Hello Blogging Friends.

I am doing the Happy Dance and do you know why?!!!!

It is Flower Time here in my neck of the woods.

Finally Old Man Winter has let go of us here in Illinois.  Hopefully we will have a little Spring and then OH YES SUMMER!!!!

I went to my favorite nursery for my flowers on Mother's Day.
That is the tradition I have for My Mother's Day.
I start my planting on Mother's Day.

My two daughters and granddaughter's and I had pedicures and brunch on Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day.
That leaves us the actual day to rest, relax or do whatever we want.
I chose each year weather permitting to start my flowers.

This is my first trip.  It usually is two trips for me to get all the flowers.
Buddy was a bit concerned if there was going to be room in the car for him!

Okie Dokie!!! here is my Pottery Barn Story! 

As you know I custom ordered this sectional from Pottery Barn a while back. 
Almost all of their furniture is custom ordered.  Nothing in stock for immediate delivery.

I originally ordered it to fit in the room in a whole different way.
That did not work out as planned.

On top of it not really fitting in my small space the way I had envisioned,  I had some issues with the cushions and a couple of the covers.

To make a long story short I will never order something I cannot sit on or really have all the information on the warranty.

I ordered the high performance fabric for this piece.  It is guaranteed to hold up to every stain imaginable and clean like a dream!

Nope one of the cushions had a rip that I noticed where the pipping did not catch with the fabric.

Then Buddy ran in on a rainy day with mud on his paws and I used mild soap and water like they said and it took the mud off right away but I noticed as it dried it lightened the fabric where I cleaned.

Number 3 issue on the larger seat cushion it kept breaking down and going flat where we sat on it.  After only having the sectional for two months it looked worn and flat and uncomfortable.

I called customer service and they had me take pictures and send them the issues in an email.  Then it took them two weeks to get back to me on what they would do with the issues.  Their answer was to send out new covers and new cushions.
Ok good.
The problem is the cushions are doing the same thing.

Not Happy!

I thought this is not good.  I paid a lot of money for this sectional and was not happy with the quality of the cushions.

I decided to sell the piece and lucky for me I found a buyer that gave me almost what I paid for it new.  That was a welcome relief since I could not return a custom piece back to Pottery Barn no matter how unhappy I was.

So it has gone to a new home.

It was a sad lesson to learn on something so expensive.

So now what?!!!!!

I was on the site that I buy and sell items and saw this sweet Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture line loveseat up for sale.
This love seat sells for over $4,000 on her website.
I know crazy but if you ever sat on her pieces you would see how wonderful her furniture is.

Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would own one of her pieces with how expensive they are.

Well here she is.  More my style and fits so much better in the room. 
It opens up my window.

I am looking for a recliner for that open corner for Terry to be comfy and watch TV in this room with me.

I like having that window open it lets so much more light into this room.

Here is a picture of the couch from Rachel's Ashwell's site.  If you would like to see her collections you can go here.

Her furniture is made with down cushions and beautiful fabrics for slipcovers.

I have to say I lay on this couch at night and fall asleep many times it is that comfy.
Even Terry sat on it and said how comfy it is.

With how expensive these are I never thought I would ever own one of her pieces.

The lady I bought the loveseat from sold it to me for $400 and I tell you that was a bargain of a life time.

Finding this piece after being so upset with the PB sectional was a true blessing.

I still cannot believe I have this piece in my living room!

Now I am on the hunt for the perfect chair for Terry and I will add some pillows and fun decor and have that to show you in the future.

I debated on sharing my story but thought it might help one of you out there that might be thinking about buying a custom piece of furniture.

My suggestions after my experience is to make sure you can actually see the piece in the show room that you are ordering.  You can actually sit or lay on it.  Make sure you understand any warranties and company policies.

I got so tunnel visioned on the size being right for the room.  We measured and re measured and it was going to fit.  Nope not like we had hoped.

Pottery Barn also voids your warranty if you move or sell the piece to someone else.  I think that is terrible.
When you spend that kind of money and if they back their product the warranty should be in place no matter who has the sectional.
It blew my mind when the customer service person told me even if we moved from the house we are now and still had the sectional it would no longer be under warranty.

 What difference does it make where I live with the piece?  They should be guaranteeing the fabric and quality of the piece no matter where it is!!!!

That is crazy and one of the reasons I will never buy something so expensive from them again.

