Beautiful Angels

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday.
I love to share small business people that I have purchased something special and love it.
I found a very talented lady that paints these beautiful angels on wood.   You all know how I love angels!
I wanted to share her talents with you and her Etsy shop.

This is the angel I chose for myself.  

She came to me beautifully wrapped with special wrapping and other gifts attached.

The talented lady that paints these angel's is Caroline at  Summerhouse Designs on Etsy.

I hung my sweet angel on a flower hanger made out of old ceiling tiles and then added faux flowers and a nest.

She looks pretty on this door arrangement.

This is another angel Caroline has for sale in her shop.

This one too is available in her shop.

This one I bought for a dear friend that is an angel in so many people's lives. 

 I want to surprise her with some Happy Mail in the coming days.  Caroline said she would send this off to my friends address.

Lately going to the mailbox is the highlight of a lot of our days!!

I hope my friend will love getting this pretty angel in the mail.  
I loved that Caroline painted the bird's nest on this angel.

Again if you want to visit Caroline's Etsy Shop you can click here.

Especially now with so many people out of work due to the virus it helps to support small business.

I hope you will visit Caroline's Etsy Shop.  She does custom work too.  So if you like my angel or this one I purchased for my friend she might be able to paint something similar for you.
Caroline also makes some of the cutest children's clothes.  
She paints and sews.  I so admire all of you that and sew and paint.
Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. Kris, your angel and Caroline's collection are ethereal. I love how yours looks on your door! Happy weekend.

  2. What lovely angels and I love how you have displayed yours. Your friend will be blessed by the angel you have gifted her with and your love and generosity. Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Good morning MY angel!

    Oh my....what details and I love how she has made a cascade of roses in their hair.The angel with the long black locks....that is me when I was 17!!!!!!!

    My hair is growing long so fast that I think I will give it a chance as it is still very black. Dear friend, how are you today? I can see that your sweet home is getting the attention that it deserves and that you and Terry will be at it once again when weather permits. I hope you have good weather so we can all see all the updates on the She Shed and the deck.

    Many hugs and may the angels watch over you!

  4. My gosh her angels are beautiful! Going to visit her shop next.

  5. Your new angel is so pretty and I love the way you have displayed her! I took a quick peek at her etsy shop and she is very talented (with lots of glowing reviews). Enjoy your weekend...although they all seem like weekends xoxo

  6. Kris,

    These are stunning an yours is beautiful! I love how you have her styled, so pretty.

    Enjoy your angels, angel!


  7. These are lovely and I am so happy to see people supporting small online businesses during this crisis. I have shut down my Etsy shop temporarily because it isn't safe for me to got to the post office, but I know that many people continue to sell on there and I am glad they are being supported. I'm looking forward to getting some flower seeds I purchased on there. Stay safe, Kris. xo Laura

  8. I do try to support small business. Every time I see an angel now I think of you! I hope they bail out the postal service.

  9. The angel is so sweet and it looks great on your door. Such talent she has making these adorable angels. Your friend will absolutely love the one you bought for her
    Thanks for sharing her Etsy Shop Kris. Happy Friday and happy weekend. xoxo

  10. I love your pretty angel you have hanging on your door. The etsy shop owner is a very talented artist. I know your friend will love the angel you send to her.
    Hope you enjoy the weekend. :)

  11. Oh my goodness, they are just gorgeous. I need to go peek immediately. I know your friend will be super surprised by her thoughtful gift...a housewarming present perhaps? ;)
    Stay safe in your cozy home. xo

  12. I really love your floral spray, looks like a tree in full blossom, hugs, I have to go down downstairs and do something for the house! Hugs Sandi

  13. Hi Kris,
    Love your new angel and your arrangement on the door, very pretty! Wow, so nice of you to feature her etsy shop, she has some beautiful angels for sure.
    Hope this finds you and yours doing well. How are things in your neck of the woods,
    We missed hearing our Gov. today, so not sure what is happening yet exactly.
    It's nice to hear we are gonna start opening back up, just hope the numbers
    don't start going up rapidly.....cause ours and my daughters area jumped a lil
    today......hoping it's lower tomorrow.
    Well, have a lovely weekend,

  14. What a talented lady and I like her work.
    I like how you used the angel in your decor.

  15. The angel on your door looks so sweet, Kris. The additions you made to her are perfection! It's sunny here, but soooo windy! Have a great weekend! Smooches. Debbie xo

  16. Hello Kris,
    Well goodness gracious, I am so thankful you shared the talents of this Maker.
    I always give my 3 girls angels for Christmas. Maybe this year I will give them angels for Mother's Day.
    Your home is looking as lovely as can be. Soft, serene and welcoming!

  17. What a very clever and talented lady! The one you have chosen is beautiful Kris, but then so are the others too. I'm sure that your friend will be delighted to receive the special gift that you have chosen for her. I love the way that you have used your own. Hugs, Gilly x
    P.S. Just going to look at her shop now.

  18. It is so nice of you to support small business owners and this one is well worth the praise, the angels are beautiful.

  19. Kris, your angel is just beautiful! She looks perfect surrounded by your pretty flowers and bird’s nest. Your friend will be so blessed by your gorgeous and sweet gift. Wishing you a joy-filled day, Lidy

  20. Kris, what a beautiful angel. You have a really beautiful collection and I love where you hung her. You are such a good friend to everyone and we all love to see all that you do..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy