Gift Idea and Happy Thanksgiving

Thoughtful Homemade Gift

I thought I would share a post today about a sweet legend I try each year to add into my Christmas Decor.  This was a post I did a few years ago but the gift idea is still a great one.  

Old German Legend says if you find a Christmas tree with a bird nest in it then you will have good luck and prosperity all year long.
Cute personal story at the end of this post to share if you care to read it!!!
 I make these to give as gifts each year.
I am going to show you how I made them so if you want to pass one of these on to family or friends you can.
They make a great neighbor gift or hostess gift.
This is all the stuff you will need.   I had to get out the dreaded glue gun!!!!

I got these light blue and cream spotted eggs at Hobby Lobby.  The are not expensive especially when you get them for 40% off.

I also bought the nests at Hobby Lobby.  They come 2 on a card for $4.99 with 40% off.
I found these picks at Walmart for 97 cents.

I pushed the pick through the bottom of the nest.  It was easy peasy.

Then I wrote up the legend on the back of a Christmas Card with a Christmas tree and ran them off on my computer printer.

I glued the eggs into the nest and then tied the nests off in a cello bag and added the card/tag to the bag.  Ready for gift giving.
Easy and very cute gift and cost less than $5 to make.

Another cute gift I made up for my granddaughter to give to her teachers and students in her class.
Walmart had these already made up hot cocoa reindeer cones for $1.97 and I bought the red balls to glue for noses.  Easy Peasy and another cute gift idea.

I will use a few of these to add into the nest gifts for my neighbors.

Now that Christmas is on it's way I thought I would share these two gift ideas with you.
I think Homemade Gifts are just a little more special to give than store bought items.

Have a great weekend.  Now onto the baking, gift buying, decorating fun of Christmas.


Cute story about growing up in Michigan and why this nest story means something to me.  When I was in second grade we learned about the legend of finding a Christmas tree with a nest in it would bring you good luck.

Well when you grow up in Michigan we traditionally would go and cut down our own real Christmas tree each year.   I grew up with three brothers and was the only girl.  My dad and brothers and I headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree that year.  I was insistent on finding one with a bird nest in it for our tree.  My dad being patient said ok then let's try to find one with a nest in it.

It was cold, snowing and knee deep snow we walked through looking for that perfect tree.  My brothers were not real happy about me learning about this legend and convincing my dad we needed to find this perfect tree.  After a few hours and we were really cold we actually did find that perfect tree.  So we cut it down and brought it home.  

Back in the day we did not have those sweet little lights like we have now.  We had 9C bulbs that were the bigger bulbs and pretty common for decorating your tree.  We also had icicles that we would decorate all over the tree made of a thin foil like material.  So up went the tree and I was so excited we had that special tree.

Right before we headed out for Christmas Eve to my grandparents our tree had a short in the lights and the tree branch caught on fire. 

Thankful we were still home and the fire was caught and we had not left yet.  I remember my brothers walking away snickering "so much for your lucky tree".  

I felt so crushed the tree burned and the lights were out on our tree.  My dad looked at me and said this is the luckiest tree ever and it is doing it's job.  

He said the nest gave us good luck to still be home to catch the fire from the faulty lights. This tree was indeed a lucky tree and brought us luck that night.  

After that we looked at the tree as the prettiest and best tree we ever had.   I love this memory and love to share the nests with family and friends and neighbors each year for their trees.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Ok my fruit plate is not going to look this good!  I saw this on Happy Home Fairy and thought this was the cutest.  Had to share!!! 

I know it has been a long year with lots of disappointments during Covid.  On Thursday I am going to try and focus on my blessings and be Thankful we have all survived so far during this scary and horrible virus.
We had rented a beautiful home in Michigan on the lake to give my mom one last Thanksgiving but unfortunately the cancer took her too soon.  Since we had the house rented and paid up we decided to go and keep our plans.   We will have a nice old fashioned Thanksgiving anyway.  I know my mom would be happy to see us continue on with the plans.  

It will only be my immediate family since we have all been with each other.  With me babysitting I have been with my two granddaughters throughout Covid.  We all isolated as best as we could these past two weeks to all be well to spend Thanksgiving together at the vacation house.  We will stay put in the house and enjoy board games and the hot tub.
Wishing all of you the best day on Thursday.


  1. So cute - your little neighbor gifts. You are so thoughtful!!! I love the fruit kabob turkey. DARLING!!! And your story about your Christmas tree - your Special tree. Something to tell down the generations. A really lucky tree!

    Hope you and your family have a great and happy Thanksgiving. Will try to give you a call next week when things slow down.

  2. My sweet and lovely friend and email companion, GOOD MORNING! WOW....first of all, I remember those large, colorful bulbs on the trees as well as the foil icicles that you'd store folded over on the cardboard back they came packaged in....thank you for this memory of getting a shock from the static electricity of those icicles! And then the nest...goodness, that was a great way for your dad to show you that even through "tragedy", there is a silver lining and in this case, a proverbial good luck nest. It could have been worse and thank goodness you were home before it all came down.

    This past spring, I had found two birds nests in my garden that had eventually blown right up to our doorstep in the back. It felt like a gift indeed. And your gift ideas, KRIS! They are darling. You are a wonderful stylist and honestly, even with the abilities I have in the arts, I struggle with styling of any kind. My husband has to come in and save me from my numerous attempts to style!!!! Love those simple but powerful gestures of ultimate kindness. Great gifts and that TURKEY fruit kabob! GENIUS!

  3. Kris, enjoy your Thanksgiving. I really love your story of the tree and nest, and the nest itself. ;)
    Our Thanksgiving will just be the two of us and I will deliver food to my brother. This recent uptick and cases among a couple members on my husband's side has everyone skittish for even trying a gathering of just 3 indoors.

