Give A Little Get A Lot

Just want to remind all of you that if you have not entered into the Creative Christmas Give Away you can still do that here.

I will have Terry pick a winner on Saturday Night and then I will post the winner on Sunday.  Good luck everyone.  I wish I had a copy of this wonderful book for each of you.

Ok who says Target is not Fun!!!!
My granddaughter Abby in the costume department at Target.

I was trying to get her over to the pretty princess costumes but nope she liked the silly costumes.

Even Grandpa and my son in law Tim could not resist.  Hmmmm both firemen with flames coming out their heads!!!!
Happy Halloween!

My daughter Jen,  son in law Tim and Abby at Goebbert's Pumpkin Farm this past Sunday.  I love Fall and all the fun things to do.

Now on for the real reason for this post!

 It is always good to give and sometimes you are blessed with getting something in return.

I got a package in the mail a few days ago from the lovely Diana from Nana Diana.

Diana and I have become pretty good blogging friends.  We have been seeing each other on a regular basis on line for about a year now.  We have advanced our online relationship to talking about a meet up in real life.

With some gas money, Starbucks and a GPS we may just have this down to a real meet and greet in the near future!

I am excited to meet in person some day soon but also cautious as you know what they say about peeps you meet on the internet!!!!!!  So for now we just keep our love alive in the blogging world.

Not sure the Illinois and Wisconsin borders are ready for this meet and greet just yet.  Have you seen the story of Thelma and Louise we all know how that turned out!!!    

Ok all kidding aside I wanted to do a special post to Diana and say thank you.

I got a lovely package in the mail from her and it made my day.  Somedays the highlight of my day is the mail!  So this special package arriving made me smile.

Woo Hoo! Lots of these little sweet loves inside.  Diana was telling me she only liked Brach's candy corns and I had to laugh because I only like Brach's candy corns too.  Just to funny to hear someone else say that.  I usually have never meet a piece of candy I do not like but when it comes to candy corns I like the Brach's the best.

Not just one but three different yummy flavors.  My hips were doing the happy dance to have these sweet little joys come join them soon!
Around the bags of candy corns was this  little white pumpkin.  Oh my does Diana know me or what.  This is the perfect pretty pumpkin to add to my fall decor.

This pretty pumpkin looks so sweet on my table with the fabric pumpkins.

Thank you  Diana for my fun and yummy surprise.  I loved this wonderful surprise  package.  It was a sweet treat from a great person.  Diana is an angel.  She does so much for family, friends and all the bloggers that she knows too.  If you do not know Diana and her blog OMG then get over there.  You will love her sweet and fun filled post.  TheNanaDiana blog.

Thank you my friend.

 Please come back on Saturday as Susan from Must Love Junk and I will have two wonderful bloggers in the Spotlight.
Have a wonderful week end.


  1. Kris, I LOVE the pic of Abby, Terry, and Tim-so cute!! Well, if you and Diana meet, watch out-that could be dangerous-lol! She is a doll and so are you, but you are both also ornery, so you 2 will have a blast getting into trouble, I mean catching up! ;)

  2. Omigosh! What a lovely pumpkin!! and such a cute surprise. Love the photos of your family having fun.


  3. LOL- Well, first of all-your granddaughter is just adorable. Looks like a SweetCheeks in the making to me! lol AND your daughter is beautiful. I think she looks like you! Terry & your son-in-law found the perfect costumes. Do the both think they are "hot"?;>)

    NOW- as for the rest of this post......pfffffffffffffttttttttt....I can see I have YOU fooled! Me? An angel? Did you ever see an angel with little horns poking out? Yeah? That would be me! lol Now-here's the thing of it. What kind of people talk about the BRAND of candy corn they like? lol Is that kinda crazy, or what?

    I do hope we meet in person some day. If we both start driving at the same time we could probably meet at the WALMART in Milwaukee. lol (you will GET that -after you read today's post on my blog)

    Anyway- thank you for the wonderful words you put next to my name. You are a wonderful friend (and trouble maker) xo Diana

  4. Diana is such a sweet person! I follow her blog too. You're right about her being funny and helpful to others. Her blog post today made me laugh! That was such a nice gift she sent you. It's always a treat to receive a gift in the mail! I laughed when I saw your husband and SIL wearing flames on their head! Very appropriate. What is your granddaughter wearing for Halloween tomorrow?

  5. Aren't blogger friends the best. So much in common and always so helpful and thoughtful. Love your pumpkin, what a treasure. Diana is such a dear, what a special gift.

