Christmas WHAT?!!!

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

OK I know that title makes it seem like you will see Christmas decor coming today on my blog.  NOPE!

With Halloween and the first of November starting next week time if really going quickly.

I do not know about you but I have started my Christmas shopping early.  
If I see something I think someone on my list would like I get it early.

One tradition we have in our family is Advent Calendars.  
This is really big tradition in European countries especially the UK.

Our little American family enjoys this tradition.

Each Thanksgiving 
I give each of my family members an 
Advent Calendar 
to start on December 1st.

I try to pick out or make one that suits their likes and personalities.

I thought I would share with you some special and fun Advent Calendars here on my blog today.

I know you are probably thinking we have not even had Halloween yet!
Since you give these early in the Holiday Season and they sell out fast you need to really get these now if this is your family tradition!

The most traditional of Advent Calendars are the chocolate ones.  Each day you get a special treat of chocolate.
Godiva has a very good one.

I loved finding this one. It not only has chocolate it also has small bottles of alcohol to enhance your chocolate experience!

Got a Nut Lover in your family.  Here is a special one filled with Walnuts.

I remember as a kid the wooden tray with walnuts sitting on the coffee table with the nut cracker.
I think ours had a little squirrel carved on it.

I love this one from William Sonoma.  Each little chocolate is wrapped like a gift.  It is fairly inexpensive and the chocolates are delicious.

For the wine lover.  Each day you get a small bottle or one glass of wine.  Love this one to give as a gift.

Do you have any Harry Potter Fans?  This one is pretty cute and has fun candies hidden inside.

How about the Spicy personality family member.  This hot sauce Advent Calendar is fabulous.

Had to throw this one in the mix with Terry being a Fire Chief.  Little fire department trucks, hoses, helmets as the chocolates.

Got the family member that loves to fish.  This calendar has fishing color changing baits.

We cannot forget our Fur Babies.  These have a little doggie treat for each day.

This one had a little dachshund on it so I bought it for Buddy this year.

We cannot forget our kitties too.

Look at this fun retro car and camper.  You can use it out for a decoration too.
Love this idea.

Of course make up Advent Calendars are popular especially if you have daughters and grand daughters.
This is a great one from Amazon this year.  Has all different pretty nice and popular make up gifts inside.

For my sweet little grand daughter I am getting her this hair and bracelet Advent.  After she opens the bracelet each day after she will get a new charm to add to the bracelet.

Ok great story behind this one.  MAC makeup as many of you know is very popular. 

Each year MAC comes out with an Advent Calendar.  The kicker is it is only available in the UK!!!! 
MAC lovers here in the US cannot get these.

My two daughters love MAC make up and I have always wanted to surprise them with one of these.

You can find them on Ebay for a lot of money.

This year I got lucky and one of my sweet blogging friends that lives in the UK agreed to get me two of these for my daughters.

I could not believe my luck.  They only allow one per person with how popular they are. 

She was able to get me two by getting her husband to buy one along with her.  Her sweet hubby is a keeper!

So my daughters are going to be sooooo surprised to get this at Thanksgiving.

Thank you sweet Gilly for helping me out on this one.

It is so much fun to know blogging friends all over the world!

This is really nice for the men in the family.  Each day they get a grooming surprise.

My son in law loves IPA beers.  So this Advent Calendar comes with a different IPA beer for each day to try.

I love this sweet little idea. 
It is a Christmas greeting card that has 24 spaces to open each day that you can put in your own sweet message to the recipient of the card.
How sweet is this idea.

Do you have a person that loves to write cards and letters.  This one has 24 boxes to open with either note cards, stationary, pens etc.

I did this one a few years ago.  Every day you can put a $1 scratch off lottery ticket.  My adults kids loved when I did this a few years ago.
Fun to gift to the lottery lovers.

If you like to make your own Advent with your own surprises.  I found this one at Target.  You can fill each circle with some kind of gift or note.  Since it is for 12 days you could get two and put them back to back.  Only $10 at Target.

I saved the best for last!!!! This is the Tiffany's
Advent Calendar. 
Each day you will open a box and get diamonds or Tiffany necklace, bracelet etc.

This will only set you back $112,000 to purchase this for that someone special!!!!!!
I would love this wouldn't you?
Not in my life time unless Terry wins the lottery will I be getting the Tiffany Advent Calendar!

Well there you have it just a few of the many fun Advent Calendars out there?
Most of these Calendars you can find on Amazon or just google for the specific sites.

Happy Friday.
Have a fun weekend.

PS: We finally have the garage floor in for the new garage.  It has to cure for up to two weeks and then they can start the building.


  1. Wow, so many fabulous ideas. So glad you got two of the Macs for your daughters.

  2. Wow Kris you did your homework. Your daughters are going to be so happy. Abbey and Charlotte will love the ones you bought them with the bracelet and charms.

    We never did Advent calendars. Such a great tradition. The Tiffany one would only happen in this house if John won the big one. Although, he would say what do you need that for? Buy your little hone on the lake in the mountains, ha ha.

    Enjoy your weekend


  3. Kris, Wow !! What an assortment of calendars . I saw the Tiffany one on the Today show. So many to chose from. Hooray on the garage going up soon. I know your new neighbors are thrilled you bought that house. :) Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo, Susie

  4. No one in our family does Advent calendars, but I have to admit, some of those are pretty cool! Where can you get the one with all the little wine bottles? I didn't see a source for that one.

    I purchased my first Christmas gift last week - ordered a pair of leather ankle boots for Brian from Land's End, as I got a 50% off coupon in my email and really scored on these!

