Junk Chic Cottage 4

Hello sweet blogging friends.
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day.
We owe so much to all the men and women that have given so much so we can be safe and free.

I have some news to share!!!!  
Before I start the news I want to warn you this is a long blog post.  
So grab yourself a frosty beverage before beginning to read! :)

As most of you know that have followed my blog know that Terry is a fire chief and the ups and downs of the fire service we have been dealing with these past 6 years.

We got settled into Junk Chic Cottage #1 in a small Lake Town up north in Illinois back about 14 years ago when Terry got the position as Fire Chief.   

This is also when I started my blog and introduced you to Junk Chic Cottage #1.

This was Junk Chic Cottage home #1.  A beautiful ranch home in a great lake town.

This was our home by the lake.

 Since we lived in a lake town I wanted my guest room to reflect that with my decor. 

No matter which Junk Chic Cottage I have owned I always have my summer flowers and a place for my lounge chair.  This was my lounge chair at Junk Chic Cottage #1.

After 8 years in this sweet lake home, Terry lost his position of Fire Chief.  Politics and Money!!!!

So began the hunt for another Fire Chief position.  

It took 2 long years to find another Fire Chief position. 

I have to tell you what we paid in health insurance alone for the two years was outrageous and this is why he could not stay retire at age 58.
We needed him working for the health benefits with the costs being so high here in Illinois.

While he was out of work and looking we bought the town house Junk Chic Cottage #2. 

It was in a sweet town near my daughter and son in law and two grand girls.  

That worked out nicely since I retired as a nurse to help take care of my grand girls for my daughter.
Welcome to Junk Chic Cottage #2

Junk Chic Cottage #2 was a town home.  Loved this home but way too many stairs with three levels.  It was ok because I knew once Terry found a job we would be on the move again!

Junk Chic Cottage 2 was when I had my full on white home decor!!!!!

And a bad camera I might add :(

Again always had a space for my lounge chair!
After two long years of searching for a job Terry landed a job back up north in Illinois. 

This is when we bought Junk Chic Cottage #3.
  The tiny cottage home we live in now. 

Junk Chic Cottage # 3

This was a major over haul with JCC #3.  We had to build a garage make a driveway and re do the whole backyard!!!! Not to mention renovating the lower level for more living space!

When we first moved into this tiny home we learned to use every sq. inch of this tiny house to live. 
I tried to get the best seating for the tiny spaces.

Added some yellow to my whites by adding wallpaper.  It gave this cottage feel to this sweet little house.

Still had room for my sweet lounge chair!  She moves each time with me!

I do not want to share too much about his current job but I will say it was not a good fit for him and he needed once again to find another job.  

The politics and changes to the fire service do not always make for the best place to work.

We just need 5 more years of benefits to hopefully retire.  Terry has worked hard and has been in the fire service for 38 years and retired once at age 50.  The problem is when you are 50 you still have college debt, house not paid for and wedding costs along with needing health benefits.

So the job hunt was on and he landed a new job that he will begin in the next few weeks.  

It is  in a town further south again almost in the area we began our married life and where we spent most of our time. 

 We have family and friends in this area.

The new position does not require residency in the town so we could stay in Junk Chic Cottage 3 but the commute would be a long one for Terry.  

We will be putting Junk Chic Cottage #3 on the market in the next few weeks.

That means selling, buying and moving again!  I really am getting good at this but at the same time am tired and do not want to go through it all again.

I am staying positive we will get a quick buyer on this home and there will be something wonderful for us to buy again and hopefully will be our permanent home!

 I have to admit with all the homes we have owned this by far has been my most favorite.  

I have embraced living small.

The cons of living in this area are the cost of living and the outrageous taxes we pay on this tiny home.
I will not miss that!

So the hunt will be on for Junk Chic Cottage 4.  They say three is the lucky number,  I am hoping in our case 4 is the lucky number.

I would like to find another small home like this with a yard or a town home or condo with some kind of small space yard. 

I am not ready to give up on my wanting a yard.  Plus Buddy loves having a yard.
  In the meantime I will keep you posted on possibilities.  

I do have a few things I have done to this home in the last month to show in my next post.

Have a wonderful week.

PS:  This is the lounger currently on my deck for this summer.  It has been raining so much I have not been able to finish up my flowers or put out my lounge chair cover just yet.  It will happen hopefully soon.


