Shiplap Kitchen Wall and Beginning Decor


This was the kitchen wall with wallpaper before we hung shiplap.

Shiplap going up.

After the shiplap went up I found this cool phrase on Etsy to hang on the shiplap.

Now the living room wall ties into the kitchen wall with the shiplap.

The dining room shiplap wall ties into this kitchen wall now.

Terry and I are heading out tomorrow on Friday for a day in Michigan.  
Hoping I might find some more decor to fill in the new shiplap wall.
I am hoping for a long antique salvage piece maybe a shelf.  

Sometimes when you want to find something cool you cannot.
Keeping my fingers crossed the day tomorrow with my shops will find a great piece to hang on this wall.  
The hunt is on.

I had this sweet little grandson of mine on Tuesday all day.  He just turned 4 months but he looks like such a grown up little boy.
 Terry came home from work and I caught the two of them talking about world affairs on the couch.  

My daughter snapped this cute pic of him on their trip last weekend when they stopped at Burger King.  No Whopper for him just yet!!!!

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. Absolutely love your shiplap wall!! Your bathroom is really great too. You definitely have the touch. Baby is precious! Know you are enjoying him after all girls. LOL. Have a great week. We need to have a good talk to catch up. Judy Clark

  2. OH MY.... that baby boy!!! He is melting my heart.
    Talking world affairs... HEE HEE.... no wonder his eyes got so big. HEE HEE!!

    LOVE !! LOVE !! the shiplap!!!

  3. I love the phrase you found!!!! Fingers crossed you find the perfect piece tomorrow!!! Your grandbaby is sooooooo cute....and getting very big too.

  4. The shiplap wall in the kitchen looks great and does indeed make a lovely flow into the dining room. Great job! Oh my goodness, your grandson is sooo cute and has gotten so big! Priceless picture of him and Grandpa.

  5. ohmygosh, he's so adorable! Terry too! Hope you have a fun outing and come back with what you're looking for!

  6. Kris, it’s just perfect! I love the way it ties together the two rooms. It’s so light and bright. Your grandson is just the cutest. You must eat him up!! Enjoy your weekend vacation!! Xo Kim

  7. I love how the shiplap turned out, Kris. Perfect finishing touch. I hope you can find the perfect decor on your trip.

    OMGOSH! That is the cutest picture of Terry and Little Eddie. So darned sweet!!! I said when I saw him that he is an 'old soul'. He has a lot of 'old wisdom' in that baby head of his---reminds me of SweetCheeks when she was a baby. She is an old soul, too.

    Remember- anytime you want a break from Terry ship him this way and I will give him some projects to keep his skills up and keep him happy. lol. Love ya-Diana

  8. Kris, I am so very sorry I am late to read and comment. I love the shiplap, it is absolutely perfect. Your little grandson is a cutie! The photo of Terry and him needs to be framed. I hope you had success in your shopping!

  9. Wow Kris, that wall looks amazing and ties in the two rooms together so nice. I hope you had a nice weekend and that you found something new for the wall. Your grandson is just precious and I love the photo of Terry and the baby. I hope you have a nice week Kris.