Hope Is Not Closed

Hello and Happy New Week.

This weekend began the ramping up of Covid 19.  
It is certainly a scary time.

As we see signs that say "We Are Closed" one thing for sure that is not closed is Hope.

We can keep hope alive and believe as hard as the news is coming in there is always hope.  
Hope we will all get through this tough time.
Patience, staying at home is the name of the game that will help us all recover from this virus and get our lives back. 

Last week I should you the gift bags I made up for the employees in my daughter's clinic.  They received them today and just loved them.  Did my heart good.

This week I am working on gift bags for the police officers and firefighters.  
Here is what I made for them.  
I hope this inspires you to think about the people in your town that are on the front lines of this pandemic. 

I went to the Dunkin Donuts to get gift cards for a nice treat to gift the firefighters that work for my husband. 
They have been working long hours and have been taking in many patients that are Covid 19 positive. 
Now is the test to see if the PPE's
 (Personal Protective Equipment).  will keep them from the virus with having contact with these positive patients.
They will all be monitored for temperatures done twice daily and symptoms for 14 days. 
Let's pray the PPE's are working and none of them will get this after being exposed on ambulance calls. 
Many of the first responders have young children and family members at home that are compromised. 
We do not want them bringing this home to their families.

The Dunkin Donuts employee gave me these nice munchkin boxes to use for a gift box for each gift card and drink.

Now onto the police officers.  
I made up gift bags of Gatorade drinks, healthy snacks and protein bars for energy.  
They can throw these in their police cars and have a nice snack in between calls for a treat.

I hope they will enjoy these little treat bags.  It is not a lot but it is the thought and letting them know they are doing a great job and we all appreciate what heroes they are to be on the front lines of this pandemic.

I will close my post with this sweet picture.  
My two granddaughters Abby and Charlotte have school each day to get their school assignments done.

This was art time and they both had fun painting.  
The letter for the day that Charlotte had to paint was the letter A.

I think for being 3 years old she did a great job.  Charlotte picked apples beginning with the letter A to paint.

Stay safe everyone.
Hugs, prayers and most importantly Hope to all of you and your friends and family.


  1. HOPE IS DEFINITELY ALIVE. Love your grandaughters and the artwork is a keeper for sure.

  2. This is brilliant Kris! And, I'm sure everyone will appreciate the time and thought you have put into these gift bags! Love, the Grands....so cute!

  3. Kris, you are the best! I just know these gift bags will be SO much appreciated by the firefighters and police men and women. We have a restaurant/pub down the street from us that has been making meals for the emergency services personnel in our town, as well as the ER crew at the local hospital. They are making this possible with donations from not only other local businesses, but personal donations, too. Last night we ordered a pizza from this business and when Brian went to pick it up, we also gave them a monetary donation for the meals for others.

  4. PS - oops, hit send too soon! I also meant to say I love the photo of your granddaughters. They sure are cute! I'm sure you miss them very much.

  5. GOod morning sweet Kris!

    I am SO GLAD your gift to the health care workers at your daughter's clinic were received with joy and gratitude. You are doing SO MUCH at this moment to keep the moral going during this unbelievable time.Istill wake up wondering, "Is this real?"

    Now on to the men and women who serve with Terry. God bless you for helping keep them smiling through this dark cloud where hope is just over the rainbow. Now, let's make this day a good one.

  6. Hope is ALIVE! It is nice that you can do these gift bags for so many. They will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Kris, how sweet and so thoughtful that you created this amazing gifts. I know they must love them and appreciate your kind gesture. The kiddos are so cute. Continue ti stay safe my sweet friend. xo

  8. Kris, you have a heart of gold! The gifts bags will be appreciated by all recipients. Your grands are darling...it will be a joy to see them again, face to face. xoxo

  9. Kris,

    You're an angel so amazingly thoughtful. I'm positive these will be appreciated.

    Charlotte did a great job. A gift seeing these smiling faces.

    Stay safe!


  10. You are so generous and kind! I know your gifts are greatly appreciated! Your Granddaughters are precious! I pray all your family stays well Kris!

  11. Once again, you have shown what a generous and blessed heart you have. Love the pics of the girls. Mine are having a ball being home. Tiff - not so much. LOL. They painted their front window yesterday and ha fun doing that. Take care sweet friend

  12. You are just the sweetest, Kris - I'm sure all the recipients of your wonderful thoughtful gifts were most pleased!! Be well xo

  13. Love the idea Kris. Thank you!
    Our Sam has been deployed to Madison to help. He will be there until the end of April.
    Thank you again for all you are doing and your family too.
    xx oo

  14. What a wonderful post! I found myself smiling while reading it! In the days we are all now experiencing you are certainly a "ray of sunshine" to all of us!!

  15. You are sweet to do this Kris. I was a little worried that places wouldn't accept things like things, as they may be afraid the bags and goodies could carry in the virus with it! Obviously it's OK! I'm making masks for hospital workers and patients. Our central Oregon hospitals have put out a call for masks and even gave us instructions on how they want them made and where to drop them off (not at the hospital please!). So I'm trying to get at least 10 made... I'm trying to do my little part to help. Makes a person feel good..and then we want to do even more! Hope you and all of your family remain safe and healthy - what with them being on the front lines so to speak. Blessings to all of you! Marilyn

  16. Kris, you are the best there is!! You have such a big heart and you put it to good use. Love the grands doing their homework. This is such a hard time and hope is the one thing we have to hold onto..Stay well my good friend..xxoJudy

  17. Kris, your granddaughters are just darling! What a fun picture and you are the sweetest. I can't imagine there will be lots of smiles from those first responders...and I am praying for them all. xoxo

  18. Such kindness will lighten your heart. Thank you for what you do for those who do for us.

  19. Oh I love the precious and thoughtful little gifts. You are surely being the hands and feet of Jesus with your servant's heart Kris. Love the picture of the kids. So precious. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. I know you will brighten days with your gift bags, Kris. Love the photo of your sweet granddaughters!

  21. How thoughtful of you to make these packages and they will appreciate them. Your granddaughters are are so adorable and sweet.

  22. As long as there is breath there's HOPE...I say that all the time when people doubt. You have done a good thing here, Kris and I'm sure they are all very appreciative. HUGS!