I have friends that have PB pieces and they love them. 
I am not bashing PB because I know they have nice pieces and probably many of you out their own something from PB and love it.

This was not my experience.
I should have never ordered something I could not see or sit on in the show room.  I also do not like their policy on their furniture and fabrics. 

 I hope my learning curve might help one of you thinking about buying something custom no matter if it is at Pottery Barn or another store.

My story ended well.  I was able to resale the sectional and was able to get the new RA Shabby Chic Couture Loveseat I have dreamed about.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mom's Day.
Enjoy the week ahead.
Off to plant more flowers.


  1. I bet you had fun picking out all of those flowers. I am sorry you had such a problem with the sectional, but glad you ended up finding what you love.

  2. Oh my word, that sounds like so many problems with PB. Great to know so we don't all make the same mistake. I love the new sofa so much better, it fits the space best of all. Can't wait to see all those flowers in your garden too.

  3. Kris- I have never seen a luckier-unlucky transaction in my life. Only you would get almost what you paid for the PB AND THEN find the deal of a lifetime on top of it with the RA piece. I am so happy for you. I know you were unhappy with the PB couch since you first got it and that you tried your best to make it work...but you can't fix quality issues. You are going to be so happy with your new piece and now have money leftover to find the perfect chair for Terry. xo xo xo

  4. So glad that things ended well but really hate you had such a bad experience with Pottery Barn. I'm like you, I prefer to sit on the piece and test it out and to also look at their floor samples to see how they've worn with so many people sitting on them. Edward and I were talking about the fact that you can only buy certain things on the internet and it is hard to find other things in stores. So frustrating! I love the new piece! It looks beautiful and fits perfectly! I think a recliner and the loveseat will be a much better fit for you and you will be happier to not have your windows blocked! So glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend! Love and hugs!

  5. So glad your story has a happy ending. In you previous post when you said you were ordering a custom piece, pretty much site un seen, I thought Wow, "Kris is so much more daring than I am", that or she has had previous great experiences in doing so. Any how, I am glad you shared this story. I have the worst time in making a decision in a sofa. They are a big ticket piece and they need to function well as look good in your space. Several years ago while shopping for a sofa and being on our second weekend of shopping, my hubby stated "If you can't find one that you like today you will just need to be happy with what we already have". That was the motivation for me to finally make a decision, and I was every so please with it for years. I am getting a "new" to me sofa, just waiting for help with picking it up soon. But that is a longer story than I will share here.
    I love how your room is looking. I recently saw listed on a site some good looking recliners that Walmart of all places is selling. But, that is the issue again of ordering on line vs a show room where you can sit and determine comfort. Good luck, recliners are often clunky looking and not very aesthetically pleasing.
    Have fun on your week end!

  6. BTW, glad your "flower" season has finally arrived. I have been enjoying nice weather her in Central Valley Cali for weeks now. I am content to be outside in my garden, planting and playing in the dirt. Enjoy yours!!

  7. SO many beautiful blooms....I can't wait to see them in your garden!!!! I'm sorry your PB sectional did not work out but at least you were able to sell it for what you had in it. Your new love seat is so pretty though so I guess it all worked out for the better?!?!? Have a great week!

  8. i guess i would not ever buy anything from pb i think they treated you badly not standing by there product.hope you let the ones that bought it the problems you had with it...............

  9. looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And even the picture from her website, it resembles your room very much! KRIS, you did it, you got the exact piece you were after! BRAVO! Now the hunt continues for the recliner; I know you'll find something that will go well with the rest of the d├ęcor!

  10. So happy you have flowers. Can’t wait to see your fabulous plantings. So sorry about your PB story. Yes, I have also learned buying custom is not always wise. How fabulous you found your dreamy loveseat. Your room looks so lovely. Have fun searching for your perfect recliner. Enjoy the rest of your week dear friend. Xo

  11. Kris,
    I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this....I have to say that I have never bought furniture for our Living Room ( sofa and chairs) off the showroom floor...We have had 3 sets of furniture in our living room...I found what I liked in the showroom as far as style but did not like the fabric so I picked out the fabric and have had to special order the pieces....The first set was made by Flex Steel and lasted almost 18 years... The second set was a very light color and since my sons were young at the time and Joe was raised "in a barn", it took quite a beating! Joe's parents did not care what he and his sisters did when they were kids so I have had to carefully try to reverse that upbringing when it comes to being neat and careful!! LOL!! The set we have now was also special ordered and was made by New England which is part of the Lazy Boy brand and it has worn as if it is a tank....It is going on 15 years old and still looks decent....Glad you finally ended up with what makes you happy!! It all looks lovely!!

