Beginning Summer Flowers

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.
It is finally beginning to look like Spring in Illinois.  
Planting and getting flowers going is underway.
Thought I would show you the beginning flowers and hopefully in about a month or so can show you the progress and how big and filled in the flowers will be.

Hung the flower shoppe sign on the she shed.

Made a new wreath for the door of the she shed.  With no shops or stores open I had to find things I had to make this wreath.

I am working on the inside of the she shed.  I found a cute chair and hung a chandelier and Terry ship lapped the back wall.  I am looking for some wicker baskets to fill in the cubbies where the chickens once had their nests.  Hope to have the inside to show you soon. 

These three bushes were in the front of the house.  We took them out and planted them in the back of the yard.  I cannot wait to see you what has replaced them in the front of the cottage.  I have been planting perennials in this back area to hopefully fill in as years to come.

I love knock out roses for their growing almost anywhere with sunshine and very low maintenance.  You just pinch off the dying flowers and new ones will reappear throughout the summer and early fall.  They are pretty resistant to disease too.  By next year these will begin to fill in the beds nicely.

When I planted these last week they had zero buds blooming and  just in less than a week they are already budding nicely.  Excuse the ugly beds I am waiting on the guy to come and put mulch down in the beds.

My iron patio planter given to me from sweet friends a few years ago is now loaded down with flowers.  I am excited that these are already starting to trail.  Good sign they will multiply and be down to the deck in a month or so.

The impatient bags are beginning to fill in nicely.

Even Buddy likes to smell the flowers.
I will have the front yard and picket fence to show you soon.  Lots of planting going on out front of the cottage.
New beginnings and hope to show you as summer comes along the progress of the flowers filling in.
Have a wonderful day and great holiday weekend. 
Happy Memorial Day.

Parties this week:


  1. Your flower choices are so romantically beautiful! You should be proud of all of your efforts. It's absolutely charming. -Jenn

  2. Your yard is going to be beautiful! I too love knock out roses but mine are starting to dwindle down and need to be replaced. I got about 7 years out of them and they got too big and scraggley. (is that a word)?
    Can't wait to see the inside of the shed!!
    Love it

  3. Wow the shed looks so cute! Love the wreath and all the flowers! Your knockout roses are looking fabulous. Hope you have a fun weekend. Looks like rain late Saturday through Sunday here but Monday will be great!

  4. Everything is looking so beautiful. All the flowers are wonderful.

  5. Wow, Kris!! Your landscape, bike and shed look amazing with all the flowers! Your deck wrought iron basket and all the hanging and other annuals - just a huge wow! You've been working really hard. Transplanting large shrubs is not for sissies! Can't wait to see the front too. Happy weekend!

  6. Everything looks fabulous, The flowers add quite the pop to your yard. Love the added wreath and hanging baskets. The bike is so whimsical. Looking forward to seeing inside. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Hugs

  7. Gorgeous Kris, it's going to amazing in a month. Honestly, I think it's amazing now.

    The she shed gets more beautiful every time.

    I finished planting our deck and front porch. Dahlias for the first time. Just put the bulbs in this morning. It's Dahlia Corner!

    I'll be sharing soon a portion of my plants.

    Peanut goes on the deck every morning and smells each pot. Has done it since we moved here. It's adorable, she's so little as you know.

    Reeses is too busy being the guard doxie.

    Happy Memorial day!🇺🇲


  8. It looks great! And best of all Buddy seems to approve. Your garden has already been beautified and imagine what it will look like in a month. Can't wait to see. I bet your granddaughters love the she shed.

  9. I love your she shed and the bike and all of your pretty flowers. Buddy is so cute sniffing the flowers. Bosco likes to do the same thing! Have a nice weekend.

  10. You have an amazing green thumb! Scritches to Buddy ~

  11. Hi Kris - it's looking fantastic! I have only just caught up with your previous post too. I love it all - the vintage bike looks amazing and your flowers are already settling in, it will all look amazing as all of the flowers come into bloom. The she shed is looking so good already and I can't wait to see the inside too. Happy weekend, hugs, Gilly x

  12. Looking beautiful and will grow to be even more so. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  13. Absolutely beautiful.....your blooms are already filling out nicely. Your she shed is so darling, I can't wait to see the inside!!!