  6. Kris, I love Diana too. She has been so kind to me since I started blogging... she has been helpful in many ways to so many out there in blog land. Now I have to warn not bend over around her, or put your undies in the microwave, or fall asleep in her presence.... for I have seen the photos of her Hero....that's the ways she catches him , to show all of us.LOL. Truly I am so envious. You girls will not stop laughing, gets some depends for that meeting. xoxoxo,Susie

  7. Diana was the first person to read my first blog and she was so sweet and gave me so much encouragement. Telling other bloggers to stop by. We have become friends also and I love her dearly.
    Your granddaughter is a little doll and I can tell grandpa and grandma love her to pieces. Looks like everyone was having a grand time at Target. They sure have minds of their own don't they?
    Have a great weekend Kris and don't eat to much candy.

  8. Kris,
    Big smile and thanks for sharing the photos of sweet Abby, Terry and son-in-law at Target. The photo at the Pumpkin Farm ... precious!
    I too adore Diana and her humor is an absolute delight. Love the pumpkin she sent you, now how did she know White would work in your home?!!!

  9. Diana is a sweetheart, Kris. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that will nibble on candy corn this time of year. : ) Your granddaughter looks adorable. I can see she is like my 4 year old granddaughter with the Ninja Turtles. Never thought I'd see them again after my son went through them when he was a kid. But surprise, surprise!

  10. I love Diana. Such a funny but sweet person. Candy corn isn't my favorite but oh the chocolate. We bought a lot this year and last year no one even came. But we keep eating it. Got to stop. I should by something I don't like. Your granddaughter is a cutie.

  11. Yay! It's a love fest for that hellion named Diana. She has fooled you, too, I see. She likes fooling us all...that's part of her charm, isn't it? I adore that woman. I hope I get to meet both of you one day, too.
    I totally agree with your assessment of the corn....Brach's is the ONLY acceptable candy corn. I have tried them all...even the organic foo foo candy corn. It was horrible beyond belief! I was scarred for life.
    Have a great day, Kris. And eat more corn. ;)

  12. Oh how very 'sweet' of Diana! I have that same cute white pumpkin and a similar fabric one from Timewashed :) Enjoy your 'corny' candy! Blessings!

  13. Ohh..your Abbie looks adorable! I lovr the shots of your great family. Your pumpkin is gorgeous.

  14. Such Sweet pictures of your family!! That Nana Diana is something else.....a true genuine lady with a BIG HEART! Your pumpkin gift was too Nice! Blessings~~~Roxie

  15. Hi Kris

    Laughed right out loud at the pic of the boys and your granddaughter with flames coming out of their heads! Looks like you all had a fab time looking for Halloween outfits.

    What a fab gift from your friend, love that little pumpkin.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs Judi in the UK

  16. It's so nice to have a long distance friend who you can exchange treasures with,
    I love doing that sort of thing
    Nana Diane and you are a great blogging match up

  17. So funny, I just came to your post after reading Diana's. She certainly does know you - that pumpkin is perfect.

    I just came by to see if you have snow. KC and her boyfriend landed in Chicago late last night to attend the USA vs New Zealand Black Rugby match on Saturday. A friend loaned them her apartment in Streeterville and she sent me a pic this morning to show me it is snowing.

  18. Such a sweet post. I agree blogging buddies are so special.
    I had to chuckle, because I am from Wisconsin too. Your photo of your family decked out in Chicago Bears clothing may be the only trouble you too find ~ I have a feeling Packers vs the Bears LOL ~ Just Kidding xx oo

  19. Kris, your family is beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the fun pictures. You and Diana both that would be something! She's a nut! But a sweet soul! Love both of you ladies. I used to be addicted to candy corn! Seriously! Now I don't eat the stuff! If you like pecans, try mixing them together... oh my! Now I remember why I quit it :-) Have a great weekend friend!

  20. Kris, Diana is a doll and is so kind to everyone! Love the little pumpkin, but just can't do any candy corns. lol! That's o.k. more for you, right? lol! Loved the silly firehead men and your grand is super cute! I have a grand that would not do princess either. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!

  21. Diana is such a sweetheart! Love her!! Such a pretty pumpkin she sent you and I had to laugh at the candy corns getting ready to "join your hips soon" lol! So funny! Love all those costumes at Target too! Happy Halloween!

  22. LOL we only like Brach's too, nothing else will do. Gorgeous pumpkin you received as well


  23. Love the new little white pumpkin but you can keep the candy! LOL The new pumpkin goes so well with your display! Nancy

  24. diana is awesome, huh? love her happy, positive attitude) the costumes are so fun! love the flames, esp!

  25. Oh that Diana is a sweetheart!!!....and I have to agree that Brachs Candy Corn is the only one to buy!....So great that you two will behave yourselves!....I love meeting up with fellow bloggers that I really call my friends and leave the "blogger" out....had a great meet up last week in those flame hats!!...they are perfect for your firemen!!!