  5. Hi Kris. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet and even though, I know, it sounds wierd, we have never done an advent calender, but there sure are so great ones out there. What a nice friend you have in the UK. Thanks for your visit about the stranger. Aren't they funny. That is the first real one I have ever seen. Freaked me out when I put the pics on the computer and saw him with his hand?? in his mouth..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  6. I had no idea there were so many kinds of Advent Calendars. I remember vying with my sisters to see who would get to open each day. I love the hot sauce idea for my sister and BIL. Thanks for some good shares.

  7. Good morning Kris! I saw the Tiffany calendar on the news last night! WOW!!! We never had Advent calendars when I was growing up but these are wonderful ways to enjoy the anticipation of the holiday! And bravo to you for having your garage finally started!

  8. I used to give Advent calendars to my granddaughters when they were growing up. I think my youngest was almost 2 1/2 when my daughter caught her sitting on the floor of her bedroom with her Advent calendar. She had opened up every single day and was eating all 24 pieces of chocolate at once! LOL

  9. What wonderful ideas Kris. I love that tradition! We have several on our on too and nothing better than traditions. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. I love these ideas, and how lucky to get yours from the UK for your girls! I might have to do this for my adult kids this year, as we don't do gifting otherwise. Love the ones for the pets, too. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Kris - what an amazing selection of Advent Calendars you have managed to find. Funnily enough, my daughter showed the Tiffany one to me - oh if only... Yes we would need a lottery win for that too! We have always had Advent Calendars in our family - but when we were young it was just opening a door each day to reveal a picture relating to the nativity. This has obviously progressed over the years and I have always given a chocolate one to my daughter and my hubby always buys a chocolate one for me, which has one of my favourite makes of chocolates inside. It was a pleasure to get 2 of those Calendars for you - they are very strictly rationed to one per person and when I looked on ebay the day after the release, I could see why. Obviously some people buy them to sell and make a BIG profit. I hope that your girls will really enjoy them. Hugs, Gilly

  12. Wow, I had no idea there were so many advent calendars available! I saw one for each of my family members in here - thanks for the inspiration! How fun is that going to be to watch your daughter's faces when they get theirs.

  13. We are huge advent calendar fans over here. It's a tradition I started many years ago. We have a charming little house that we stuff with goodies every year, but I have never seen anything like this fun treats! That Mac calendar is amazing. My girls would go crazy, too...lucky you!! And I saw that Tiffany calendar on the news last week. I emailed a picture of it to my husband. So far, no reply. Big surprise! 😉

  14. The firemen chocolates sure are cute! They think of everything. I don't buy presents anymore. I take the grandkids to Barnes & Noble after Christmas when their gifts have been played with. My daughters and I stopped swapping presents years ago. Having lunch together twice a month is good for me because we have quiet time where we can talk and catch up.

  15. What fun and whimsical advent calendars. I don't swap gifts with anyone except my hubby. The grandkids and great grands are always happy to receive money. Your garage will be up before you know it. xo

  16. So many great Advent calendars. My daughter has one she made and use each year. I think they are a great idea. xo Laura

  17. Wow... I didn't know there were so many! I remember the good old days when I was a child, when we just had the calendar that was like a real calendar.. just a sheet of cardboard on the wall, with a little window to open for each day.. nothing inside, no candy, no saying or anything, just the date! But it was still fun and exciting, knowing Santa was coming soon as each day passed. I love the one with chocolates and little bottles of wine! I already have all my Christmas cards made! I got started early this year. xoxox Marilyn

  18. What fun ideas.

    I just started thinking about Christmas.

  19. You have shared so many great ideas for an advent calendar Kris and I know you are happy to have the floor down for the garage. Hope that the rest goes smoothly for you.

  20. I would love to get a makeup advent calendar.. :D

  21. My goodness! I never knew there were so many different kinds of advent calendars out there. I did one each year with my children when they were little but I've never been able to get my grandkids into them. Don't know why! We do have other traditions though that they enjoy. I am going to try that Hot Sauce one for my son...but may just give it to him as another gift under the tree:) He loves to cook and is always coming up with new recipes for the guys at their get-togethers...and hot sauce is always a welcome treat. So, thanks for the idea!!! And now to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving...the day after the decorations will be going up!!!

  22. We never really did Advent Calendars but I had bought a cloth calendar from Avon when my boys were in grade school that has a little mouse the you move and put in little pockets under each day in December!! They used to take turns moving the mouse to the next day..I now have it hanging in my craft room and I now move the mouse in December!! LOL!!

  23. Kris, thank you thank you! My husbands birthday is the middle of November. He's a chocolate lover. I ordered the Williams Sonoma calendar and it should arrive in time for his birthday. He will just love it. It might not have arrived in time if you posted about this later.

  24. Hi Kris,
    I do the same. My boys each get an Advent Calendar. I have done the LEGO advent calendar many years. This year it will be chocolate. :-)

  25. So many choices....I like the chocolate So the three stooges showed up, huh? looks like they did a good job!!!

  26. I have never seen so many advent calendars. I would love the chocolate one. We did those when the kids were little and I miss those times.

  27. I never knew there were so many Advent calendars! So many good ideas here. I've found some beautiful ones made in Germany but they don't have gifts behind the doors and windows. That Tiffany one! Wow! I wonder how many they sell of those? I mean, can you imagine!

  28. Such fun! I love Advent calendars, except for the ones from the grocery store. The chocolate in those is yucky! Think I'll look into this Godiva one!

  29. OMG! such an amazing calendars. This Christmas I will decorate my house with these as well as with more creative materials to brighten my house.