Girlfriend Charity Party 2024


A lot of you know that have been following my blog that I have a girlfriend party each year.  It started about 20 years ago and it has grown.  Now my two grown daughters have sweet friends that join the group.  It is a night of fun, lots of good food, laughs and sharing of our friendships.

I thought I would share some of the favors and prizes I have made for the party in February.
I do it now in February when it is past the holidays and everyone is bored with the winter months.

The theme this year is Glamorous.
Everyone is going to dress up in their prettiest 
sparkliest earrings, shirts, shoes, slippers etc.

So to enhance the theme I found these glamour gold sparkle ornament high heels at Hobby Lobby.  They came two to a box.

I found this curly gold sparkle ribbon at TJ Maxx during Christmas.  Perfect to tie off the favors.

I also found these cute glamour lip glosses at TJ Maxx. They came 4 to a box for $3.99. Score!!!

They fit perfectly down in the high heel ornaments.

Then I found these gold purse boxes that have chocolate high heels in them with salted caramel centers.  Yum!

I tied the gold purses with chocolate salted caramel high heels with the gold sparkly heels and lip glosses.  Favors done.  The best part is each favor was less than $8.  Gotta love Hobby Lobby , TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.

I found these cute manicure kits at..... you guest it TJ Maxx.  They were $3.99 and $4.99 each.  Super cute and inexpensive for prizes.

I also found these glamour nail polishes in pretty colors for $5.99 at TJ Maxx.

I combined them together and tied them off for a nice prize.

Not bad for less than $10 dollars I have a nice prize.

This is another cute prize I found at HomeGoods.  It is an organizer with a accordion envelope and post its and memo pads.

Super cute for a prize

I tied it off with ribbon.  These were each $4.99.  Score again at Home Goods.  

I also found these cute cute wine glass markers.  OMG these are so adorable and fun.

"Sole Survivors". 

"Purse your lips".  These were found at HomeGoods for $2.99 for 6.  I love that they sit on top of your wine glass.  Makes them even more fun.

I found these cute spa robes for your wine bottles.  When Terry and I were in Michigan a couple of weekends ago there was a HomeGoods store and these were found there.

These are going to be centerpieces for the tables and also prizes.  Are they not the cutest little robes for gift giving your gal pals a bottle of wine.  Had to get them.  I have not seen these at any of my HomeGoods over here in Illinois yet,  but maybe soon.  I think they are coming out in the stores for Valentines Day.

You gotta love HomeGoods and TJ Maxx stores.  These are my two favorite places to shop.

This year I got all my girlfriend party needs and for great prices.

I hope if you have a girlfriend or two that needs an up coming gift and you will see if you can find some of what I found.

I cannot wait to get my girlfriends all together this year.  It is coming up fast.

I really do not like the winter months here in Illinois and cannot wait for Terry to retire so we can be snowbirds in the winter months and visit warmer destinations during the winter.

In the meantime I will have my girlfriend party to liven up these dreary winter days ahead.

Have a great week.
I have a renovation we are doing in the condo that I hope to share with you soon.


  1. Well, wish I was one of the girlfriends. What a fun, fun gathering and such cute decor. I should do something like this as I'm not a fan of the dreary winter either.

  2. You always make the best gift bags and prizes!!! I absolutely adore your theme this year! The wine bottle robes are so adorable!!!

  3. Once again, you have outdone yourself!! Such cute ideas. Know everyone will have a great time. Enjoy!! Judy Clark

  4. Oh em gee, Kris, thise are absolutely the cutest items - favors and prizes - that I think I've seen. What girl doesn't love a little glam, amd especially when y'all will all be together?! It's going to be a great party, and such a great way to beat the winter blues.

  5. These are adorable Kris, you have the best ideas!! Can you tell us more about the charity side of the party and how that works? Thanks!

  6. Kris, these are the most delightful favors and prizes. Your girlfriends are so fortunate to have you as a friend. Your party sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to see the photos when you post. Stay warm!

  7. What a wonderful tradition… I’ve loved all the themes through the years and love following you! Thanks for sharing your life…. Margy in KY

  8. Kris, you always find the best party favors. I have those same gold high heels and chocolate purses with high heels. Love the manicure and nail polish. So cute. I wish I was a guest. When is the party? All you need now is a cupcake tower.

  9. WooHoo.....I can not wait for your party. It is always one of my favorite events for the year. You always do such a wonderful job of making us all feel special!!

  10. Kris, not only are you a great shopper but a wonderful party thrower too but most of all a great girlfriend. Have a great time..xxoJudy

  11. Kris, You do have the best parties. I loved reading that your daughters are joining in with the party. Making great memories with a group of beautiful friends. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  12. Kris, you throw the best girlfriends parties each year. I love all of these goodie prizes you bought and made up. I love your Glamour theme this year and I know your girlfriends will too. Enjoy the weekend Kris.

  13. Hi, I love the bling of this years party and the theme. I love the idea.
    You are right, winter can be long and hard in the Midwest, like this weekend and week!! We are going to be VERY COLD!!! ZERO will be our high!!!

  14. Those are amazing Kris! You certainly do know how to shop for amazing things at amazing prices! Exciting news about your current renovation - there was I thinking that it was all sorted now! Sending hugs from a very chilly UK, Gilly xoxo

  15. Outstanding! You have cute gift radar! Can't pick a favorite and your guests will love all of it. xoxo

  16. I'll take one of each!! 😉 You have such a great eye for design and for a bargain!I love how you were able to find so many great thematic items and such low prices. You should hire yourself out for weddings and showers. Can't wait to hear about your renovation either, always something good cooking at Kris' cottage! Stay warm this weekend, I hear there's a big blizzard going around...ick. xo

  17. Those are the best party favors and gifts! What a super cute theme. And a great idea to do the party in February to break up the monotony of winter. Love the wine bottle robes…how cute! I know y’all will have a blast. I just love your daughters and their friends come too. Stay warm!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  18. So much fun! You have the best ideas and find the cutest favors and themes for your party. Have a great time with all the gals! (ignore the weather)!

  19. Oh Kris, you did it again! You always come up with the neatest and cutest ideas for your girlfriend party and everything else too. These are just darling ideas and I know
    your friends and family are gonna just love love love them. Hope you all have a spectacular time..............What a great time to have it too, in the middle of winter and
    everyone needs a pick me up and something fun to do.
    Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and are off to a great New Year!
    blessings, Nellie

  20. I can't wait. It just gets better and better each year, Kris. I missed the last one and it left me in a funk! Mins and I are both hoping to make it. You make the whole night so special and it is SO MUCH FUN! xo Diana

  21. Everything is perfect, Kris - I only wish I had an invitation in my mailbox!

  22. How absolutely fun. You found the cutest gifts. I especially love the chocolate high heels. I"ve never seen anything like them

  23. OMGOSH how I wish I was one of the gals going to this! What an amazing event you do!! Looks like soooo much fun! The itty bitty robes are absolutely adorable!!