  1. I am so thrilled that he found another job and in an area that you know and love. I know you will find the perfect place for CC#4. Can't wait to follow along.

  2. Life is always an adventure, Kris! Wishing you and Terry the best on your new chapter!

  3. Ditto what Marty says! Hugs to you both!

  4. Life throws us curveballs all the time. This is better for Terry and I know that's important for you too.

    You will find another cottage and add your wonderful touches.


  5. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful cottages today Kris - and you will find another cottage to change into another beautiful home closer to where your DH works.

  6. KRIS,
    OMG!! I can not believe that you are moving again!!!I would be ripping my hair out!!! I have never moved since we are in this house for 40 years and I can not even imagine it even though with in 10 years, we are planning to move into a nice apartment and live maintenance free....Good luck in your hunt for yet another house... I do not envy you...

  7. Kris, I am sorry that you have to move again, but I am happy that your husband has found a new position which will be a better fit for him and will hopefully take him right up to a well-deserved retirement! No matter where you are, I know you will always be able to turn it into "home"! -Jenn

  8. I am happy that Terry found a new job, but I feel so bad for you guys that you have to keep moving like this. Hopefully, this will be the FINAL time! And I know once you get settled into whatever place you find, you two will put your beautiful stamp on it and make it truly yours. Hope you've had a great, long holiday weekend!

  9. KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Another chapter, and in this book, it's been an exciting, artistic page-turner! I know that your wonderful attitude, creativity and skills will get you through to the next threshold of a new home and a new life. BRAVO my dear friend!

  10. Dear Kris ~ so glad to hear that Terry found a job that suits him better. I pray that your next home, will BE just what you want. I know you'll make it into a wonderful place just as you have with your other homes. Do keep us posted.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. Best of luck in selling your current home and finding a new one. So glad Terry found a job that is better for him.

  12. Four can indeed be a lucky number! It was fun to look through all the JCC incarnations. I am happy that he found another position and closer to family and friends. The right cottage for you and Terry and a nice yard for Buddy is just waiting for you to buy it. You and Terry are such a good rehab and decor team that the new home will be gorgeous.

  13. You know I'm so excited for you guys and that Terry has found a job that hopefully will be much less stress for the two of you! I do know that selling, buying and moving is quite a bit of it's own stress, but hopefully holds a much brighter future! Love and hugs to you sweet friend as you start your search for your new cottage! I know the perfect home is out there for you! Love you!

  14. Sorry to hear that you will need to go through the moving experience, again, but without doubt your cottage #4 will become gorgeous. I have really enjoyed your posts, and have applied some of your great decor ideas to our home.

  15. I'm saddened that you have to leave Junk Chic Cottage 3, especially after all the work you've put into it to make it your own. I am keeping my finger's crossed that Terry's new work situation is a far more positive one and that you find the perfect home that doesn't require as much work to make it your own. You guys deserve some chill time! Sending hugs from Canada xo

  16. Wow! And you were just getting that house how you wanted it. But life changes and we have to change with it. I've got my fingers crossed for you my friend.

  17. Moving again!? Wow! I do not envy you but hope all goes smoothly.

  18. WOW Kris, you seem to be embracing all these changes so well and I am in awe of your attitude. Good for you girl. My granny always said that everything happens for a reason and most often there is good that comes out of it. I believe that though we may not see it at the time. I will pray for that next new home and that it would be your biggest blessing EVER! And of course your lounge chair will find her spot just fine! Girl, health insurance is why my husband keeps working. He wanted to retire at 62 in two years but not looking like it unless something changes with the cost of health care. It is unreal! Makes me so sad. I work only 3 days a week so I do not get any benefits. All the more reason for us to trust the Lord. I hope you have a good day Kris. Can't wait to see the new adventure of life you will have. Now get that home sold! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Oh Kris, life is not easy but I am happy that Terry has found a new job and hopefully it will all work out for him. Good luck with everything and hope you find the perfect home.

  20. Kris, hang in there! You and your hubby both have to hang in there. It's a precarious stage of life we are in...so close to retirement but not quite there. Wherever you will land, it's home if you are together and you can make it beautiful.

