Let's Go Shopping

So it was glorious weather on Friday.  
A soft summer breeze kind of day.  
Terry took a well deserved day off of work and we decided to take a ride to Michigan.  
Michigan is a little further ahead of opening up than we are in Illinois.
That meant my shops would be open as long as you wore a mask and keep social distancing.
So off we went.

Thought I would take you along to see what is new in Michigan with some cute shops.

One of my fave shops is the Found Cottage in Hudsonville, Michigan.

The Found Cottage just opened up another 4000 sq. feet of shopping.

So many great vendor booths.

For all of you familiar with Mark's Illinois shop called Warehouse 55 he also has a great vendor spot in The Found Cottage.  This is Mark's booth.

Mark frames beautiful sayings in old vintage windows.

This sweet little chair I bought for my office.  I have been needing a new office chair and I think this one will fit perfectly.  Very comfy.  I might need to embellish this chair a little bit so I will show you that soon.

Ok Shop number 2 on our road trip is in Kalamazoo.  This shop is called Garden House Market.  

This is Zeke the shop greeter.  Super friendly and loved seeing our little Buddy come in the shop with us.  Wish I had grabbed a pic of that but did not :(.  They became friends right away.

They have individual vendors and lots and lots of furniture and garden antiques.  
This shop also has heart pounding chippy white things!!!!!

Next on our stop was Trove in Portage Indiana on our way back to Illinois.

In this picture I bought the little white chippy adirondack chair.  I will show you what I am doing with it soon.

 I know it is not as fun looking a pictures from these shops as it would be shopping there, but I thought I would share a little of my fun day.  
I love that I can do these shops and then some all in one day.  The furthest shop is The Found Cottage and it is only about 2 hour drive.  

We also ate at the Old Goat Restaurant in Grand Rapids because they had outdoor seating and Buddy could sit with us.  
Just a fun day.  
Happy Sunday and have a good start to the new week.


  1. Hi Kris - what an amazing treat for you! I'm so pleased that you could do this, it must have made you very happy. Thanks for taking me around those beautiful shops with you, well almost! I love what you have bought and look forward to seeing what you do to them. I spied an amazing clock, which I would love. It's floor standing, and about waist height, I would think. I adore it. Glad that you kept yourselves safe, and good that the shops had brought in the safety measures. Hugs, Gilly x


    Oh Kris, talk about "heart pounding" items! Now you have me wanting to take a drive to our Stillwater where antique shopping is just as fun. My goodness, look at all the goodies to be had! I see some items that I have such as a small white garden bench with the swirly flowers up top (I must photograph it to show you) and the zinc cans and in the first image, I see an old yellow metal settee...wouldn't that be fun to have!

    Did you have a fabulous time my dear and wonderful friend? I think you did. So glad to know Terry got time off to enjoy with YOU.


  3. Break out!! What a fun adventure. I love that Buddy got to go with you two. I really need a trip like this. Love all the garden things, but lady, you do realize you messed up that vendor's display TOTALLY by taking that Adirondack, right? Lol. I loved those lumbar pillows with pennant flags (inspiration hit when I saw that!). Sounds like a perfect outing, three states in one day, and a meal!

  4. Ooo, love, love, love! I wish I could visit and go shopping with you. I'd love to browse in those shops. Looks all so supercool!
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Kris,
    Loved seeing all these wonderful shops!! We really do not seem to have places like this here so I really enjoyed "Shopping with you"!

  6. Kris, I am so happy you, Terry and Buddy got out for a nice drive to go shopping. The shops looks like fun with plenty of inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your purchases. The restaurant looks cute and an added bonus, Buddy could hang out with you, I think we all need something like this in our lives. Happy week ahead. Xo

  7. Those shops look great! Sounds like it was a wonderful day.

  8. You took amazing photos. Magazine worthy for sure. Funny thing, when I read the first 2 lines of your story, I thought it was a poem.lol. See if you can hear the meter of it.

  9. Oh I envy you. Things are not nearly that far along in KY and with my asthma I am being extremely cautious I haven’t been to a store since March!

