Sneak Peek Dining Room


Here is a little peek into the dining room so far.  Still on the hunt for a few things to put up on the walls.  I did find a really fun piece that is being made for my dining room from Etsy.  I cannot wait to get that and show you this unique piece I found.

It was fun to unpack some of my decor from the cottage home and use it in the condo decor.

I was able to hang up my Mixtiles pictures on the new shiplap wall.

Found these cute Ray Dunn pillows at HomeGoods on clearance.

Down by my daughter's home in the country is a cute little flower shop with the most unique gifts.  I saw this sweet dresser for sale and thought it would look really cute in my new farmhouse/cottage decor.  I am trying to find pieces with the natural wood to mix in with my whites.


I am looking for a solution to add a dining room light.  The problem is when they converted this old house to condos they put in the fixtures and wired everything but then poured cement between floors to lessen sound.  Since we are on the third and highest floor they did the same with cement in the attic space.  ???? Makes no sense!!!  Therefore no access to the attic to run wires.  If you did not choose to have all your wiring done when these were first converted you do not have anyway to bring in wires to make a light fixture.

We could tear out the shiplap and run the wires from the bottom plugs up the wall and over or I am choosing to not ruin all the work of the shiplap and will make a light fixture that runs on batteries with a dimmer and remote.

I plan on getting a light fixture and using remote led bulbs that dim and work off the remote in place of a regular bulb.  I have been seeing this done on pinterest.  The remotes also come as a faux light switch that you can put on the wall to turn it on and dim.  That way it looks like a real light switch.

Stay tuned for this.  I hope this will work and I can get some lighting over my dining room table.
Gotta love Pinterest for ideas!
I hope to show you how I am going to do this soon.

Things are coming together and I will have more pics of before and after in the next few days.

Meanwhile I am still having a dilemma with the new washer and dryer hook up.  The drains are not draining and the other night when we first tried the washer it backed up and ran down and out the light fixture in the condo below us. Lucky for her and us it was a light fixture over her bathtub so that was a saving grace.  The water ran into her bathtub.

I am waiting on the plumber today to come and see what the problem is.  Terry used Draino and snaked it as far as he could.  It started to drain but very slowly so he feels something is stuck in the drain further down than he can reach.  Hopefully the plumber today will have better equipment to get it all cleared out.

This is how things have gone.  Two steps forward and then three steps back.  I guess that is the issue with buying this unique condo in an old mansion.  The lady we bought from did not have a washer and dryer in her unit.  She used the washers and dryers in the basement.  Praying the plumber can get the drain opened up and we can have our own washer and dryer.

Nothing seems to ever go easy in life!
Happy Friday
Have a great weekend.


  1. Just think how great it will be when you get everything finished!!!!! Things like the light and drain can be so aggravating. But just keep your eyes on the finished, beautiful and gorgeous home you are making. Hugs!

  2. Wow! Kris, the dinning room wall looks amazing with the shiplap. I love the way you decorated it with the photos. I wish you luck with the lighting and the washer and dryer set up. I do hope you guys have your bed by now! Hope you enjoy the weekend. :)

  3. I love your dining room and really love how you decorated the wall. Just beautiful !!

  4. I love what you have done with the condo so far! The pictures on the shiplap wall looks so pretty and I love your new dining room table and chairs. So glad things are coming together just the way you envisioned.Fingers crossed the plumber get the drain problem solved.

  5. It looks so cute! Too bad about the wires, maybe you could use a chandelier that has candles instead of lightbulbs?? I had that in my last house and loved it but I realize it may not be practical for everyone. Have a lovely weekend Kris! xoxoxo

  6. Your dining room is wonderful! So much better than the original. Sorry to hear about your plumbing issues.

  7. In the before picture I see a chandelier hanging there.....was it just for looks?

  8. It looks adorable. I bet you are happy to have a dining room again. I see a chandelier in one of the pictures. It seems a little small for the space though.
    I love the shiplap.

  9. Amazing! Love the dining room. The wall, and photos are awesome! That table makes me swoon. LOVE it all!!! xo

  10. Cement??? Wouldn't that cause stress on the structure?? Especially in an old building! Never heard of such a thing! Might also make plumbing and electrical repairs difficult. Looks nice!

  11. Hello dear friend!

    I knew that your transformation was going to be AMAZING and it certainly is. From that loud wallpaper to peaceful white, you are on your way. I just love your Mixtiles and how perfect the center quote pulls in all the memories of your family! You now have a significant space to have true family gatherings in such a well-lit space. About the lighting; is there a plug nearby? Can you do a swag chandelier?

  12. Love what you have done in the dining room! You will figure out the lighting situation. Why on earth would concrete go in an attic? The little dresser is adorable and adds more storage for pretty table linens, etc. I can see family dinners in this pretty room.

