabinet for storage.


Along with her new white coat of paint she got a new vessel sink and new faucet.

 Keeping to a vessel sink did not take up drawer space below.

It gave us a farmhouse feel with the faucet I picked.
I had this mirror so I added it instead of the smaller mirror that was on the piece.  

This mirror was bigger and had a little more character.

Found this sweet farmhouse light in the clearance area at Menards for $15.

Yeah again!

I kept my same chippy post for hanging towels.

I was excited to find this smaller deeper vessel sink on Amazon.  

It left me with some counter space but still deep enough to wash up and brush your teeth.

I found these simple white handles at the hardware store.  Thought they matched nicely with the faucet and vessel sink.

I found this wallpaper at Wayfair.  Sale price $12 a roll.  
It is gray and white buffalo check.  

After I order it I worried it might be too big a pattern for this tiny bathroom.  

My fears were gone after Terry hung it.  

 I thought it was perfect since we did just the one wall.

The wallpaper gave this small room some character and pizazz! 

Not sure this old chippy piece I already had and the wreath will stay over this toilet.  

It is what I have until I find something fun and unique.  

Hoping I might find something when we go to Michigan for our weekend escape.

It fills in this spot until I can find something unique.

I might do some kind of cool shelves. 

The problem with shelves it starts a whole thing! Right?!!

 What to put on them in the bathroom that you want seen!! 

Plus what ever you put on them have to hold up to steam from the shower.

So here is a pic with me standing in the bathtub!!! 

Have you ever tried to get a good picture or a whole picture in a tiny bathroom? 

I think world peace might be easier!

I felt like I was standing on my head in the hall to get a shot of the vanity etc!!!
I am keeping my white shower curtain that I have had for a long time.  

I think from two houses ago.  

I am on the hunt for something with a pattern that will not clash with the wallpaper.  

If I cannot find a new curtain,  I am happy with the white shower curtain I currently have up. 

The most favorite part of the bathroom re do for Buddy is the plush bath mat. 

I find him rolling on it and napping on it quite a bit!
As you can see with the look on his face when I caught him rolling on the rug! 

"What I wasn't rolling on the bath mat"!!!!

With a new roll of wallpaper $12 and a $15 dollar light fixture, a new vessel sink and faucet under $70 and with a new vintage dresser for $85.  

I got a new look to my bathroom.

I think this is the first time I did a redo on a room that did not include painting walls!!!!!

When I find that perfect unique decor for above the toilet I will share it with  you.

Have a great Sunday and wonderful start to the new week.
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  1. Well done!! Everything looks perfect together. Question: What did you coat the top of the dresser with? I'm just wondering how you handle the water that will inevitably splash around and end up on the top. -Jenn

  2. Beautiful, as usual. My son and his girl just bought a Michigan vacation/rental house on the west side of Michigan and are loving it. I see you mentioning Michigan frequently. It's only 1 1/2 hrs from the north side of Chicago where they live. Michigan is lovely in the spring and summer.

  3. Wow, another beautiful room!! You are such an inspiration to me.


  4. It looks fantastic,Kris. I loved the other bathroom before the re-do,too, but the vessel sink makes so much sense in the small bathroom and it gives you so much extra storage. I know you will find the perfect finishing pieces. xo Diana

  5. Kris, this looks so fabulous.You managed a deep sink perfectly. I'm already seeing the need for every bit of storage possible in our smaller space, and you nailed it.

    Also, love the cottage town you'll be going to. That cottage itself looks truly dreamy. I know exactly what you mean by needing to refresh and get away!

  6. Kris I love it and think the wallpaper is perfect. I happen to love the shower curtain. Let's the wallpaper be the star. I completely get the storage thing with the vanity.

    Put shelves over the toilet also means more to clean and clutter. I have no doubt you will find something on your trip.

    Dachshunds love to roll. Reeses and Peanut do it every morning first thing. They love doing it outside on their backs. It's quite cute.

    Much rain is happening this weekend. Hope it's not going to be another summer of this weather.



