Power Outage and New DIY

Happy Thursday 

We had a wicked storm come through our area on Monday. 80 mile an hour winds and 7 tornadoes in our area. It knocked out our power and 400,000 thousand other homes. As of today still no power with the estimate of maybe tonight before 11 pm.

Oh I will do the happy dance if power can be restored before Saturday as first estimated.  Four days with no power and hot days is making us all just a wee bit crabby. You do not realize how much you need power for all aspects of life until it is gone for many days. 

Buddy and I take our daily drive to power up my phone from my car and to have a little air conditioning to refresh us. 

I am not use to doing so much from my phone. Especially a blog post ! 
This is a set of four ladder back chairs I got on FB Market place for 10 dollars for all four.   The seats were all broken up but as you know I have that handyman with those awesome tools. So no worries. 

I saw this star sticker and thought awww someone got a little star when they sat in this chair. 

So some paint and some nice fabric for the chair seats and it should be a cute little eating area  

Some of you wondered where the set In the living room  went. It has a new home in an Airbnb in a lake vacation home.  I wanted the slip covered chairs for that area.  I am still waiting to hear on those.  Seems these days nothing gets done on time. 

I will show you the table and chair in my kitchen when we are done giving them some
Love ❤️ 

Have a great rest of the week



  1. I was wondering how you were posting since you didn't have electricity - smart to use your phone! I don't know how you've managed with no power for this long. Are you having to go out to eat every single meal?! And how to sleep without even a fan...ugh. We'd be in BIG trouble here without power because we have a well. So we'd only be able to flush our toilets once. We'd have to go to my mom's house or a hotel.

    Cute table and chairs! That will make a nice little eating spot in your kitchen.

  2. On no! I hope your power gets restored soon. The table and chairs are perfect....I can't wait to see how you transform them.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you still have no power. What a horrible storm. I can’t wait to see the table and chairs finished. Hopefully you get your power back tonight.

  4. How terrible y’all are still without power! I hope it is restored tonight. I am also looking forward to seeing your eating area in your kitchen. Stay cool!

  5. oh Kris, I feel for you guys. I'm such a wimp, no power, ugh. Dealing with the Fridge stuff is the worst. So glad you cranked up that phone to let us know what you're up to. Love that little table in the kitchen. totally adorable!!

  6. Hi Kris! We had that same storm, but luckily our lights only flickered a time or two. I can't imagine being without power for days on end - plus it has been so hot. I hope you get back to normal soon. Your kitchen eat in area is going to be adorable. Jane

  7. Good morning my friend. That storm system that blew in here in Minnesota, which gave us huge hail, tore into your area...so sorry! We are not strangers to power outages, but never have we had one as long as you have! I hope it gets restored soon.

    OK, I love the chairs but DO I EVER LOVE the sweet table! That is the cutest table and you know what? I think you should leave the table and chairs in the natural wood; it's up to you and I'm sure they will look darling painted, as you always do a great job, but especially the table, it has a true antique look to it that I am wondering if you'd be able to keep it that way? The size of the table is perfect!

  8. Kris, As I have said many times on my blog...I would not be a great pioneer, as I love my power. I certainly hope your power is on, or restored very soon. What do people do who have a freezer full of food? Can't wait to see your new eating area. Blessings, be safe, xoxo, Susie

  9. Oh Kris, I feel your pain, no power in this heat isn't good at all. I hope it gets back up soon. That's why we finally went to a pet friendly hotel. I physically couldn't take it anymore.

    Thank goodness you're safe from a wicked storm.

    Cute set up in the kitchen.



  10. Oh no. Did not realize it hit your area that hard! Hope it come back soon!!

  11. Ew, ugh. No a/c. I'd be miserable! Hoping it gets restored sooner rather than later. Yuck. I can't even recommend coming to visit me...we are hitting triple digits this week. I sweat just watering my plants. I'm ready for Fall!

    Cute table. I can't wait to see what y'all do to fix up the chairs! I know it will be beautiful!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  12. So sorry Kris, your power is still out. It's not fun. Looking forward to seeing the chairs transformed. Happy weekend. Hugs

  13. What a headache! I certainly hope you don't have to spend the weekend like this. Ours was out recently but it was back on within about 24 hours.

  14. Love the little table and chairs, can't wait to see what you and Terry do with them. I understand about no power. We had a horrible rain, turn to ice, turn to snow and took down 16 counties of the transmission line in 1976. Talk about no power for 9 days and a co-worker was out for 42 days due to being on the Nebraska/Kansas border and driving underneath downed lines. Scary but one does what they have to do. Thank goodness for cell phones, right. I bet Buddy does not understand. Poor guy.

  15. Oh, Kris, I don't know how you can stand it. I would be so miserable without air on days like these. Hope it gets put to rights soon. We are being promised that our power outages will not be as bad this year. At least it is during the winter, but of course since we have that expensive generator now!! Love the meal set up. Such cute chairs along with the table and I know how they will be so pretty all white! haha. Stay well..xxoJudy

  16. You my friend, are the queen of Facebook Marketplace. I am so impressed with all your finds. And of course, even more impressed with your makeovers. I can't wait to see how this sweet set turns out. I'm so sorry about your power. I woke up this morning thinking of you, hoping your power was restored, then I read your FB post...boo. I hope by how you do have your ac back!! Fingers crossed...xoxo

  17. Kris, I am over in Oswego. Wondering what area you are located? We had some horrific storms that day too. Sugar from At Rivercrest Cottage

    1. Oswego is about 30 to 40 minutes from me. I live in Wheaton. I should meet you someday in Morris which is near Oswego and we could have lunch at the Letty Mae's Tea Room. Big Hugs. Kris

  18. Hope your power has been restored and all is well! That was one heck of a storm. Your little table and chair are adorable. xoxo

  19. Hi,
    I hear you may get some more weather. I am listening to the Brewers playing the Cubs. I hope nothing nasty and that the clean up is done and the power is back on.
    Sending hugs, Carla

  20. I can relate to your power outage - we lost ours for two full days after Tropical Storm Isaias. Orginally the estimate was that it would be out for six days. Thankfully, it came back sooner. I hope yours did, too. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with those chairs!

  21. I'm so sorry. The heat can be terrible.