Christmas Birds and Kringle Frost

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends.

Oh my one week until Christmas!!!!  When Thanksgiving is late it makes Christmas come even faster.

Hope you all are enjoying this last week as we head on down to the big day.

I wanted to share a few little birdies that have flown into my life and a cute Kringle Frost gifted to me.

These sweet little birds were gifted to me by my friend Diana for Christmas. 
They are so sweet and I love their fun feet!  

Thanks Diana they make me smile.

Some of my little family of birds have flown to the back of my stove in the kitchen.

I just love this sweet little couple.

This sweet little family is adorable.
 Not sure why but these birds just make me smile every time I see them.

This guy Mr. Kringle Frost was hand made and gifted to me by a dear friend in blogland. 

He also has a cute bird friend and owl friend. 

It was not planned but it seems like a lot of my decor this year is bird themed!

Some of you asked about the ornaments I hung on my lamps this year.
 I could not remember where I got them I have had them for so long. 
I do want to share with you these would be pretty easy to make.

She cut the star pattern out of a corrugated piece of cardboard box. 
You can see the corrugated lines on the top of the star.
You probably would not even have to use a corrugated box. 
Flat pieces of box would work too. 
Great way to recycle packing boxes from this time of year.

I am showing you the back of the star to see how easy peasy this is out of a piece of box. 
Then she hooked a piece of wire to hang them.
Then she just took buttons, pieces of lace and made a little joy banner and attached them to the star. 
I think these would be pretty easy to make. 
I might think about making these next year to put on packages.

Hope all of you are enjoying this last week leading to Christmas Day.
I am finished and just enjoying listening to Christmas music and taking in all the beautiful lights and decor for Christmas.



  1. Kris, I love your winter birds too. I have little birds here and there in my house, but none as cute as those with hats and scarves.:) Yes, that star would be fun to make...if only my little craft girl had not grown up. I miss crafting with granddaughter Emma. I want to wish you, Terry, and the family a wonderful Christmas filled with love and a new year of good health. .Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  2. I love the little winter birds. I was in the store yesterday and there was one little bird left on the shelf. I was so tempted to grab him and bring him home but I've got a few already. I'm not even close to finished so I'm jealous you have down time already! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. those birds are the absolute cutest ever. the ones with the fur hood and stole are adorable. love that they work as Christmas decor and into the winter. Thanks for sharing how to create the star ornaments. I'm going to pin that idea, just so sweet and pretty! Have a wonderful week, Kris!

  4. Merry Christmas Kris,
    I will be taking a little blog break. I have plans to spend the day with both my boys tomorrow, just me and the boys. I am so excited. We plan to go cross country skiing, make taco's and watch a movie. Jeremy has a meeting out of town, so I am happy the boys will be with me.
    We will be getting busy over the weekend finishing up some Christmas prep and celebrating at church. I am reading a story at church called The Tale of Three Trees.
    Lots of Love and Merry Christmas, Carla

  5. Kris,
    Cutest birds e v e r!
    I'm lovin' that adorable j o y Star Ornament!
    I belong to a Ladies Group called Joy Circle!
    These would be awesome to hand out at next year's
    Christmas Ornament Exchange!
    Thank you for the whimsical side of Christmas
    and an amazing inspirational ornament idea!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. I adore my little birdies, Kris - I don't know if you saw my Instagram post about them - they are absolutely perfect on top of the dresser in my bedroom. Thank you again for them!!! All your little birds are adorable - such fun decor that can remain all winter long!

  7. LOVE all the white with splashes of green! Looks clean and refreshing.
    Merry Christmas,

  8. Kris, love those little birds, they are certainly smile worthy. I am going to start baking tomorrow, today I go shopping for all that I need, while listening to Christmas music and drinking "Starbucks". Have a very wonderful Christmas with Terry and the kids and grands..xxoJudy

  9. The birds are adorable. What a sweet blogging friend you have.

  10. The little birdies are just the sweetest thing!!!! I love the little snowman cute. I think the little star would make a great tag for a gift. I would have never guessed it was made out of cardboard.
    Merry Christmas

  11. I love my birds too. I think the other birds make you smile because they stylish in their "fur" pieces.

    Love the snowman from Diana. I have been enjoying Christmas music too, love it.


  12. All of your birds are so fun and that star is really pretty too. Hope you have the most wonderful Christmas ever.

  13. Awe Kris...your little birdies are adorable! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. The whole display is light and airy. It's refreshing and a change from heavy wreaths filled with too many ornaments as I tended to do over the years. I like your approach.

  15. Love ❤️ your sweet birdies. They do make you smile. The snowman is adorable. Enjoy the countdown to Christmas. I am recovering from another hosted brunch yesterday. I am expecting my Granddaughter and her family Saturday. Xo

  16. Love your Christmas decor! It is always so lovely. And I for one love anything bird themed!

  17. So cute! I love all of your decorations and those birdies are so adorable! We're getting down to the wire and I still have a lot of decorating to do! Thank goodness my shopping is done! Hope to bake cookies soon. I've been wanting Christmas cookies since October! Lol! Have a happy! Hugs!

  18. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas, Kris! Enjoy the blogging down time and holiday festivities. xo

  19. Everything looks beautiful, Kris! Your place has a festive and frosted feel this year. So charming and elegant. xxoo

  20. Kris, love, love your sweet birds. What a collection you have now!

  21. Love all the birds!!! So many sweet touches to your home. Love them all!

  22. I can see why you love the birds Kris - and that star is so very effective! I still have things to get finished, but I'm sure that it will all be ok by the big day! Hugs, Gilly x

  23. All the birdies are adorable! The star is sweet! It’s amazing what kinds of creativity there is out there!

  24. Well your accidental bird theme has certainly inspired me. I love bird themes. I always had lots of feeders and lots of birds in my yard when I lived in a house. I also like snowman themes but I think that is because I live in Texas and will never be able to make a snowman. LOL.

  25. Kris, I actually squealed out LOUD at those adorable birdies - oh my heart, how I loooove birdies! Those are the cutest wee fellas, oh my golly!

    Every pic is amazing - so well done - your house is perfect for Christmas. ♥

  26. Have a wonderful Christmas Kris! I loved your little birdies and Kringle Frost with his owl and bird!They are so sweet! Your cottage is all decked out and ready for the celebrations to begin! xoxoxo Marilyn

  27. I love your new birds to add to your collection and such sweet blogging friends! Everything looks so festive. :)

  28. Love all your cute little birdies!

  29. They are the cutest! Did I see a couple over at Debbie’s house (mountainmama)? I think she won them if I’m not mistaken. Lucky duck!

    Have a Merry Christmas Kris ❤️

  30. I adore all your wintery feathered friends Kris! You have me wanting to hunt for some now.

  31. I love simple ornamentations that utilize small bits and bobs of items such as lace or doilies. So my favorite way of crafting. A big impact of style without much impact on the pocket book or environment