  7. I love it, Kris! You really should have an open house when everything is done. Not that everything EVER gets done with a blogger! Buddy is a charmer. I don't understand the sink. Surely there's plumbing under there somewhere... Is it just more shallow?

  8. Good morning my pal!

    I finally got into my computer. What a fiasco it's been every morning to get into my emails, blogger and Instagram. What a great redo you have done here! You and Terry really know how to take a small space and give it the maximum WOW factor. The sink is gorgeous and just enough for this space, the lavender pot gives that farmhouse, French feel and the Buffalo check pattern is just right. And of course the best part of your home decor? DRUM ROLLLLLLL.....BUDDY! LOL

  9. I love it all!!! The wallpaper is so beautiful and I LOVE your shower curtain. Absolute perfection.....

  10. The wallpaper is fantastic. You have me thinking of doing wallpaper. I have not done it in years. My husband had to strip wallpaper in our house now that the previous owners had up, in every room!!! So if I mention wallpaper, he might say "what"!! I will show him how lovely your bathroom looks. ;-)

    I love the re do. Your ideas always inspire me. What you did with the sink is so cool. I am going to show Jeremy that too.
    xx oo

  11. Another masterful and adorable makeover from the Kris and Terry team. You should publish a book all about your projects!!! Happy Sunday!

  12. Kris!!!
    OMG!! This is one amazing transformation!!! I LOVE the dresser and how it was converted into a vanity with sink!!!!Absolutely stunning!! Nothing short of a work of art!!!

  13. I think it looks lovely. I thought it looked nice before, but totally understand the storage problem. I like the wallpaper, adds something to the whole effect. The sink was a good find to make it all work. Lovely.

  14. Kris, I'm with Buddy. I love that bathmat too plus everything else you have done. It looks so pristine and calm. Just what you need for a good soak! The cupboard turned out so well and love the vessel sink. The wallpaper is perfect and I think the shower curtain looks just right. Good job. I love it all..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    1. You are coming to me as a no comments blogger so will leave my thank you here, Kris. Thanks for the blue and white visit and so glad you are finally starting to get some nice weather..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  15. Nice job! Love the wallpaper- it really gave the room a special touch. That vanity with the vessel sink looks perfect. I can understand the need for storage. We have a tiny bathroom downstairs and every inch counts! Buddy seems to have found himself a comfy spot 🐶

  16. We begin renovating our bathroom in two weeks, and you have the exact faucet on your vanity I'm looking for! Where did you find it?

  17. That is so beautiful! Love everything you did in this space - great job Kris!! Have a happy week xoxoxox

  18. Love it all. Form is nice but function totally takes precedent in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Without enough storage, it isn't much fun to cook or primp.
    I love the buffalo check pattern in the bath. I somehow seems to expand the space visually.

  19. Your bathroom is beautiful!

  20. This is such a beautiful and charming space, Kris! Everything you chose is just perfect...and you did it on a budget!

  21. I love the new vanity and vessel sink! Love the gray plaid wallpaper too.. it all came together beautifully and I think it's just PERFECT the way it is. I love the board and wreath above the toilet... wouldn't change it all all! Did you just paint the top of the vanity with the white paint or did you seal over it too? Oh.. and that faucet is just perfect too. You are the most go getter-ish person I know! Is that word? ha ha..... have fun on your trip to MIchigan! xoxo Marilyn

  22. Kris, I love the look. It's that wallpaper that really stands out. I love it. Very economical too. way to go. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. hope everyone there is getting back to good health. :)

  23. Wow, Kris, this looks amazing. I love the way it turned out. You have a great eye and you're so creative. I'm still wrestling with my own bathroom renovation. We ordered the new tub, but we still have to pick a floor tile and I have no idea what to do with the vanity either. Decisions, decisions, decisions. ;)

  24. I absolutely love what you have done with this bathroom! As I always say, you guys are amazing. We have tiny bathrooms too, so I know what you mean about trying to get a good photo. With the steam in the bathroom, will the wallpaper stay on? Am wondering because even our paint in the main bathroom started cracking and peeling from the shower steam. When we just had the bathroom repainted, we had the painter do it in a more glossy paint so it wouldn't crack and peel. I don't like the shiny wall look, but I don't know what the solution is.

