Small Business Shout Out

Hello Sweet Bloggers.

I ordered something new and wanted to share it with you.  

When I find talented small business's,  I like to give them a shout out if I really love their work.
This is one of those times.

I had an old ottoman. 

It did not have a slipcover.  That is way to sad!

 I went on Etsy to see if I could find one for my ottoman.

I found Becky from MyTymeCreations.  
She creates some of the prettiest slipcovers and pillows etc.

Becky is not sponsoring my blog in anyway for me to give her this shout out.
As most of you know that follow my blog,  I love to share people that are talented and run a small business.

This is the beautiful slipcover that Becky sewed for my ottoman.  I love the long drop ruffle. 

No judgements on the fact I let the wrinkles hang out instead of pulling out the ironing board!

 I hate to iron.  I may throw it in the dryer with my wrinkle remover setting!!!!
It is a light cream/ivory color.  Just perfect to compliment my beige sectional.

I am on the hunt for some pretty pillows to dress up the sectional. 

This sectional needs some pretty pillows to jazz her up a little!

I am thinking of prints to break up the plain.

I still have to keep to my love of neutral.

I threw this basket with some magazines and the beautiful angel gifted to me for my birthday from a wonderful friend.  I wanted to get some pictures to share so I just quickly did this vignette.  I am hoping on my trip next weekend I will find something unique to make a vignette for this ottoman.
Speaking of angels and special friends.  I wanted to show you another sweet angel gifted to me for my birthday.  She sits in my wreath on the kitchen window.  She makes me smile every morning.

If you like the slipcover Becky from MyTymeCreations made for my ottoman you can visit her Etsy Shop Here.  Thank you again Becky I love it.

Wishing all of you sweet Mother's out there a very nice day on Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Beautiful, Kris. I don't like to iron either, and find if I use my spray bottle of water and just mist the wrinkled piece and smooth it a bit with my fingers the wrinkles disappear. It's so nice that you have all your collected angels. I think having a special collection of something you love makes a home charming. Love how your living room looks now. Very pretty! Hugs, Nancy

  2. That looks great Kris! That’s a lot of work creating that with all the gathered material to create a ruffle!
    (I have a steamer I employ for such things). That angel is the sweetest!
    Wishing you a very joyful Mother’s Day!

  3. Love your new slip-covered ottoman,it is gorgeous! I never tire of ruffles and skirts!!! Your new angel is so sweet....just like your friend who gifted her to you :o)
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I love how pretty that slip cover looks for your ottoman. Becky did a great job making it. It looks so pretty with the couch.
    I hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.

  5. It's lovely! Completes your room.

  6. I think the room looks off with the sectional placed the way it is. You should turn it so that the longest back is under the window. if you are not happy that it is close to the curtains, put a narrow sofa table behind it and have it away from the wall. i think the slipcover is lovely.

    1. Mary thank you for your input but I like the room just the way it is. I live here and love it.
      Have a great weekend.

  7. Your home looks so nice Kris. I do love your style.
    Happy Mother's Day my friend,

    P.S. how is the little Boston pup doing? Atticus has the same birthday.. so I remember. ;-)

  8. Oh Kris, I just love this cover! It is gorgeous and looks so pretty (wrinkles or not) on your ottoman! The room looks gorgeous and has come together beautifully! I hope you have a most wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Love and hugs sweet friend!!

  9. Wow! That is gorgeous! Throw out that iron. My daughter introduced me to a little hand held steamer that she takes when she travels. Now I have two of them! One for traveling and one for home. Looks lovely!

  10. That's a perfect slipcover, she's so talented!! I can't sew to save my life NOR do I iron ANYTHING!!! :) I have an iron I bought about 9 years ago and it's never made it out of the box, ha ha!!

  11. Looks great Kris! She did a fantastic job on the cover and love the long skirt. I do have an iron and I actually don't mind ironing! I grew up ironing pillowcases and sheets with my mom. She ironed all of her sheets and pillowcases! I thought it was quite a privilege to be able to help out. To this day I wish I had the room to keep my ironing board up and I would iron my sheets too!! I love the rectangular wicker tray for your ottoman. Keep it! It looks darling just the way it is. I've been wanting to put something like that on my coffee table and the basket idea with some magazines is great.. and maybe a candle. That will be my next "search at stores.. the rectangular basket. I actually used to have one but sold it for some stupid reason. It was white and loved it. Wish I had it now! Happy Mother's Day to you dear lady. xoxox Marilyn

  12. Hi Kris - your slipcover is great and makes the sectional area look cosy. I also hate ironing - love the sound of a wrinkle free setting on the dryer! Very envious of that. Your new angel looks very cute and special. I am sure that you will pick up some new treasures to complete your room. Enjoy your time away with Terry - just what the doctor ordered for both of you. Hugs x

  13. Kris this is gorgeous and I love it in your home. So pretty I wouldn't have known you didn't iron it if you didn't say something. Not many enjoy ironing.

    You will find items on your trip no doubt always do.

    I wish you a wonderful Mother's day. You're an angel and it's well deserved. Maybe Buddy will give you breakfast in bed.


  14. Beautiful Kris! And I would let those irons hang out, too. I hate ironing. I actually bought one of those small hand steamers a few years ago and when I'm really desperate I do use it. Happy Mother's Day!! xo

  15. Those wrinkles are the perfect candidate for a small drapery steamer. I think I paid under $50 for mine. Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day, Kris! xo

  16. It looks so perfect Kris. Isn't it Lovely when you find a shop that provides beautiful product and great service. For my decor linens, I wash gently, line dry until just damp and then put them back in the house damp. This works for me for wrinkle free slip covers and curtains. Happy Mother's Day to you x

  17. Thank you for sharing her websites. Will be checking her shops out when time allows.

  18. You are so kind to spotlight businessses. Your slipcover is gorgeous. I just bought a bedspread that looks just like it! Love the romantic frills. You and I are definitely made from the same cloth -- I loathe ironing! Happy Mother's Day! xo Kathleen

  19. I was just thinking of you, beloved friend, and here you are with a new blog post! I too hate to iron and I think the shabby look requires a little bit of wrinkle in some items! Everything looks your garden starting to show signs of the welcomed season?

    Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day my friend. You are a dedicated mother, grandmother and friend, deserving all the love.

  20. I love it. Kris. It's perfect for your room. wrinkles and all. I have an iron somewhere, but prefer not to know its location. xo Laura

  21. That is one beautiful slipcover, it's perfect! She is very talented.

  22. Kris, I love the addition of the ottoman and the slip cover. She really does a good job. Your sectional looks so pretty. I think you got it right now!..Happy Mother's Day dear friend..xxoJudy

  23. I love the slipcover - wrinkles and all! And I love how this room is looking.

  24. Your ottoman looks beautiful and I love the angel in the wreath! Hope you had the best Mother's Day Ever! Hugs!