  10. So many wonderful and unusual things to see! It has been ages since I've done something like that. I don't even know if they are open here. But we don't have anything near as good as these shops. I love the hanging bee skeps. So nice that Buddy could go along and find a friend!

  11. Oh so much fun!! THANKS, I really needed to have a shopping trip! kinda gets your blood flowing and gives some great inspiration. Oh my that loveseat and the scalloped chippy bench. love love love. Have a wonderful day, Kris!

  12. Wiw Krjs such a great day and I always swoon over these stores that you visit.

    So happy Buddy took a road trip and Terry had a day off. Great tgat you had much needed fun time.


  13. Wow, so many fabulous goodies!!! I'm glad you were able to get away and enjoy the day and spend time together. Can't wait to see what you found!

  14. Looks like you had a great trip! So glad you got some time to play. Travel safe.

  15. Kris, No wonder you love that shop. I saw things I would love to have and you know as old as I am I sure don't need more. LOL Getting away with your sweet Terry for a day of fun had to feel like a dream come true. Can't wait to see the chairs you bought fixed up in your style. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. I see so many things in all those shops that I love! I definitely would've had to practice restraint! I looked up Found Cottage on Google maps to see how far it is from my house and darn, it's 3-1/2 hours. A little too far for a one day trip. Glad you and Terry made time for a little getaway!

  17. Wow..loved it all..thanks so much. My husband and I got out of the house yesterday and I was able to go to an antique mall. It was such great therapy and I bought several things I didn't need, but really wanted.. ;0) lol. I can't wait to see your new decor in place...Glad your furbaby was able to go, with yall. Have a great week decorating with the newbies.. :0)

  18. These look like places that I could get lost in... so many beautiful things!

  19. Oh my! Those shops look wonderful. So glad you got to go and browse around and shop. A little outing always makes the heart feel better about life doesn't it? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. Hi,
    What a fun adventure. I love that Buddy is able to go shopping with you.
    I enjoyed all the photos you shared of the cute set ups. FUN!!

  21. what a wonderful day for you!
    Love the shopping virtually with you. So many lovelies I am sure I would also enjoy these shops.
    Here in Cali, things are opening up slowly based on numbers within specific counties. The county officials are able to get a variance to the stay at home state order. So in my county the shops officially were able to open a few weeks ago. But our numbers are spiking a bit, so we're all praying that we won't have to revert.
    I continue to wear a mask every where, even though it is only "encouraged" here in many locations.
    I would rather be safe than sorry.
    Enjoy your weather!

  22. How nice to get out for a drive with Terry and Buddy to go shopping and then out to eat. The shops have such beautiful items. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the purchases. Enjoy the week Kris.

  23. Good morning wonderful friend! Thank you for visiting my blog....did you see the mirror in my garden? We love it. Today, I am going to pull out some daisies we planted that just did not make it. I am going to just do it: plant some peonies and put up stakes of WOOD to give it that Marie Antoinette farmhouse look! LOL

  24. I am green with envy!! I love your shops and that they are close enough for your to visit semi-regularly. There's nothing around here like that...and nothing is really open yet either. I miss shopping. Can't wait to see what you do with your treasures. Enjoy the week my friend!! xo

  25. Oh those green corbels and the Florie's Beauty Shop sign! I love to see where other bloggers shop but I wish so much that you had thought to snap a picture of Buddy and Zeke greeting each other. I doubt my two would have been as nice to Zeke as Buddy undoubtedly was!

  26. What fun shops filled with great treasures! I'm so glad you got out for a little excursion. Can't wait to see what you do with your new chairs! Enjoy!

  27. Helloooo Kris... *LuCky YOU* to experience such a fab outing!!! Thanks for the great eye-candy pics!!! GARDEN HOUSE MARKET is definitely on my list to visit! Wondering how the mask wearing & social distancing went??? Hope all is well. Hugs - Jeanine

  28. How fun!!! I love that shopping sign (first picture)! It could be my life's motto :) I enjoyed this "virtual" shopping trip with you -- I don't know of any places like this near me. The Adirondack chair is awesome! I could use an excursion like this. I'm SO tired of being home. Glad you had a fun day out and about!

  29. stop and see me on your next trip to mi!