How Can I Help?

Happy Weekend Sweet Blogging Friends.
We are all trying to stay in and stay safe.  Finding things to keep our minds still and feel productive can be a real challenge.

I was thinking the other day as I was laying on the sectional feeling no motivation whatsoever!  
Feeling kind of down and feeling like should I come out of retirement as an RN to help in the crisis???  
I retired when I was 50 years old and now am 61.  I have not been in the field for over 11 years.  
You never lose your knowledge and experience but you can lose your skills especially with not being trained on the new advances.  This has been weighing on my mind.

I have a husband, daughter and son in law on the front lines of this so do I want to be the 4th in the family to possibly get exposure and bring it back to my family?  
We already have three in our family with the potential to bring this home or possibly get this Covid-19 themselves.

I had a long talk with my daughter Kimmie that runs a Cancer Clinic and she told me "Mom they are not even taking nurses unless they have worked in the last 5 years so I would not qualify".  
While that made me feel better about not coming out of retirement, I still felt like I needed to do something to help.

I needed to get off the couch more than walking Buddy once a day and do something.
Why not think about those on the front lines and do something to make life just a little easier for them.
Plus I have been painting everything in site in my house to keep active and Buddy is giving me the look like am I next to become blue or white lol!

This is my first activity for this week.  
I figured I would try to come up with something each week to make a difference in some way to the people on the front lines of this scary virus.

My daughters clinic has 24 employees including doctors, nurses, schedulers and pharmacy staff.  

Here is what I came up with and why:

Found these cute gift bags on Amazon and they could be delivered to my front door on Prime.

Also on I found all kinds of smart snacks, protein bars, individual popcorn and wonderful hand cream for frequently washed hands.
All could be ordered on and brought out to my car for pick up.  No exposure needed.

Kimmie (my daughter) told me that her staff love protein bars of all kinds. 
Some days with the amount of chemo patients they barely get lunch so these protein bars are a quick grab and go.  They keep them not feeling hungry for long periods of time. 
Found these Chocolate Brownie by Clif. 
They sounded pretty yummy.

One thing that has been a big disruption to the nurses in the infusion rooms is they can no longer bring in their reusable mugs to keep their morning coffee warm and at reach. 
Now they have to use throw away cups and they really do not have the time to wait for brewing fresh coffee in between treatments. 
I got this instant coffee packets they can just add to hot water in the infusion room to continue to have fresh and hot coffee as they run through their day.

They also can no longer have their reusable water bottles. 
They can open a fresh bottle of cold water so I thought these energy flavors for water bottles would be a nice treat for them.

Kimmie said the nurses and doctors love to pop in Microwave popcorn for a quick treat. 
I found these smart pops that are individual servings to add to the gift bags.

Target had these hand creams for extra dry skin which they all have from washing their hands so much and wearing gloves. 
I found these in the travel sample bins at Target for
69 cents each.

Of course I had to add the Lifesavers since this is exactly what all of these dedicated employee are.

Added some tissue paper and they are ready to be delivered to the employees on Monday. 
I feel like I tapped into something I love to do which also helps me feel productive. 
Showing kindness and gratitude right now with what is going on is so important.

Each week I hope to find something special like these thank you gift bags to put together for our police, firefighter/paramedics, hospital employees and clinics like my daughters. 
Maybe even do something special for all my neighbors that are all following the rules and staying home and indoors.
Hope you are staying home and safe. 
I guess we all just need to remember there will be an end to all of this in the near future. 
These next few weeks are ramping up with the spread and the more precautions we take in these critical weeks will lesson the exposure and infection rate.

Keep safe and well.


  1. What a wonderful gift bag idea! Bless you, dear lady!! And I forgot to say the other day ~ love how Terry's side of thed room turned out ~
    Cyber hugs ~

  2. You don't always have to do, but you are precious for wanting to. More than anything (I can say this because I am older and my husband still goes to work) is to keep yourself healthy, provide your husband with a good place to come home to and feed him well. Someone needs to stay on the home front. That is you. And always many times in the day Pray. The very best to you.

  3. I think the gift bags were a wonderful idea. All of the doctors, nurses, drugists, store employees all deserve every little thing we can do for them to take a little stress of their jobs.

  4. You are such an inspiration, Kris! What a beautiful thing to do. I'm sure the staff will be so grateful. Thank you to all of your family members on the front lines.