    It's Roto-Rooter time! Yeah, I would pursue cleaning out that drain so the laundry could be in the condo. Schlepping baskets of clothes up and down would get old.

    Has Buddy selected a favorite spot to keep an eye on the world?


  13. Lol, I love a good B&A, but this is terrific! That Before......! :D
    The After is fabulous. Love that new chest too. Glad to hear behind the scenes that things got better in the plumbing.

  14. What about a chandelier with flickering flameless candles on a remote. We bought a set for our fireplace and they look so real because the wick moves like a real candle and they also dim. Ours are pillar but they come in tapered as well. I hope the plumber was able to get your drain open yesterday. The dining room looks great! Hang in there, Kris, you're so close to the finish line. xo

  15. New house, old house - there is always something it seems! Hopefully the plumbers will get you fixed up soon. Are you loving your big dining space?!! It looks amazing and I really like the added natural wood sprinkled in. Drywall started at our new house this week, so things are moving along. Cabinets were scheduled for next week, but we just found out there is a delay of about a week. Boo! Still hoping for an early August move in. Have a fabulous weekend!

  16. Well, well. You've done it again. I absolutely love your pretty dining room and the small chest fits perfectly with its mellow wood tone. There's always some challenge, right? I sincerely hope you can get the plumbing issue resolved. I'm curious about the previous light fixture in the dining area too. Wrong place or just for looks? Whatever you come up with will look awesome, knowing you. Pinterest is definitely a good resource. I can waste, um, spend hours browsing around. πŸ˜‚ Unfortunately, it hasn't solved my closet dilemma yet. I'm getting tired of looking at my boxes in our garage conversion. Bruce and I are not coming to an agreement of what to do. I may have to give in, lol.
    Hang in there, Kris! I hope it resolves soon!

  17. Oh! I meant to tell you how much I love your sign and photos on the dining room wall! It really grabs your attention and I love, love the story of family. Probably my favorite feature!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  18. Kris, I am blown away!! Just when I think you can't surprise me with your decorating skills, you makeover a room and I'm floored. It's gorgeous. I love the touches of wood with your whites. It's so elegant, yet cozy and fresh...all at the same time. I can't wait to see you lighting solution. I know you guys will figure it out. xxoo

  19. I absolutely LOVE your gallery wall in your dining room. Your chest of drawers has the prettiest patina…I love natural wood with whites!

  20. For the light, how about those that come with a long wire or ones you convert with one? Run it up and into a corner and hide it. That's what I'd do. You'd have so many more possibilities that way.

  21. Don't know if the first one went through. Hit a button.

    Love the Shiplap with the family photos.

    You will solve the light issue. Come on, you and Terry are awesome at this stuff.

    You must live having a dining room again.

    Love the dresser you found too.

    Hope Terry is healing. Hooe Buddy is adjusting too.

    Can't wait to see more.

    You amaze me sweet lady!


  22. Kris, your dining room looks fabulous. Love the shiplap and the photos are a piece of art. Lovely find in the chest. About lighting, there are some really nice ones out there. Quite a few on Amazon. So sorry about the plumbing. I hope it is an easy fix. happy weekend. xoxo

  23. Kris, it is starting to look just like you. I just love the display of the family photos around that great sign. I'm anxious to see how your lighting turns out. We have a small battery light over the game table but it is really dull when it is on. Another way would be great. Hope you figure out the w/d. It would be so handy to have it in your own unit. I can't wait to see more..xxoJudy

  24. did I miss something? what is up with the ugly wall paper and the graffiti? (you didn't like that look?) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    your new place looks fantastic. I loved the flower pots you did for the front (previous post) and read this quickly today (always rushing and always in outer spaceπŸ™ƒ) I love your new spaces and the wall with the pictures is marvelous. I am so happy you have nifty lovely neighbors. All of the plumbing problems will eventually get straightened out and then you can start having a fun summer ahead!!πŸ’ πŸŒΈπŸŒΊ❤️

  25. Really loving what you have done so far Kris! I remember seeing your gallery wall in your previous gorgeous home. I am so very sorry to hear about all of your problems getting your washer and dryer to function properly. Fingers crossed that the plumber can sort it all out for you. Hugs, Gilly

  26. I see a a light fixture over the dining room table. Are you saying it doesn't work?

  27. I love the transformation in the dining room Kris. And oh! The way you put those wonderful pictures up!!! YES....It looks amazing girl but I never doubted that it wouldn't. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  28. Hi, I love the photo gallery. That is one of my very favorites.
    How are things going with the few hiccups? I hope well. Love you!

  29. Your dining room makeover is simply stunning! What an improvement over the dated wallpaper! Well done.
    I'd like to invite you to share at Sundays on Silverado, my link party which is open now. :-)
    Niky @ The House on Silverado