New vintage piece decor


This is the vintage piece when we got it home from out trip to Michigan.

I found some pieces to put on the new piece.

As you can see in this last picture I painted over the Ave Maria and anchor.  I really do not have a nautical theme in my house so I painted over that.
Here is the hard part I am trying to find some kind of cool 
architectural piece to put on the front of this.
The hunt is on.
If I find something I will show this piece completely finished.

If you are wondering what happened to these pieces I will show you in my next post.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. Looks really pretty, Kris! I love that silver candelabra on the top of the furniture.

  2. Looks great, Kris! I love to watch your process unfold. Can't wait to see both pieces and space fully evolve!! xo

  3. Hi Kris! Oooo,I can't wait!

  4. Kris, I love the way the new piece looks painted over and the cute vignette you arranged. I can't wait to see what you do with the front of that piece. Happy Friday and weekend.

  5. Sooooo pretty! I can't wait to see what you did with your hall tree. Have a good weekend!!!!

  6. You always inspire me... looking forward to seeing what you are up too. :-)

  7. Always love anything you create!! Hope all is going well. We are having miserable heat. Judy Clark

  8. Hi Kris! It looks lovely - I just know you find the perfect piece for the center. Jane

  9. Kris, I love the new piece and the vignette. The candelabra is fabulous. I am looking forward to what you do with the hall tree. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. It is a hot one here!