Happy Dad's Day

Good Sunday Morning.  It has been a beautiful sun filled week end here in the Midwest.  Loving every minute.

Hope all the wonderful dads have a great day today.

My hubby is on the golf course this morning and then our two daughters and granddaughter will join us later for dinner.

  Tim our son in law is working at his firefighter job today.  So I wish him a great Dad's day.  We hope to stop by the firehouse later to give him some hugs.  

 Terry is a wonderful husband and father and now grandfather and of course the most wonderful Mr. Junk Chic Cottage Ever!!!!!!

So Today I dedicate this post to him and all the  wonderful dads everywhere.

Thanks Terry for all you do for me, the girls, the community and our home.  You are a blessing in our lives.

Happy Father's Day


  1. Kris, Terry is a gem, for sure! I wish him a Happy Father's Day! (and Tim, too :)

  2. Say Happy Fathers Day for me :)

  3. Beautiful tribute to your husband! Have a great Sunday! Enjoy your time with family. Blessings!

  4. Sweet tribute Kris for your very loving, gifted and talented Mr. Junk Chic Terry. Happy Father's Day Terry and Tim.

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  6. What a nice tribute to your wonderful husband and son-in-law. Wishing all of you a very special Father's Day!

  7. What a great photo of Terry and a wonderful tribute too.

    The kids made their dad a fantastic brunch and after eating too much, I am trying to get up the energy for a bike ride.

    Happy Father's Day to Terry

  8. I hope y'all had a great day together today. My husband had to work at the station today, so we celebrated yesterday.

  9. Happy Fathers Day to Terry - great picture of him and a great tribute to him.. He seems like a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.
    Have a great Chicago week.

  10. My son-in-law worked at the station today too...but my daughter and grandkids went over there to see him for a bit. Great photo of your husband.

  11. Awww...Tell you handsome hubby the old broad that lives North of you sends him a Father's Day hug! You are such a wonderful wife, Kris, and I know that you appreciate everything Terry does for you and for your kids. You are all blessed. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  12. such a great pic of terry! he truly deserves a tribute for all he does for you and the family!!

  13. Sounds like you had a great day celebrating the special dads in your life :)

  14. Enjoy your time with your family. Happy father's day!

  15. Hope you all had a most wonderful Father's Day....You are blessed with a wonderful hubby and father to your children!!....