Deck Preview

Happy New Week.

Hope you all had a great Easter.  
So different for all of us. 
Let's hope that the shelter in place will begin to bring the spread of this virus down and we can all return to our regular routines again.

Terry and I decided to take advantage of the shelter in place Easter weekend and start to work on the new deck.
Our backyard has been a mess since the build of the garage and it needs lots of TLC.
We want to create more living space for this tiny house.  We decided on building a deck area to give us an outside dining and entertaining area.

We had this 12 x 12 cement patio for the beginning of the deck area.

It is hard to see but we wanted to go out past the side of the garage where you can see the small cement step from the garage behind that chair. 
You can see all the mud in the center of the picture from where they had to trench up the grass to bring the electrical from the garage to the house when they built the garage. 
This space will give us a 16 x 24 foot deck area.  
This was taken at night right after a thunderstorm with hail.  

Sorry about this pic too.  
I took it through the screen door lol!  You can see the beginning of the framing for the new deck.

After the framing and getting everything square and lined up we began to lay down the Trex composite decking panels.  
We chose the composite decking because it is maintenance free.  No staining each year after our harsh winters. 

Our little contractor Buddy was surveying the area to make sure we were doing it correctly.

Here is some of the finished deck.  
We put up this deck railing and gate to keep the little contractor in the yard!

The gate is at the end of the deck to allow us access to the back deck from the drive and garage.

We still have trim pieces to finish to frame out the deck and keep little critters from going under the deck.  
We just ran out of weekend so hopefully if the weather allows next weekend we can complete this deck.

The she shed still needs some paint at the top and the flower beds and grass are the next project for this backyard makeover.

We will now have a dining space and entertainment space for the summer and fall months of nice weather.  
We are looking at building a pergola or gazebo on this deck.
As you can see in this picture the stair still needs to be trimmed out.

I am on the hunt for a large dining table and chairs and I ordered a fire pit table and can use my comfy chairs with cushions to go around that.

Been looking at a few outdoor chairs and loveseat combo's too.
I cannot wait to get my flowers going and planting new flowering bushes in this backyard.
My she shed all dolled up and done soon.
The weather has been so crazy.  70's for a few days and now we are below normal in the 40's with the possibility of some snow today and tomorrow.
I am glad we got a jump on the deck this weekend.  
One less project to take up a weekend as the weather begins to get nice.
I cannot wait to fix up this backyard with lots of flowers and lots of space for us to enjoy the outdoors.
Have a wonderful week.


  1. Wow Kris Terry works so fast. The deck looks great and I'm so happy for you both. I know you'll enjoy your yard and the shed. Buddy is just adorable and looks like he likes it too!
    Have a nice week. Stay healthy and safe.

  2. Wow, it really is transforming your space! Love how you fenced it, too! So beautiful already!!

  3. Your deck looks great. When I had mine built. I used the Trex also. Didn't want much maintenance. I didn't think it was that much more expensive until I had to buy the connectors or whatever those are called. But it sure is east to keep ean. Good job!

  4. Kris,
    I l o v e your extended out~of~doors space!
    Cutest contractor e v e r!
    Keep those updated photos comin'!

  5. Wow,you guys work fast!!! The new deck looks amazing and your little contractor is sooooo cute!!

  6. Incredible work! I can't believe how quickly this is going, too.

  7. I think you guys are the energizer bunnies, I can't believe you got all that accomplished. It would take us all weekend to decide what we wanted to do. It looks amazing!!

  8. Oh wow it is all looking so good. Your yard is going to be amazing and such a great space to entertain.

  9. Wow. Kris. It is going to give you so much wonderful outdoor living space. Hope it warms up for you this next weekend. xo Laura

  10. Wonderful space. Nothing like decks. We've used Trek for years and love it.

  11. That's fantastic! Wow, so much room to be able to spread out. You've really maximized your living space!

  12. wow..its really beautiful..and I bet you will just live out there this Spring and Summer, under the direction of your little contractor and grands. You two are such great workers and non procrastinators..yall just "getter done".. Enjoy..and thank you..its nice to see inspirational and uplifting posts like yours always are.. :0) ..Happy Spring. (ps hope it warms up again, soon)

  13. Kris, you two are amazing! This will be such a fabulous outdoor living space when you are finished. One of these days the weather will cooperate and you can plant flowers. It is cold and nasty today...brrr... xoxo

  14. You blow my mind.

    I mean, LOOK AT THIS?

    It's fabulous, Kris and Terry! The expanse of this area has brought the property to another level! What a great space to just soak up the sun and dream. I really love your idea of a pergola for some shade and the picket fence railing is perfection. Well, you did it again. Hey, we got snow yesterday and it was WHITE OUT conditions! Put your seatbelts on....

  15. Beautiful Kris, you got alot accomplished in one weekend. I can't wait to how beautiful this will look. You have always had gorgeous flowers.

    Little critters need to not come in the yard. Dachshunds are fast and you wouldn't want a present left for you. Don't know about Buddy but Reeses has gotten close to grabbing a chipmunk in their yard.


