Hall Tree In Progress and New Pillows for Chair


I took my Ikea chair out of storage when I found these cute pillows on my trip to Michigan.  I had a smaller chair there but I am liking the bigger and more comfy chair and the new pillows look cute on it.

Yikes this hall tree made out of the old vintage door and salvage pieces is giving me a hard time.  Usually I have a vision for things to decorate these kind of pieces but I am stumped.

It needs something just not sure what quite yet.  It is a work in progress.
Thinking maybe a color on the door of the hall tree and then distressing it.  I love white but this feels like it needs something.  I guess with time I will figure it all out.

In the meantime have a wonderful weekend.
We have a beautiful wedding tonight and the weather could not be more perfect for them.



  1. I love your new pillows!!!! Sorry the halltree has been such a challenge but I know you will figure it out. I think everyone has that one challenging piece or area in their home that gives them a headache?!?!?!? Have a good weekend.....

  2. Half of the fun is staring at something until you figure it out. It never ends, just maybe slows down. And then you just want to start all over again! Haha! Love the fresh look of those pretty pillows. Such a comfy chair.

  3. Cute pillows! Your Halloween looks great!

  4. Love the bigger chair, Kris. I have one like that with an ottoman and it's my comfy place. The pillows are adorable, too. The pink is so pretty. On a thought, have you considered painting the raised panels or the edges around the panels? a light gray or gray blue would be pretty, give it some dimension and you could distress them just a bit. I did that with my "grandmother's" clock, and it sure helped break it up and add some detail. Hope the wedding is perfect this evening.

  5. Love your new pillows! I know your vision for your hall tree will come to fruition soon....maybe just let it go for now and if you don't think about it, something will pop in your head. Or, maybe you'll happen to be at a store and you'll see something and know immediately, "this is it"! Have a good weekend. We're finally getting rain up this way overnight and into tomorrow and Mon. Hope it's the same for you.

  6. Hi dear Kris! I hope your wedding night was fabulous! Yeah, we love our whites but I feel I need to add a pop of blue into my summer theme. Maybe a wreath with blue and yellow flowers or even hanging a vintage oil painting on the door with lots of blues?

  7. Cute pillows and glad you dragged your chair out. It looks just right there. I really love the hall tree --even if you don't do anything else to it--it is lovely! I hope the wedding was wonderful. Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  8. Way too many faux white flowers in a small space, hall tree, boots, birdhouse/cage, etc.. One lovely vase of live cut flowers in front of a unique antique mirror is all it needs. Less is more.

    1. Here's the good news you do not live here so you do not have to look at it since it does not suit you. It is a work in progress and I will get it the way I love it since I live here. When you get a hall tree made out of vintage pieces I think a lovely mirror and vase of fresh flowers you can replace weekly or less time can be in your home. Thank you for your input. You anonymous is hooked to your email but it came back when I tried to send this to you that way. Glad you are enjoying your visits to my blog. Kindness is always a good thing to share in this world we live. Do you have a blog so I can come by and see your style of decor. I would love to see what you put into place in your own home since you have so much to offer to other bloggers in their style. Have a good week ahead.

  9. Hi, I love the pillows.
    We have a wedding this Friday night. :-) The second of the boys best friends to get married.
    xx oo

  10. Kris, I love that chair and the pretty pillow. I know you will figure out a pretty arrangement for the hall tree. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  11. Love the pillows, Kris. They are perfect for summer, so sweet and light! I hope the wedding was fabulous!

  12. The hall tree looks pretty good to me, but I know how it is when you feel something's just not right. I know you'll get it to your liking!