  5. Great idea Kris! Giving back to the care providers seems a good way to show you care.

  6. Wow....that is just beautiful!! You always have great ideas and are so generous too!!

    Our local Hickey Freeman clothing Co. has turned their machines over to making face masks and protective garments for hospital workers and care givers......way to go !!!

  7. Darling friend,

    You are special to so many. I am one of those people. For many reasons I won't mention here, you have lifted my spirit, been a fun and deeply understanding friend, and you inspired me. From talking about home décor to the more serious concerns about our world, your warm spirit is greatly appreciated and I know that the staff at your daughter's clinic is going to totally love this great gesture of love and admiration. Every single person (and will dare to include myself as an educator) that is reaching out to someone is doing just what God wants us to do: to support each other and grow. Thank you.

  8. See Kris, this is why we love you! Sure we come here to enjoy your wonderful decorating skills but we also drawn here because of your big beautiful heart ❤️

  9. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You are the Queen of Gift Bags! Everything that goes in them is well thought out and useful. You are amazing! xoxo

  11. What a fabulous idea. I am sure they will all love such a thoughtful gesture.

  12. Such a wonderful gesture. Love the bag design. They will ❤️ love the gift. Many thanks to so many who put themselves in danger helping the public. I think you should stay put at home with Buddy. Your family had already been out there helping so many. Stay safe. Xoxo

  13. Such a great idea! You found the perfect bags, too. I know these will be much appreciated.

  14. Making these gift bags up are a great idea and I know everyone will appreciate them. You are so thoughtful and this will put a smile on those faces. I hope you all stay safe.

  15. I think it's a fantastic idea, Kris! There are all sorts of ways we can help out behind the front lines. Pay neighbors for handy work who are out of work, as I'm doing. And the ideas like you've come up with are limitless. People need to feel like they're helping out, like they did in WWII. It will make us all better people.

  16. I am very impressed with the choices for items into these blessings bags!
    I too am a retired RN and experience those same feelings of wish to help. You bring a sense of community through your blog and the comments and are much appreciated.

    1. Thank you Jan. It is frustrating when we are retired and want to help but cannot. These bags are just a little way to try and help. Stay safe and well. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

  17. What a wonderful & clever idea! God bless you!

  18. Giving is your special gift, Kris. Bless Your Heart (as usual) you are thinking of others and how you can help. A true nurses heart. xoxo

  19. Kris,
    Bless your sweet heart!
    Thank you for knowing what it's like to be in their place. . .
    and acting on your instincts!

  20. That is a wonderful idea, Kris! You are so thoughtful!

  21. The bags are awesome and so cleverly thought of and put together..I bet you will bring a smile to some workers who at this time and always ..give so much to others (their patients and clients) for their comfort. Prayers for your Family and all medical staff and also for our President and his Team, who are putting their health at risk to help others, and our Country each day. Bless you for your kindness and for your creativity you are blessed with it seems. Stay safe.

  22. Thank you for doing this, Kris. As always, you are a wonderful person. xo Laura

  23. Thank you for doing this, Kris. As always, you are a wonderful person. xo Laura

  24. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. I will be happy when this is all over and everyone is safe. Randy and I play games a lot and go on an occasional drive for freedom and fresh air. We have no contact with anyone.

  25. This is so sweet and thoughtful of you Kris. I am sure your gifts will be very much appreciated. I am praying all the more for us all and seeking God's wisdom in my daily life. Keeping my eyes focused. Will start this Wed. night with our ladies bible study group with ZOOM so those that can, can meet online. I so desire to be that ray of Hope to those that may feeling there is none or doubting. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. This is just awesome! I'm wondering if this is something you can do because you have a 'connection' to the hospital? A few of us were talking about creating gift bags to deliver to hospital and nursing home workers but we were told they are not accepting anything from the outside for fear of additional contamination. Bummer. You are bringing such joy and encouragement - thank you for doing this!

    1. I was able to do this as long as everything is sealed.  No homemade things or open containers.  My daughter got permisson from the higher ups and they thought it was a great idea.  So I was so happy to make them.
      I am sorry you cannot get them to ok packaged and sealed things.

  27. Bless you Kris! What a wonderful idea. You are one of the most caring people I know. Hugs, Gilly x

  28. Kris,
    This is a wonderful idea. I know how much these care packages will be appreciated.