  21. Kris - I am very pleased that Terry has found this new position. So sorry that you are going to have to move again - but also look forward to seeing JCC4! I have followed them all and I do think that the current one is my favourite - but knowing you, as I do - it is highly likely that the next one will be even better. Wishing you the best of luck with selling your home and also the move. Hugs, Gilly x

  22. Oh, Kris, I'm so glad Terry found another job in an area you like. You won't have any trouble selling JCC #3. You two have made major improvements in that house, it's going to show exceptionally well, and it's in a great neighborhood. All signs point to a quick sale. I'll be praying for that, and also that you'll find JCC #4 and that it will be just what you love. Hugs, Nancy

  23. Oh boy! Well, I can't wait to see what you do with the new place and I wish I lived closer so I could buy the old one. ;) xoxo

  24. Oh Kris.... moving again! And it seems like you just moved to this sweet little cottage #3. You guys have done SO MUCH to make it your own... sad to see you have to leave it, but glad Terry has found a job that is a better fit. That is so so important for your man! I'm glad you can move back to an area you love and are familiar with too.. and KNOW you will find the perfect little cottage to settle into once again. Maybe it won't entail quite as much WORK and remodeling.. but will be picture perfect ready for you two, and Buddy of course!... oh and the lounge chair too! I loved seeing all the cottages once again.. I've followed you since Day 1 I think, or close to it! the retirement thing and health ins. is sure a dilemma and not fair that us older folks have to face paying such high ins. premiums. I hope the next five years will go fast and it will be a fun and smooth transition to retirement! I'm looking forward to your "hunt" for JCC#4 and hope you will show us some of your choices as you find them! Hugs and sending prayers your way for a quick sale.... Marilyn

  25. You always have the best attitude Kris, and this is no exception. Moving is tough, but think of it as an adventure and another house that will benefit from your wonderful touches.


  26. I admire your positive thinking Kris. It's an opportunity for you guys that will be a blessing. I so totally know where you are coming from, especially about being tired and wanting to be settled. Down here we don't have all the areas that you all do, but our last move put us quite a bit farther for my husband to have to go to work. However God leads you it will be good, I know! I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers. Thanks so much for bringing us along on your journey. xo

  27. I am a yard person too. I could live in a small cottage, a ranch or small townhome but would prefer no stairs. As luck would have it I ended up in an upstairs apartment but think positive that the stairs will keep my knees well oiled and I have as many plants on my small patio as it will hold. When you decided to be positive it usually happens. Sometimes not, but your attitude is great and I think the future will be bright.

  28. Oh my goodness. I certainly don't envy you. We have lived in current house for over 37 years and I can't even imagine moving. Lol Hugs and prayers as you search for your new cottage. 💕

  29. Oh wow- this will be a big challenge! Congratulations on the new job for Terry and I hope he’ll find peace with it. I guess you have to stay flexible! I know you’ll be up to the challenge!

  30. As always my heartfelt wishes for a blessed new path for you and Terry. I admire the both of you so much with your resilience and ability to just make the needed changes as they present in your life.
    Hugs dear friend. Look forward to seeing your next post and news of your other events as they transpire.

  31. Kris, it looks like you get better with time, or at least with each cottage, so #4 will be so beautiful you won't be able to stand it! What a job to pack up. If or when, we move I can't even stand to think of it. I certainly understand about needing insurance. Jerry took a big step down when we moved here from the bay area, just so we could have the insurance until we got social security and medicare. Lots of luck and I can't wait to see #4..Happy Wednesday and thanks for your visit..xxoJudy

  32. Prayers for you and Terry. I know how hard you have worked to make this little home ~ Home Sweet Home.
    I will be praying! I do pray all will work well for Terry.
    Love, Carla

  33. I can NOT believe you have to move again, Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed this post, life has been so busy....oh my heart breaks for you, enough is enough!!! Moving is the pits, and you have done it so much in the past few years, yikes! Good luck finding another sweet cottage!

  34. Oh no! On the brighter side, you should do well, because you improved it so much! xoxo Su

  35. I am just now catching up. I'm sorry that Terry has had to find another job. It seems like you mentioned something about it a while back. You have done so much to your cottage in the time that you've owned it. I hope it sells quickly.

  36. So sorry to hear about your husband's job. I saw your house on FB and rushed over here to see what was happening. I loved watching the changes you made to this sweet little home. Some lucky couple will buy it all ready for them to move right in to!! I'm sure you will find the perfect house to be #4. I think 4 will be a charm!! Best wishes to you both! Xx