  16. That is going to be such a great extension of your living space! Super nice! Y'all got a lot done. I know you will have it all dolled up and looking beautiful for summer.
    We've had crazy weather too - last week we were near 90 and this week we are back in the 50-60 range. Even the weather isn't normal! Take care!

  17. Holy Moly ~ You got all of that done in a weekend. It looks fantastic and I know you'll enjoy it immensely. Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  18. Wow, you two work fast. The deck is a Great addition, especially something like trex which is maintenance free. You can can really spread our, entertain or sit around a fire pit. It is all coming along nicely. If you are like me, I always want it now. I have to wait for Paul to start the next I am waiting for him to start the outdoor shower enclosure. Have a lovely week Kris. Hugs

  19. What a wonderful space you are going to end up with. Tip, on the stairs, we put an edging around the stairs so that your eyes see the difference from the deck below. A seamless look becomes visually one level, and anyone new to your deck, may miss seeing the step.

    1. Hi Sandi,
      Funny you should mention this. I felt that same thing. I think we will put some kind of trim around so people know including me lol that it drops down a step. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a wonderful day.

  20. Kris, I can hear the enthusiasm in your written words. I know you will enjoy planting, painting and decorating your wonderful new deck and the shed and yard. I wish I had an outdoor space to call my own. I would steal some of your ideas. Unfortunately, all I have is a 3 ft. x 8 ft. sidewalk outside of my apartment. Can't wait to see more pictures as you progress. Sandra

  21. It looks fantastic and what a great idea for the containment railing for contractor Buddy to be kept inside of. I know you are really going to enjoy this. Outdoor space is so important for those of us who live in small space homes. An extension of our indoors is a wonderful thing to have.

  22. Kris,
    Just love your vision and implementation! You are all an amazing duo:) I do have my eye on your she-shed...and I am so excited to see what plans you have for the gardens you'll placing around her.

  23. Wow you two do such great work and fast too. I know you will have it looking beautiful in no time, you always do. Can't wait to see all your flowers and prettiness. Looking forward to it Love you little She Shed, so cute.

  24. Love the size, it will be a great bonus space for outdoor life. Cant wait to see all the cute décor and pretty posies you are sure to add. Enjoy you time together.

  25. Pergola would look nice and give you another. "Room" gazebo would draw eye to gazebo and loose the flow of deck to garden...really like the deck

  26. Wow I'm amazed the deck went up so fast! We have been "thinking" about having one put in for the last 4 years and it's still not done! But of course, takes someone who knows how to do it and the money - neither of which we have! So we just keep dreaming. We would love one about 1/4 your size but we both need to learn and actually get motivated to DO! Yours looks gorgeous and I can just picture the gazebo and flowers and your lounger and fire pit. The fence along the deck edge was ingenious! We have 73 here today so I've actually been out doing some yard work. Really is a motivation to have the warm weather. xoxo Marilyn

  27. Wow, I can't believe how fast you were able to put up this deck! It looks great and love the large size. Can't wait to see the finishing touches you'll be adding to this space.

  28. Your outdoor space is really coming together, Kris. I love your garage! The white railing is so pretty, as well as functional. You are really going to enjoy your new deck, and a gazebo would really be the icing on the cake. You and Terry are doing a great job. Hugs, Nancy

  29. Kris, it is looking so good and you will have a really large space for entertainment. That will be so nice for you. I am always amazed at the speed in which you and Terry work. When the really nice weather sets in I know this will all be ablaze in color and beauty..Stay well..xxoJudy

  30. I'm so impressed, Kris. This looks amazing. Wow, you guys work so fast and make a super DIY team. I can't wait to see it all decked out (no pun intended!) with your fabulous flowers. I'm always envious of your gorgeous blooms. My sister has a pergola with grapes growing over it. Its so pretty, the vines come back every year and they provide a lot of shade. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!! xo

  31. Wow very nice! I’m always amazed at the speed that you guys get things done! This will allow for a lot of outdoor time and relaxing. Great job!

  32. Wow, that is one nice deck! Can't wait to see what you do with this great space! Have a great week, Kris!

  33. Your outdoor living space will be an extension of your sweet cottage home, I am sure, Kris. I can just imagine it full of pretty flowers, and furniture arranged just perfectly the way you do. How fun this will all be for you to decorate, and then just sit, relax, and enjoy it all!! Love to you! Debbie xo

  34. Kris, your deck looks wonderful! You will love the Trex. We replace our wood deck 5 years ago because we had to repaint/stain every other year here with our hot California summers, and it still looks so amazing. Picturing you gathering your family and friends out there for lots of memory making times! Xo Lidy

  35. Kris, your deck looks wonderful! You will love the Trex. We replace our wood deck 5 years ago because we had to repaint/stain every other year here with our hot California summers, and it still looks so amazing. Picturing you gathering your family and friends out there for lots of memory making times! Xo Lidy

  36. It's all looking really good Kris. You and Terry have clearly worked very hard to get all of this done. It will be a fabulous space for you and your family to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing it when it is all finished. Hugs, Gilly x

  37. That man of yours is a keeper girl! WOW! Looks awesome. Oh you will enjoy that wonderful space so much. I can already see a party coming. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  38. You will love this. We got a Sojag- metal pergola last year. We love it.