Video View Carre Cottage Condo


Here is a video of my condo.  Sometimes it is easier to see the layout in a video over pictures.  Very small only 1100 sq. feet but just enough cozy for the two of us.  

Sorry it cut off the end of the video to make it fit on blogger.

Have a great rest of the week.  



  1. Well, that was super fun! I still can't believe it's the same place you purchased with all that carpeting and dark, heavy decor. You really worked your light, bright cottage style magic on the place. I love getting a video view of your charming home and hearing your voice...and look at you skinny lady! You look wonderful! Thank for the tour today and enjoy that sunshine!! xo

  2. Hi Kim, Loved your video...........your condo is lovely inside and out. Definitely see all your beautiful white cottage style. It was neat to hear your voice on the video as well. Like your new addition in the foyer......and looking forward to seeing what you add to it as you go. Everything turned out beautifully.
    Hope all is well and you are enjoying the Summer. It is so hot here and we are getting rain storms every evening. last night we lost power just as we are almost ready to eat, so we had to wait for the power to come back on to finish everything. lol 2nd time in a week, so hoping that doesn't become a new habit!! lol
    Take care,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  3. Loved seeing the video of your condo!!! Everything is so beautiful and cheerful......a very lovely home.

  4. your place is so gorgeous, and I'm in love with your new wallpaper! It's super spacious and love the open concept. So fun hearing you, and seeing you! You look great and now wanting to see a video of the kitchen. I had to laugh about the sofa, Kris. It's amazing, and yes I know you've tried them all. Glad you found your Cinderella sofa!!

  5. I love this place. Once again, your decorating is divine.

  6. Kris, thank you for the tour of your condo. You did a great job with decorating everything and the condo looks huge. The wallpaper in the bedroom is so pretty and I like the alcove area for your desk.
    I hope you have a happy Friday and weekend.

  7. Hi Kris, LOVE everything you guys do! You mentioned your couch is the most comfortable one you ever owned. Please share where it is from? I am searching right now for a nice comfy couch and have not found anything that I absolutley love.

    1. We got it at Bob's Furniture. That is a chain here in Illinois. They also are on line. It comes in this light cream and also darker gray. Sorry I can't remember the name. It has performance fabric so it stay nice and clean.

  8. Beautiful cozy home! I love seeing all of your "whites" and your bedroom wallpaper is so pretty! Have a great week!

  9. Loved this little video of your pretty condo. I don't consider 1100 SF "very small"; I think that's a nice, liveable space. Our main floor living area is 1100 SF and that squeezes in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We do have the basement area, but we rarely use it.

  10. Kris- It is just absolutely perfect and lovely. Because I. have been in your home(s) before, I can say that even videos do not do your place justice. There is so much depth with the white that doesn't come through in pictures. You have outdone yourself again. xo Diana

  11. I loved the video. Your home is so lovely. I really do love the bedroom. We hope to paint ours in October. I am still working on Jeremy regarding wallpaper. ;-)
    Love, Carla

  12. Kris, I somehow missed this post. I love your beautiful home and it is so perfectly decorated in your style. Thank you for sharing!

  13. This was fun. It's amazing the changes you have made. I'm always amazed with you and Terry.

    Tesm work makes the dream work.💜