Cottage Bathroom Done and New Kitchen Project


The bathroom for the most part is finally done.  Putting up decor is always a challenge for me.  I did have this old frame in storage so I thought that might look good on the wallpaper wall.  Breaking up the floral wallpaper.

For now I have this wreath in the center.  That could change eventually with some cool piece to replace the wreath.  On the hunt!!!

The epoxy paint on the vanity counter top and the floors is holding up really well.  

A little romantic touch with the candelabra on the vanity.

I kept my ceiling chandelier.  

I decided to put up a spring loaded curtain rod and hang these flower embroidered sheers in front of the glass doors of the new shower.  

I wanted to soften the modern glass door look with these sheers.  The embroidered pattern in the sheers compliment the wallpaper pattern.

I kept my vintage framed mirror.

This door idea is genius from Pinterest.  It slides to close and does not open in or out of the bathroom leaving so much more space.

The bathroom is now done.  Still tweaking some decor ideas in there but as most of you know and can understand that is the fun part of decorating.

One project seems to lead to another.  This is my kitchen wall.  I took down a cabinet that was in an odd place and sticking out into the kitchen.  We moved the cabinet to another part of the kitchen. Upon doing this it left some big holes in the wallpaper!  

We did not want to tear out wallpaper or try to fix those areas with new pieces of wallpaper so we decided to shiplap this wall.  You can see the shiplap that is on the living room wall and kitchen opening above.
This should tie in the kitchen wall to the living room and dining room walls with shiplap.

 Covering this area with shiplap should make this look more open and tie in with the other rooms of the condo.
We are working on this fix this weekend.
I will show you how it comes out next post.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. Kris, I love the bathroom, y’all did a fabulous job! The frame with the wreath inside looks so pretty. The chippy stool and vignette is perfect! The sheer is beautiful adding a touch of romance to your gorgeous bath! I will be looking forward to your kitchen update. Happy Weekend!

  2. I love the wallpaper in the bathroom but curious why you didn't continue it around the whole room?

  3. The bathroom is just gorgeous, Kris. I love the addition of the sheers to the shower. It really is such a romantic room. I can't wait to see the shiplap in the kitchen. I know it will be lovely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  4. Sooooooo pretty.....I absolutely LOVE the wallpaper!!!! I can't wait to see the new shiplap wall. Have a great weekend!!

  5. The bathroom looks great! I like your idea of putting the sheers in front of the shower door to soften the modern look. Can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen now!

  6. Kris, the curtain in front of the shower is so pretty. I love the wall with the flower arrangement and the wallpaper is gorgeous. You and Terry do such a great job decorating your condo and I can't wait to see the shiplap wall. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Hi Kris, Love how your bathroom came out, that frame was perfect to break up a bit
    of the wallpaper and have something pretty in the middle. So how are you liking the
    painted vanity top. Curious as to how you would clean it?? It all looks so clean and fresh and light and airy. Hoping you are getting a bit of warmer weather by now, or
    at least some warmer days. We are cold then hot, it rained today so we are getting
    cold again for a few days. Crazy. Well, take care hon, and looking forward to your new project. Love and blessings, Nellie

  8. I love the roses!!! It all is just lovely.
    Looking forward to what you are up to!!! :-)

  9. I think I could live happily in your bathroom!! It's so pretty

  10. Kris, I am totally in love with that wallpaper. It is so pretty. Love the frame on the wall and can't wait to see the kitchen wall. A good ship lap story is the best in my opinion..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  11. Wow! Where have I been that I missed this? I LOVE how the bathroom turned out. The wallpaper is fantastic and add so much glamor to the bathroom. Glad the epoxy is holding up. I am going to do that in the women's clubhouse bathroom. Will have to go back to see what product you used. Now on to you kitchen project! xo xo xo Diana