Hall Tree Re Assignment


Outside our condo is an open common area that I decorated for our floor.  
There are only three of us up on this floor. 
One condo is vacant with the owner now living in California and the family cannot sell this unit until she dies since it is in a trust.  
The single guy across the hall from us is now living with his girlfriend elsewhere so basically it is just Terry and I living on our floor.
With all that said I decorated the common area on our floor.

I found these chairs at HomeGoods and I had the little glass garden table.  The clock and picture I had so I just hung them out in the common area.

This is where the hall tree ended up.

Right down from the common open area is our condo.  I moved the chippy bird cage out to the front door area of our condo.

I did not have to worry about storage of these items since I could put them out in the open area of this condo building.  The beauty of living in this building with only 16 units is that we all kind of have our own space inside and outside of our condo.
This really helps me when I get new pieces and have to do the shuffle of the pieces I want to hold onto.

Our little French chateau condo building is looking green and pretty for summer.
Lot's of rain this weekend.
We needed it.
Have a great week.


  1. Look at your spreading happiness and your beautiful decor all over your building! It's all so warm and it really personalizes the hallway...and what a charming building overall. Happy weekend!! xo

  2. Your common area looks so beautiful!!! I'm glad you were able to put your own personal touch on it and bring it back to life. Before it was so drab and boring and now it is so cheery you can't help but smile.

  3. Your building is just gorgeous. And how nice that you have the floor to yourself in a way. Love the hall tree, glad you found a spot for it. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Kris, how great to have your floor all to yourselves! You decorated it so nice and now you both have more space to enjoy. The outside of your condo building looks so pretty and I love the flowers and the landscaping.
    Kris, I hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Oh I just love it. I love the outside of the building, it does look French.

  6. Your building is unique and charming - such a gem! How wonderful that you are able to make the common area so welcoming.

  7. How wonderful that you are able to decorate the common area! You have certainly made it welcoming and cheerful.

  8. Love how this turned out! What an adorable building too. Love your aesthetic ;)

  9. You did a fantastic job, Kris. I love how welcoming your common area is! The exterior of your building is gorgeous, too, and so are the container gardens. Brava!

  10. This is a gorgeous building. So awesome you basically have tge floor to yourselves.

    Imagine two dachshunds running through the halls.

    You never disappoint with your beautiful and clever ideas.



  11. How nice that you have the floor all to yourselves! What a lovely way to welcome guests by decorating the common area with your magic touch. Your building is gorgeous and I love that red door.

  12. Gorgeous building - Your hall decorating is so pretty, too!

  13. That looks great, Kris. How wonderful that you can do that-and really sweet that you kind of have the floor all to yourself! It looks fantastic! xo Diana

  14. How neat to have the floor to yourselves for now! I love how you decorated the common area with all of your pretties! Marilyn