  14. Your shed is coming along nicely and I can't wait to see what you're doing inside. You always have such beautiful flowers and I'm in awe of how big they get. Happy Memorial weekend to you and Terry!

  15. Wow, you sure have a lot done already. We finally got all the veggies planted. (MY ACHING BACK) and today I will start on my flowers. Amazing transformation and don't you just love how green our grass is now...everything seems quite happy at being drowned! LOL, hugs back, Sandi

  16. How nice to see everything full of flowers at your house.

    You need to send an image of your shed to

    They are looking for submissions for the 2021 calendar. Even if you aren't completely finished right now, by the time they have chosen and are sending out a photographer, your shed would be ready.

    It deserves recognition of its rise from a chicken coop to a chic shed.

    My shed was on their 2019 calendar.

  17. Oh Kris, you did it. YOU DID IT! It looks amazing. The blue of the door is just right and once your plants start to swell under the summer sun, this place is really going to surprise. I am loving this!

  18. everything looks so wonderful already. You definitely have the green thumb to go with the vision. Love the pink Schwinn planted in the garden. I have one also, but I need to trim back the vine that uses it for a trellis and replant the handlebar basket...and yet it probably wont look as good as yours.
    Enjoy your weekend and your projects.

  19. Oh my goodness, it's all just gorgeous. So colorful!! And that shed is the sweetest. I bet your grand girls will adore coming to visit and taking a little visit inside. Maybe Buddy with join them for tea under the chandelier! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. We will be hanging out by the pool if the weather allows...rain on Saturday, sun on Sunday! Hopefully! xo

  20. Happy Memorial Day, Kris! So glad you are finally getting to plant. It is already looking beautiful with the promise of being just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the front. Enjoy!

  21. Kris, I feel good just looking at all you have done to pretty your place. That she shed is adorable. I love the flowers !!! I had been wondering if you had your flowers growing. Bless your heart, xoxo, Susie

  22. Wow Kris - it's really looking pretty over there! Gotta say those 3 big bushes you put in back look as though they always belonged there - good move - and the ko roses - oh aren't they growing beautifully fast?? If you haven't yet, whenever you are able- I used Knock Out Roses food for mine, and they really do grow faster and hardier with the proper amount of nurishment.

    Well done- and how I would love to visit and see that delightful she-shed of yours. I have wanted one since I was a little girl - one of my neighbor friends had one - even had electricity - it was all girly and private and I loved it so much. Never outgrew that, apparently. Glad I am able to enjoy living that dream vicariously through you and your sweet blog. Hugs.

    Stay healthy, dear lady. ♥

  23. Kris, I have been moving slowly these days and I read all your posts but some have passed by without comments, but you know that I see them all. Your she shed is so pretty and can't wait to see the inside. All the flowers are just beautiful and those knock out roses will fill in that bed beautifully. Glad you are getting some nice weather now and by summer you will be hidden by your beautiful blooms. The bicycle is so sweet and pretty too..Keep well and thanks for showing all the beauty..xxoJudy

  24. Kris,
    This makeover is something else! Loving it all so much and pinned it too.
    Such a sweet, sweet spot in your backyard and I am thankful that Spring is bringing you plenty of sunshine and blooms.
    We are just getting tulips to bloom up here and snow is in the forecast for tonight.

  25. What fun you are having! I so admire your green thumb. The shed is already completely adorable!

  26. OH it is all so beautiful, Kris! I am loving your shed and all of the roses you have planted! Gorgeous!

  27. Everything is looking so beautiful, Kris! I love how you have decorated the she said and those roses lining the fence are going to get bigger and even more beautiful over the years. Love all your flower baskets, too.

  28. Everything is lovely, I am so excited about the She Shed. Your hanging baskets are amazing. And Hello to Buddy!!
    xx oo