  12. I sat on the sofa I wanted and then special ordered the fabric. I still don't think I've sat on it yet in my home. I sit in my puffy recliner. The sofa is for when my daughter comes over. I have decided I will never buy furniture that you need to be comfy online. I can buy a coffee table or end table or whatever and it's fine. I'm pleased with my living room furniture and the pieces from Hobby Lobby. All three pieces of my HL furniture came to $500 total. It's hard for me to believe that PB charges what they do and have that kind of sloppy warranty. Happy flower planting day! My day is April 15th to plant here.

  13. Lesson learned and will help others. I don't understand the warranty thing at all. I ordered a sectional from Wayfair I thought I'd love. When it came I was miserable. Seats were horrible. Luckily I was able to return it no problem. I learned the same lesson. Wnt to the same furniture store we have gone to for years. Found two perfect couches. When we sat in them we said Ah how comfy.

    Love the new piece. When I look at it I see Kris. Truth sectional never felt like you.

    Online you are buying with your eyes not your butt. Ha Ha

    Your flowers look great and can't wait to see them blooming.

    It has been raining since Saturday and cold only 50. What??? John hasn't been able to work on our deck. Hopefully flowers soon and some sun. Sun doesn't look like until Thursday and no rain but clouds. Not feeling the good about that. Praying not the same cloudy pattern as last spring and summer.

    We can't bring pups to garden centers in NJ.

    Good thing you had room for Buddy.


  14. Kris, the new piece is gorgeous. I have a friend who bought a Rachel Ashwell couch 2nd hand a few years ago, and she loves it, too. It still looks fabulous and she has 3 boys and a dog - much better quality. I'm sorry about your PB experience. I worked for them years ago and honestly, I was unimpressed. They were much smaller then, but I think that as they've grown the quality has gone down, the prices have gone up and the customer service has completely disappeared. That's the one thing that was great about them back in the 90s. Apparently, no more...

  15. I am so happy that you finally got just the right piece for your house.

    I bought KC a wingback rocker from PB for the second nursery - it has legs to convert it to a regular chair once it's not needed in the nursery. She absolutely loves the fabric and says it's really comfortable. From your story, it sounds like she got lucky.

  16. Yay! Plants! You always find the most beautiful blooms! I've been itching to go get some too - maybe today!
    What a disaster with your sectional! I'm so sorry that it didn't work out but the happy ending is just perfect! That love seat is gorgeous and what a deal! Thanks for sharing your advice! I've purchased online furniture, some successfully, some not! It's never fun to have a purchase go badly!
    Sounds like your Mother's Day was great fun! I'm so glad! Enjoy those new flowers! Love and Hugs!

  17. Kris, that must be some nursery that you go to. What gorgeous blooms and I can't wait to see them in your pretty garden. What a shame about your PB sofa. From my experience it just seems that quality is not a priority any more. Our sofa is not that old and we paid a lot for it too, but am so unhappy about the comfort (and we did sit our butts down before we bought it, too) and the way it is holding up. They were supposed to put some kind of finish on it for cleaning, but it is really dirty looking. I hate a couch that the cushions look all saggy when you stand up and I am constantly smoothing them out. I sent for some of those old school deals that you put under the cushions and they are supposed to make them stronger. We haven't got it yet so don't know if it will work enough to be happy with. I do like the deal that you made when you sold it, (hope she doesn't read your blog!) and the new one is just darling. I like your curtains too, have you talked about them before? Anyway, it looks good, but it always does anyway, so enjoy your new room!..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  18. How lovely to see your flowers! So glad that Buddy had a place to sit too! As if that was in any doubt! I am glad that you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend.
    Such a sad story about your sectional - I can imagine just how upset you must have been. Their Customer Service does leave a lot to be desired, but I am so pleased that you were able to sell it on. I love your replacement and what a wonderful bargain - which makes it even better. It looks wonderful and yes, it really does open up your beautiful window. Happy hunting for the perfect recliner for Terry! Love and hugs, Gilly x

  19. I am sorry about your sofa. I once bought one from there and I sent it back. It looked horrible. They were very nice and took it back. I recommend Ballards. I have had two from there and lasted years.

  20. Oops.. Your entire post did not load.... I see you fixed it with something amazing. Ballards are down also, at least the ones I had made custom at the time. Future reference or for other readers, as they might be slightly less.

  21. Wow, Kris, that's awful!!! I'm so glad you were able to sell yours and got the loveseat of your dreams but holy smokes, that's bogus!! I had looked at PB pieces when I bought my house, and I did sit on their sofas in the store, but ended up going to Ethan Allen for my main sofa in my living room. For the sofas downstairs I went with a local store, and wow I'm so glad I didn't opt for PB!!! Can't wait to see your room all decorated again (it's never really finished with you, is it? ha ha) and also your FLOWERS!!!!! We had snow this weekend Sun/Mon so my flowers are on my kitchen counter....grrrrrrrr!!!

  22. Your piles of flowers are just gorgeous. I am going to a couple of nurseries tomorrow. Hoping to get some planting done after that before the rain moves in AGAIN on Thurs. As for PB...thank you so much for sharing your experience. As you know, we almost bought a PB sofa around the same time as you. We had actually ordered it (as you know and said - custom order) but I had buyer's remorse on the way home. So when we got home, Brian called to cancel the order. It wasn't easy to do so - they claimed it wasn't even in their order system yet, so we were freaked that we weren't going to be able to cancel the order; that they'd keep stringing us along. We even had to tell them that we'd contact our credit card company to dispute the charge. Long story short, they finally cancelled it. And now I'm so glad we did. I absolutely agree with you that it's so important to actually see what you're buying in person. You need to sit on it and even lie on it. I absolutely dread having to go to different stores to do this, but it's better to be safe than sorry for that kind of money! Anyway, I am happy for you that it was actually meant to be...that you ended up getting an even better sofa! :-)

  23. Yay for the flowers, but watch out - with your luck lately, they'll have poison ivy tucked inside! Ohmygosh, that story with PB totally sucks. I bought a rug from them a few years ago and was very unhappy with it (it had a mended hole in it for Pete's sake!). Customer service was less than what I expected too. So glad you could sell the sectional and start over. Terry will love a recliner, and it'll be just in time for Father's Day.

  24. The flowers will bring you a lot of happiness! I hear ya on buying a sofa without being able to try it out first. I did that with one a while back and paid a fortune for it. After several years I got rid of it. That’s silly about the warranty issue. Oh well you are done with it and have moved on. The new loveseat is sweet and I’m sure you’ll find Terry a recliner that’ll fit in.

  25. This is so timely, Kris! I was thinking of ordering the Pearce sectional (is that the one you bought?). I have seen it and sat on it in their store, and it was very comfy, but I'm now wary that the cushions won't hold up. I have a few wood pieces from them, and they've held up beautifully, but upholstery is a whole different thing. Thanks for the heads up! I love your Mother's Day tradition - fabulous way to spend your day!

  26. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! But I'm so happy you found a solution. I would kill for that love seat! Live and learn, eh? The room looks fabulous. xo Kathleen

  27. Oh my goodness Kris, I am loving all those beautiful flowers. That makes my heart sing. I have been wanting to go and get new ferns to replace mine on the front porch and have just not had the time to go to Home depot. That's usually where I purchase them. Too busy with birthday babies lately. LOL! Oh I hate that you had that kind of problem with PB. So, so sad. With the cost of things one would think service would be a bit better than what you got. So glad you sold yours and got what you truly wanted.Hope you have a good day Kris. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  28. wow Kris, you've really been through it with that sectional. thanks for sharing your experience with us, we all need to know for future decisions. Sounds like the RA piece was meant to be; it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see all your flowers in place, you have a magical green thumb!

  29. Hi,
    I am so happy you shared your situation with us. We all need to know this for our future purchases. Thank you!
    WOW, about your new furniture story!!! WOW WOW!! What a blessing and beautiful as well.
    And flowers, well you know how I feel about flower time. :-)
    Love, Carla

  30. A frustrating furniture purchase story with a better-than-planned happy ending. It doesn't get any better than that. So happy you ended up with something you had really wanted for so long, and at such an amazing price. Yay, you! Love the flowers you picked out. Hugs, Nancy

  31. Wow, a buying disaster, ended up with you having a beautiful, better replacement and what a wonderful deal you got on it.


  32. You have certainly had a time of it with Pottery Barn. That is crazy. I don't care for their delivery policy, so I've never ordered furniture from them. I love the new sofa. I need to check what people sell locally on FB Marketplace, Craiglist etc.