  25. Such an unusual and cool sink!

  26. Kris - I LOVE it all! You certainly do have a huge talent for spotting the right things and turning them into the perfect things for your home! You have even got Buddy's seal of approval - you couldn't ask for more! Have a wonderful time away and I am looking forward to seeing whatever you choose to complete the room. Hugs, Gilly x

  27. So beautiful! I love the spindles for towel hooks! Might have to do that here somewhere. Lol

  28. Oh my goodness! I am in love with your bathroom reno. Love the farmhouse look! I tried to pin it but I guess something going on with Pinterest as it would not let me. And $$$$ wise....WOW girl! You my kind of thrifty shopper. Love it so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. I just love this bathroom, Kris! The vintage dresser and that deep vessel sink is just perfect and you already know how I feel about that wallpaper. Girl, I am all about decorating on the cheap! You nailed it!

  30. Kris I just love, love, love all of it! Our powder room needs a refresh and I like your buffalo check wallpaper idea.....and very smart to change out the sink top so that you can have more storage -- genius! xo Kathleen

  31. As much as I loved the old vanity, I can see how this one is far more functional in so many ways! Way more storage in the vanity but the sink is much larger too and you still have room for accessories. I totally get it now and swooning over the new sink and faucet. xo

  32. You are too funny Kris! I love your new piece and that sink is so awesome! I love that style of sink! I actually love everything about this bathroom makeover! It is absolutely fabulous and the color of that wallpaper is so pretty! Gorgeous, gorgeous!! You guys did a fabulous job! I know it was an undertaking but so worth the trouble! Love and hugs!

  33. Your bathroom looks so romantic and relaxing. Love what you did.

  34. Such a pretty new look with lots of storage. Your new farmhouse looks is awesome Kris. Kudos to both you and Terry for a wonderful makeover. Happy Tuesday. Xo

  35. Hello Kris, WOW! You and Terry are an amazing team when it comes to redoing the house. I love the bathroom new look. That wallpaper is just gorgeous and I love the vanity. I can't wait to see what you find for the wall. How adorable is Buddy! I love that cute look on his face.
    Enjoy the week.

  36. You truly have the magic touch, Kris!! What a wonderful transformation....and on a budget!

  37. Hello Dear Kris,
    So lovely to visit your tranquil and pretty blog! I love your makeover but also your thrifty mindset. As you know moving from Texas to Colorado has been a big change, and we are also re-doing so much of our Mountain Cottage and with a thrifty mindset as well.
    Thank you so much for visiting my updated blog and welcoming me back to blogger too. You are truly a dear friend and I feel blessed to know you!

  38. The bathroom looks amazing Kris and you managed to get a most beautiful bathroom on a budget!!! Bravo!!!

  39. Hi Kris, no it is not just you. I am not receiving anyone normally, they (and you) are all no comment. It is nothing that you or anyone else are doing. I might have inadvertently changed something but I really haven't touched anything. I even had Linda double check what I have done and she said nothing is wrong. It seemed to fix itself when it happened before, but now is doing it again. It is just as easy for me to write a thank you after each comment on my post, but after reading a post once, I don't think many come back to it again and I feel so badly that some might not think I bother to acknowledge them. I might just make a notification on my blog post and do it that way anyway, but it is not something you have done and I wanted you to know that. Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  40. It's so very pretty Kris. I love it all. What a wonderful new look for so little cost. And that Buddy is so adorable. Wishing a great rest of our week.

    Tamara X

  41. The bathroom looks amazing, Kris! I love everything - the cabinet, the sink the wallpaper! Beautiful!

  42. Love every bit of it Kris and I'm totally swooning for that wallpaper too.
    Thank you for sharing your bathroom reveal at our Create, Bake, Grow & Gather party this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tonight's party and pinning too.

  43. Love how comfortable your bath room is, colors are great.

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