New Treasure and New Chair

Hello Sweet Bloggers.
Hope your week is going great.

I told you that I had found a new treasure before our trip to Michigan.  It started a whole change a roo!!!!

I came across this fabulous mirror at Home Goods.  Yep Home Goods.  It was an ugly color so I enhanced it with white paint.  No shocker there!!!!
This is how it looked before I found the pretty mirror.

We painted the shiplap a darker gray like the back of the front door to let the mirror show better and to give some contrast.
The detail on the mirror is pretty.

Added some flowers in front of the mirror.

I had my two angels and brought they out to put up on the mantel.

After looking at the wall with the mirror,  I feel the candle sconces I have up there are too small for the space. 
I will be on the look out for new sconces that are bigger.
New mirror and new look to the mantel. Yep those little sconces have to go!!!!

Found Terry a new recliner on Offer Up.  It is a very nice soft leather with pretty nail head trim and a tufted back.  

The look of this chair is suppose to be a worn and have a vintage look. 
This is why I loved it when I saw it. 

Goes well with my slipcovered couch.

The issue I have is the leather is dried out. 
I went to Pinterest and found out how to fix this chair and bring back some beauty of the leather and remove some of the scratches and not change the vintage look.

I also discovered that one of the kids in the household where I purchased this chair felt it necessary to scratch his name on the back of the chair!!!  You can see that below in the next picture!!!
I am working on this chair and will have it to show soon.  
I will show you what I used and how well it worked.  
Gotta love Pinterest!

Have a great rest of the week.  I do not know about you but I am so off this week with Monday being the holiday. 


  1. I LOVE that gray paint color Kris. Having a little bit of contrast under the white is gorgeous. That leather chair is wonderful, I'm sure you've found a great product to bring it back to life (and remove the other evidence!) A little rustic manly vibe goes so perfect with the white, a beautiful balance!

  2. Beautiful! I love the way the mirror pops against the gray. You have such a great eye. Come to my house and help me with this silly bathroom. I could use a little Kris inspiration over here! xo

  3. Kris- your newly changed mantle decor look fantastic!

    And oh my gosh, I cannot believe that scratch in the new-to-Terry leather chair, holy mackeral can you imagine how mad that mamma was at the time????

    Anyway - looking good over there, lady! : - )

  4. Pretty mirror, Kris and good idea painting the wall behind it. Men and their recliners. I wish my hubby didn't have to have one.

  5. Great new look Kris. I love the mirror and the newly painted wall make it pop. The angels look lovely there. Yes, larger sconces would look fab. Great find in the leather chair. I know you will make it perfect. Xoxo

  6. Love the mirror and painting the wall was a great idea. Larger sconces will do the trick. Have to love Home Goods.

    Looking forward to seeing the chair repair.

    This week has been storms and humid. So over the wet weather.




  7. Well Kris - I liked the before look, but I absolutely LOVE the changes that you have made. That darker grey really changes the whole look and as you say, it shows off the mirror, angels and sconces so well.
    Terry's chair looks as though it will be very comfortable indeed and I am looking forward to see how you work your magic on that. Hugs, Gilly x

  8. Hi Kris, love your new mirror and how you painted the shiplap a darker color for contrast. Looks great! You find the best purchases on OfferUp. We just gave away our big mahogany buffet in the living room and so now I'm going to be looking for...hmm, not sure what I want on that wall now! Maybe a small bookcase. I am watching OfferUp and FB Marketplace. It'll be interesting to see how you fix Terry's chair! I know if there's anyone that can do it, it's you! And yes, this week with Monday being Memorial Day has totally thrown me for a loop.

  9. Love your new mirror and the paint color, Kris! And yes...I am totally off on my days this week!

  10. That mirror made a huge difference!

  11. That is a lovely mirror and looks great against the dark gray wall.

    Nice looking chair for Terry also.


  12. Hi Kris, wow, you amaze me with the way you change things around to always look so pretty. I love that mirror and the angels are so nice. I love that chair and I'm sure Terry does too. I can't wait to see the process of removing the nail marks in the chair. I have a leather couch similar to your chair in my LR.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Julie

  13. I am looking forward to learning the tips and tricks regarding the leather chair.

  14. Kris, beautiful! I can't believe you found that mirror at Home Goods. I never see anything that special at my HG store. Love that you made it stand out with the gray paint behind, looks really nice. That chair looks so comfy. I can just imagine how it must look after "freshing" up. Be careful, Terry might get so comfortable that you won't be able to get him to work for you..Have a great week, my friend..xxoJudy

  15. Love that mirror, especially in white. My main first floor color is gray with white trim -- love that combo. So far I have managed to dissuade my husband from getting a recliner but I would be ok with yours. Those worn leather chairs always look so soft and comfy! Hope you're enjoying the weather in between the storms! xo Kathleen

  16. You make me feel like such a slacker, Kris!! I haven't changed anything but pillows and throws in my house in ages - no painting, no new decor, no furniture swaps!!! How on earth do you have the energy? Looks great though!!

  17. Your new mirror looks perfect above the mantle and I love the worn look of Terry's new chair! Can't wait to see it polidhed up! Hugs!

  18. The mirror is looking amazing!

  19. KRIS!!!!!!!!!!! That chair, now that is the perfect style and texture of leather! YES YES YES! I was unable to visualize "recliner" when you first mentioned it. I had imagined the style my dad used used to have, with a long front to I was wondering how you were going to find one as such in leather and with "the look." BUT YOU DID IT! Well done. Well done! And your new addition of a mirror - it works well there because a mantle is always so much classier with a mirror. LOVE IT!

  20. Great new look at the mantel with the paint and mirror, Kris!
    Love the look of weathered leather. You might try Guardsman leather conditioner iquid. I use the wipes to clean and condition (Amazon) our new chairs, but the liquid is pretty fab, and endorsed by our local furniture co where we bought our chairs.
    The engraving cracked me up... my kids followed suit from prior owners and did that to the interior of their first old Subaru they drove. 😳

  21. Kris, I love the new mirror and how you changed things up, it looks so pretty! Isn't it amazing how the look and feel of a room changes when we move some decorations around or bring in something new? I also love that paint, it really sets off the mirror! And yes, you definitely need larger sconces...can't wait to see what you find! Also looking forward to seeing the chair! Love and hugs! Happy weekend!

  22. I love that mirror and the look of the mantel.