A Little Soap Talk

Happy Friday Sweet Friends.
As we head into the last weekend before the big day I wanted to share something special about a person that makes good for the earth soaps and scrubs and lip balms.
I found this wonderful person through Michele at Finch Rest blog.  
Michele and I have been blogging friends and her daughter now has a one women operation and makes the most wonderful soaps and scrubs and lip balms.

Her company's name is Fresha Soap Company.

Not only does she make all natural and wonderful products her company also gives back.

Here is her own statement on her site about being part of the community and giving back.

Our goals are big.

This Good Stuff Community, as I fondly call it, goes beyond you and me. Fresha Soap has partnered with a local organization called Fleur’s Dream to provide our soaps to the homeless community in Columbus, Ohio, because these souls are my neighbors. Cleanliness and hygiene should not be luxuries. They should be rights for all people. I feel lead to begin these efforts in my own back yard and do what I can to help provide a basic necessity to those who need a little help. Every time you “give a little extra“,  your generosity allows me to make and donate soap through our Good Stuff Community to Fleur’s Dream.
    Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

    I always love to share great places to find the best products and support women in business and also companies that give back.

    Here is the two soaps and sugar scrubs I bought for gifts and for myself and Terry.

    I also bought a set of sugar scrub and soap for my Girlfriend Charity Party that is going to be in January this year. 

    The Water Flower smells amazing and is so soft and great on your skin.  I especially love the sugar scrub.

    The Soft Gray is amazing and I bought this for Terry and a few of the guys on our gift giving list for this year.

    If you want a great gift of soaps, scrubs or lip balms please visit Evelyn's site.
     You will not be disappointed.  
    She describes the scents so nicely to help you make your decision.

    You can click here to go to her site.

    She wraps these so nicely for gift giving and ships quickly.

    I love when women start up their own small business and especially shops like Evelyn's that make natural environmentally safe products that also give back to the community.

    I am so happy to give this shout out to Michele's sweet daughter and her business.

    Please take a minute and visit Fresha Soap Co.  Treat yourself to something really special.

    We all need a little pampering at this time of year.

    Our Elf on the Shelf Buddy was found in Buddy's Christmas Stocking this morning.

    Hope he let's Santa know Buddy has been a very good little boy this year and needs a few new toys and bones in his stocking on Christmas morning.

    Have a great weekend enjoying getting ready for Christmas.


    1. I sure hope buddy get some goodness. Merry Christmas To you and those you love.

    2. I don't know Kris, is that stocking big enough for such a good little dog. LOL I love the idea of Evelyn's soap business. So kind to give to her community too. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,love, Susie

    3. Haha! Love that elf! We still find our own Buddy in some silly places. ❤️

    4. How wonderful. I love that she gives back to her community. I will definitely visit. Oh, I am sure that the elf has found no naughty behavior. Well at least not from Buddy. LOL
      xo Laura

    5. How wonderful! I love to learn about one woman entrepreneurial pursuits! I like her logo too. And the fact that she gives back from day 1.

    6. Hi Kris! What a thoughtful post! Thanks for sharing with all your delightful readers about these natural handmade amazing products that Evelyn makes.

      Those sneaky elves sure get around! My younger sister has 4 children and years ago one of those sneaky elves snuck away and was never seen again. You can imagine the chaos that ensured. To this day it is still missing and 3 of the 4 are in college now. We call him Jimmy. (chorkle giggle snort.)

      Big hugs! Thanks again!!!!

    7. The handmade soap sounds so nice and I love Buddy's stocking and the elf. Enjoy the weekend Kris.

    8. Handmade soaps and scrubs are one of my favorite gifts to receive. I'll have to head over there and check them out.

    9. Thanks, Kris. Love this post and know just which package I am going to be looking for at the girlfriend party. lol Have a wonderful weekend and take some much needed time for yourself. xo Diana

    10. I've just popped over to Fresha soaps, and I see several that sound wonderful! Love Buddy's little stocking!

    11. Good morning Kris!!

      I love to support local businesses and there is nothing like seeing a community flourish by the hands of its residents. You are amazing. Your support extends beyond your own backyard - an inspiration!

    12. I can just smell those pretty scents coming from your house, Kris. Just like my cousin's daughter, I love these young women starting up their businesses. I will check out her site and hope that your holidays are continuing to be joyful..Merry Christmas, my friend..xxoJudy

    13. Hi Kris,
      I always like to support these type of businesses. Thank you for sharing your finds. I always appreciate that.

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