Salvage Door Hall Table


Remember how I said I got a great piece at those lovely shops in Michigan when we visited over Memorial Day.  Well this is it.  An old salvage door and pieces made into this hall tree.
It was an ugly shade of green so we painted it white.
Ok good but now I feel it needs something.  Too much white.  I know right I said too much white!!!

Not sure if it needs some color on the door or it chippy or something hanging on it with color.

I also need decor for on it around it and on the wall above the salvage cage on the chippy post.

I am on the hunt.  I know I will get this right it just may take some time to find the right mix for this area.

I do like the old salvage cage on the chippy white post.

This is where I am at with this new piece.  I know I will get it right it just is taking me some time to figure all of that out.
When I get this area finished I will share it with you.

The hunt is on!

Happy Friday
Have a great weekend.
We are celebrating my granddaughter turning 7 on Saturday.
Happy Father's Day weekend to all you wonderful dad's out there.


  1. I placed a very ornate mirror in my door hall tree. I love the look. I also hang mini banners across it for the season or holiday. Just some thoughts. Can’t wait to see what you come up with

  2. Good morning Kris!!!! I wonder if a vase of colorful flowers placed on the table would bring in a pop of color you are looking for? It's a GREAT piece but maybe an accent of color such as in a vase of flowers or a small table runner in a spring flower pattern of blue would do it?

  3. I love it "as is," Kris, but I know when you finish styling it, the hall tree will be even more spectacular. Will you roadtrip to some of your favorite shops in Michigan, or do you have a few favorite shops in Chicago?

  4. Ohhhhh I love it!!!! I'm sure you will find the perfect accessories for it although I think it is beautiful just the way it is! Have a great weekend.....

  5. Kris, that piece is so unique looking. Maybe something cute hanging from the pegs. I do like the mirror idea also. I know you will fix up this to look beautiful! I love how you change things up all the time in your home. I wish I was talented like you in decorating a house and had a handy husband! I hope you have a happy Friday and weekend.

  6. What a pretty door! I know you will find "just the right something" to finish it. Sometimes it just takes some looking around and waiting for just the right thing. Hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Kris, I love the repurposed door as a hall tree, a clever idea. I have no doubt when you are finished, it will be perfect!

  8. What a cute find..score! score! it. It looks great but looking forward to staying tune, also. :0) I really love the bird cage and post..with the sweet bunny. I know your home is such a pleasure to enter into for calmness after being out into the wild world. :0) ... Thank you for sharing nice eye candy. x0x0

  9. Kris, I love your new find. It has great lines and so many fun details. I think it looks great right now, but I know you'll make it everything you want it to be. I can't wait to see what you do to it. I hope you had a lovely Father's Day and birthday celebration! xxoo

  10. Hello, I like it! I am looking forward to see what you do to change it up a wee bit.
    Have a great week Kris!
    Love, Carla

  11. Hi Kris, Oh I love your new piece. It is gorgeous. Like the boots and hat with that touch of black, it really pops, course just about any darker color would do that, but
    it really looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter and Belated Father's day to Terry.
    We were at my Daughter and Son-in-loves for the Week, so celebrated FD there.
    Loved every minute of our week there.
    Take care, Blessings,

  12. It looks perfect to me...but....I know you will find something that will make it even MORE perfect. I hope you have a great night...I will email you tomorrow! xo xo xo Diana

  13. I love it! You always find the best pieces ❤️

  14. Oh how cute! It looks great! but it won't feel finished to you until you find that perfect finishing touch. Great job of putting this together! Have a fun weekend. xxoo