Bathroom Rehab Before


Inspiration picture above.

This is my before bathroom.

Broken and dated tiles with grout.  I hate grout anywhere!!!! It is the worse thing to get or keep clean.  It traps everything.

Awhile back we wainscoted half way up the walls in this bathroom to cover up the ugly tiles that ran up the walls.

Here is an old picture of the bathroom with the bathroom floor tiles running up the wall. 

This is the shower yesterday before the one day bath room contractor re did the shower. I cannot wait to show you the after pic with the final reveal.

I am waiting on wallpaper, flooring and fixtures to arrive.  Hopefully in the next week.  Then Terry and I will do the completion to this bathroom rehab.

The shower rehab was too much for us to do alone so we hired that out.
The rest of the transformation is going to be from he and I finishing it up ourselves.  Saving $$

Side Note:  Sunday night we came home from our new little grandson's baptism to find a water main break in the front yard burst coming into our condo building.

Water was gushing and it took several phone calls to the city to get someone out on a Sunday night of a holiday weekend to shut off the main water supply.

Needless to say we had a large skating rink forming in the front yard and parking area.  It was negative 2 degrees with a wind chill of 30 below.  Water was freezing quickly.

Then the next morning on Martin Luther King Day out of three plumbers called only one had the equipment and was willing to come out to get the pipe fixed and water restored to the building.
It was a nightmare.  With the water main break it knocked out the electrical power to the building because the lines ran underground along side of the broken pipe.

We are all electric in our condo building.  No heat or water!
We were at the mercy of the one and only plumbers to fix the main pipe break and then the electric company could fix the lines.

After a lot of $$ spent we have electricity and water flowing again.
Thankful they could do this all in one day with the sub zero temps we had.
None of us had to be displaced out of our homes.

This did slow down the bathroom process.

Hoping in the next week or so I will have a completed bathroom to show you.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Love the inspiration pic!!! I can't wait to see your bathroom transformation. I know it will be postively stunning.

  2. Wow Kris, that whole thing was terrible but I'm glad you have the heat and hot water. How exciting to have the bathroom redo. I can't wait to see how it comes out. I hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend.

  3. So sorry to hear about your water problem. What a mess and at such an inconvenient time. We are having extremely cold weather. The snow and ice is all gone but it's so cold. Enjoyed the pics of baby's baptism. Such a special day and blessed time. Stay warm
    Judy Clark

  4. Can't wait to see the whole process completed, Kris. I know that was a nightmare for you with the water/electric stuff happening. Glad it was fixed and sometimes, as bad as we hate to, we have to spend the extra dollars to get it done. Crazy. Hope you have a great weekend with no drama! xo Diana

  5. I think the tile in your shower is beautiful, but I can see where it was coming apart in the close-up picture. Can't wait to see the "after" pic! What an absolute nightmare with the pipe bursting, especially in this sub-zero weather. So glad though that things worked out and that it got fixed ASAP so that you and the others weren't displaced.

  6. Your inspiration pic is gorgeous and now I'm so excited to see your version...although very impatiently I will admit!! I know it will be fabulous. That water break sounds just terrible though. Wow, what a mess. That's just the worst, on its own, but on a holiday and during subzero temps...unbearable. So glad you were able to find someone who answered to call!! Stay warm!! xo

  7. Even in crisis, or maybe I should say especially in crisis, you & Terry are the team to beat. If he weren't the one in charge, its hard telling how long you'd have been without utilities. And to get your bath reno rescheuled so quickly is amazing. It's going to be so nice!

  8. Rosemary B here:
    First, yikes what a terrible discovery. I could have brought my skates though.....
    Your bathroom project is going to be superb. Hubbs and I need to get our bathroom renovated as well, mainly bc the shower is builder made and leaking. We have not used it in years (using the hall bathroom shower) I will be very happy to see your result! Stay toasty Kris and Terry!!
    I am sure the baptism was a lovely and memorable event

  9. Oh goodness! I know the pain of a broken waterline - found out ours busted in the lastest cold BUT it’s not near as serious as yours was. I’m so glad there was at least one plumber willing to come out and fix the line. And to be without heat in the cold! How awful.
    But your bathroom remodel is going to be gorgeous from seeing the inspiration picture. How exciting!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  10. Kris, how awful to experience that mess. So glad it is behind you. Love your inspiration photo. I am so looking forward to seeing your bathroom reveal. Happy weekend. Xoxo

  11. Yikes, I bet it was bit chilly. Nothing is worse than any kind of pipe issue, still dealing with our sump pump failure a year ago. Hope that is the end of the disasters, and you will love the new bathroom, I'm sure. Sandi

  12. Hi Kris, Cant' wait to see your new bathroom reveal. The inspiration pic is gorgeous.
    So glad yall are hopefully back to normal. I didn't realize you were without power and heat as well, till I read had a triple whammy !! Hope things are a bit
    warmer up there by now.
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Kris, what a mess you had. So glad you got it all fixed, I imagine it was undescribable. I can't wait to see your finished bath, I know it will be beautiful. I love the inspiration, it was what I dreamed I would do to my sink cabinet which is similar but never got to yet.
    Looking forward to see it all..xxoJudy

  14. I am so sorry you had those problems. We (Canada) have had record breaking lows in temperature and snow as well, but have not had any difficulties other than a short power failure. Your bathroom will look stunning when you are able to get to finishing it.

  15. Your bathroom will look fabulous! The water problem turned out to be a mess. Glad it is all back to normal. Your grandson is adorable! xoxo

  16. Ooh that sounds a truly horrific experience! Your weather over there sounds so much worse than here in the UK. We thought that ours had been cold but you certainly had it worse. So sorry that you all had to go through that, but on a positive note I'm pleased that the first stage of your bathroom renovation has been achieved. We all look forward to seeing the after photos now. Keep warm my friend, Gilly xoxo

  17. Kris, I can’t wait to see your finished bathroom! What a horrible experience with all the cold weather. I am so glad that is over with and things are back to normal! Stay warm, my friend!

  18. Hi, I was praying for you and your other condo friends. It was so cold!!! I am happy to hear things are brighter and coming along. You will have a story for your little guy... "what we came home to after your big day."
    xx oo

  19. Oh wow - what a catastrophe! But the bathroom inspiration photo is gorgeous! Looking forward to your pics

  20. Oh my goodness! That was quite the plumbing emergency! Brrrrr and I will bet the ice outside is going to be around for awhile. I'm glad everything is fixed though! I'm excited to see your new bathroom! I've always wondered about those one day baths. They look gorgeous in their ads. Have a warm and cozy week Kris! Jane

  21. I absolutely love the vision picture - especially the wallpaper. I know your's will be super cute.