  4. I loved your story. I saw it as "good luck" also. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Kris, Love the cute gifts you made. Also the tree and nest story. It was a lucky tree, saved your house from a fire. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  6. Kris, I loved reading your story. I can only imagine what it must be like coming from a large family! Your Christmas tree truly was lucky. I also LOVE your nest and hot cocoa crafts for Christmas gifts. The legend of the bird's nest is truly sweet.

    Enjoy spending Thanksgiving with your family. I know that it will be special.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I still have my nest and use it every year. This year I forgot to put it my tree before all my good Radko ornaments went on.

    I hope John can get it in there.

    Love the turkey kabob pumpkin, so adorable!

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend.



  8. Your Dad sounds like he was a very positive, glass is half full, kind of man. Thanks for sharing your birds nest story with us! What a great neighbor gift idea, Kris. We also keep the tradition of having a small birds nest in our tree. I've had mine for many decades and it's one of my most cherished ornaments. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving together with your family! xo

  9. Morning Kris,
    More adorable these! Also loved the story about your Christmas tree....
    I would say that was one lucky blessed tree.....great story and rememberance for you.
    That turkey is so cute too. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgivings at the Lake house, sounds like a lot of fun.....and I am sure your Mom would be happy to see you all carry out that sweet plan you had.

  10. I love these gift ideas and the story of the nest in the tree. Yes, I'd say that was a lucky tree for y'all! Not sure we will have my mother in law and brother in law up for thanksgiving...just might be me and Bruce this year. BUT as disappointing as it is not to have family for the holidays, I am so thankful for all remaining healthy and so many other things. Thank you for brightening my little corner of the world with your blog. I am thankful to know you! Many blessings, Cecilia

  11. I like those homemade gift ideas Kris. The nest looks so pretty on a Christmas tree and the hot chocolate gifts are just perfect for your granddaughter and classmates. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving.

  12. Hi Kris, I love the nest idea and would love to make some for gifts. We will have to put that off awhile as we just found out this morning my husband has Covid and no sense of smell. We are quarantined in separate areas of the house so life will be so different for us for awhile. Hope and praying I don't get it with my severe asthma. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Margy in KY

  13. What a great story about your dad and I love your nest gifts and the gifts for the teachers and neighbors. You're so good at thinking up these cute little things to make. I make homemade cookies and give those to neighbors. Don't have any teachers to think about anymore.

    Your getaway Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Enjoy the time with your family.

  14. Hugs Kris!!! I made Birds'nests Legend ornaments and sold them at Arlington Park and Rosemont Christmas shows---probably 1000's, over the years. I never did it was too claustrophobic to be there for many days in a row. Though Pottery was the main thing in my booths, I always had Trees filled with ornaments---terra cotta Gingerbread cookies, birds, hand-painted balls, and pottery angels. Your post reminded me of all those years of full-time art and crafts. Hugs, love the sweet idea for others...! Sandi

  15. Such cute gifts you always come up with! Thanks for the story about the burned tree and the legend. I'd never heard of the legend before. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  16. Kris, such a heart warming story. I did find a tree with a nest in it years ago. i love this story. Your gifts are so cute and creative. Enjoy your special Thanksgiving with your family. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo

  17. Cute gift ideas. Loved hearing the story of the perfect tree. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family.

  18. Lovely tree story. Reminds me of the little owl discovered in the Rockefeller square tree this year. We need little legends like this this year. I hope you have a lovely celebration with your family. Hugs, J.

  19. Oh Kris.. what darling gifts and love the nest in the tree legend. I hadn't heard of it either... and your "Christmas story" is just wonderful to share with your kids and grandkids! I would love to share this gift with my son and his little family.. so may do that for sure! I think it's a wonderful story and legend and I love how you wrote that on a card for your friends and neighbors. Your Thanksgiving at the vacation house sounds just so perfect and fun. Enjoy.. and yes.. there is much to be thankful for when we are healthy and our family is healthy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that hot tub! xoxo Marilyn

  20. This was such a great brought me a laugh..about getting the glue gun out..(I feel the same way each!! .. Love the craft and the story behind it...especially the childhood story..kinda like the glass is half full rather than half empty..that was so great your Dad pointed out the positivity of the birds nest. The last part brought a tear to my eye..but I know your Mom will be with yall in spirit this year and each day as you remember her love. Happy Thanksgiving ..hope yall have fun and enjoy that hot tub..for sure. :0)

  21. Hello Kris, Your tree story is a very special one. It gave me goose bumps. Your dad was right, what a lucky tree.
    And your sharing Thanksgiving together as planned, that is special too. I know your mom will be looking down on you all smiling. I also know you will feel her blessings throughout the weekend and more.
    Love you, Carla

  22. Sweet ideas, Kris! Handmade gifts are the best. And I loved the story, thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Love your bird nest story, very sweet gift idea. I live in a very prolific bird area, I swear every single tree has a nest in them, on my morning garden walk I can spy well over a dozen nests in the spring and the tiny chirps ring throughout the property. I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you have wonderful family time at your lake house getaway.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I know it's not an easy one. I hope you are lost in family fun today, enjoying that vacation house. I thought of you on Wednesday when we put up our tree. I tucked a small crafted birdhouse inside, it's one that I picked up at a Christmas shop last year after reading your story. And love your handmade gifts. Nothing more special than that! Xo

  25. Kris, With so many things going on, I missed your November 24th. I loved the story about the bird nest in your childhood tree. It was indeed a blessed tree. Story made me cry. Merry Christmas Kris.