Re Love Of Office Area

Last Friday I was cleaning out things in my office and one thing lead to another!!!!

I know some of you know where this is going.

While cleaning in there the next thing I know everything is out of the office and off the walls and I said to myself,  Ok paint project and re love of space is going to happen!

Took everything down off the walls and gave this office a fresh coat of paint.  See the internet boxes and phone I will show you what I did to hide those later in this post.

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do in this small space.  

Chaos in the dining room where everything in my office landed while I worked in the office.

Remember this old chippy cabinet I had hanging in the office.  Well........

This old farmhouse kitchen cabinet works so much better as a credenza.  Don't you love the word credenza!!!!

Works to hide the internet boxes and also serves as a great magazine storage.  I have a weeee little issue with being a magazine hoarder!

I still love my old french divider doors that make a separation wall between my office and the back of the dining room.  Can you believe the area once was a storage closet.  Makes for a better office and lots of light now comes into the room with the window opened up and not shut behind closet doors.

I like my desk being over on this wall by the window.  The light always streams nicely in that window which is bad for picture taking.

With being a nurse I loved it when I found this old nurse's office sign awhile back.  

 Question for You.  I have my fun queen sign right now in the open space of the this chippy frame above my desk.  I was thinking maybe a chalk board in this space or maybe even some chicken wire behind the frame to give me hanging space to put my things on.  What do you think?  I love the whimsy the queen sign gives to my office.  I am just wondering if that space would not be better used as a chalk board or hanging board.
I re hung my old door from a downtown office building that was being renovated.  Love the history of this door and how I can hang a lot of things in my office on it.

Works great to hang things.

My scroll office tiered office basket I got at Lucky Junk awhile back.  Love this piece.

This office is definitely more organized.

Any place I can use creative and different storage I do.

Love my office tiered desk lamp too.  This lamp gives me places to put things that normally I would not have.  Love the chippy patina to this lamp too.

I have this old vintage mail box by my desk to put papers and cards etc. out of site.

I can even use the back side of the divider doors to hang my bulletin board.

Well there you have it.  My cleaning project on Friday lead to a new coat of paint and a relove of my office space.

I love that I have this reading chair right outside my office too.  The sun comes in so nicely in this spot for reading in the afternoon.

  Thank you always for your thoughts and kind comments on my decor crazy.

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Have a wonderful Week.

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  1. That is such a beautiful bright space! I think it's so neat that you display lots of the things you love. The room is just you. :)

    I really like the Queen sign where it is, by the way.

  2. WOW, what an amazing office space.....I love absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
    The doors you use as a divider are just incredible :o)

  3. Kris you have such a beautiful office! I am such a slacker at painting, I need to be more like you and just do it! I think the Queen sign is so awesome, but I also think a chalk board or chicken wire would do nicely above your desk as well, I guess it is what you think would be better!

  4. Kris- I just love this office. What a waste it was as a storage space! Crazy! It looks fresh and clean and so organized. I, too, have a hard time parting with my magazines and have them stashed all over! It's a sickness. I love your Queen sign but could also see it as a chalkboard...or even a mirror there with wire across it to hold "note". You could even talk to yourself then while you were sitting there. Of course, I am a mirror freak because I like the reflection of light and the sense of depth you get from mirrors.

    Your touches are all so sweet, Kris. Love that lamp and that tiered tray. It's all those fun little pieces that makes the room uniquely yours. GREAT place to blog and plan your next decorating adventure. xo Diana

  5. Kris, yes, I love the credenza with all the great cubbies for storage. Great looking piece. I also am goo-goo about the door with all the hangings. The three tiered tray is soooo cute! I love every inch of your space.

  6. Kris, Your "new " credenza looks fabulous. I like the idea of chicken wire in your frame behind the Queen would tie in with all your wire baskets very well. I love your office so much. The chair right outside it is perfect. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Kris,
    Your weekend was much more productive than mine had promised to be. A seasonal head cold made my "get up and go" into got up and went. Credenza instead of sideboard is a much more interesting word. I have a credenza in my dining room which my theatre sits on with an ever changing production. Your credenza looks wonderful in your office space which I adore by the way. Oh yes to a blackboard! Pops of black always add drama and interest. Chicken wire??? YES! yes, yes! Your queen sign will find another space I am sure. All your hard efforts over the weekend was SOOOO worth it, looks fantastic.

  8. This room is endlessly fascinating, pretty, and entertaining. What a happy place! I always want a posting board someplace, myself. Love it!!!

  9. OH I want your energy, Kris! This room looks awesome! I love the idea of a could even hang the sign over it! Everything looks so wonderful in there...just full of your fun personality!

  10. Your office area looks so pretty. I do think that frame would look great with a chalkboard in it over your desk. The black color would contrast nicely and give you a place to write notes etc.

  11. Kris, I absolutely love your office space! So much character and personality. I think the queen sign is perfect but I also love the idea of a chalkboard added to any space. If you have the option, I suggest a magnetic chalkboard so you can still use it to "pin" things since it is your work space. Courtney

  12. Oh I do love the word credenza, especially if it's a beautiful chippy white credenza like yours! I love the new paint and the rearranging of your office. SO pretty, so you! I love the queen sign as is but if you need space to hang things chicken wire under the frame with the queen sign still hung there in the middle would look cute and give you a little spot to hang some mementos.

  13. I just love it. You sure do have a style that I enjoy.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Adore it!! I want all of it!!! I have a guest room that no one ever use and just this morning, I thought to myself I should turn it into my studio. You just gave me so much inspirations!

  15. The room looks beautiful! That's the way my dining room table looks like now, since I've been cleaning out the kitchen.xxox

  16. Beautiful, beautiful space!! I love the queen sign and think some chicken wire would look lovely, but I like the idea of a chalkboard too. many possibilities. Love the tiered office basket too! Oh, and yes, I love the word "credenza" (and yours is beautiful!) and the word "serendipity" and "kismet" lol! Guess I have lots of favorite words! Anyway, the whole room looks fantastic!

  17. I love the sign - can you move it elsewhere in your office? The blackboard or chicken wire would be great also. I am sure you will make the right decision.
    Everything looks PERFECT! Wish I had your energy.. I just look at my project and say maybe tomorrow LOL
    Have a great week.

  18. Kris I just love your office and you have it designed beautifully. What a wonderful space to spend time. Love the sign above your desk and I think it would be great with either the chicken wire or the chalkboard. Maybe you could have both some way.
    All your treasures are perfect in this room and I love your nurse sign too. Great credenza for magazine storage. I am crazy for them too and always planning ways for more storage.
    Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiration!!
    Hugs for a great week.

  19. Love your re~do :) IMHO I would not put a chalkboard in that framed space, too dark however, adding some chicken wire might be nice. I actually love the open (white) space though, but I tend to be more minimalist than many!! LOVE where you created the credenza instead of the hanging wall unit, much cleaner and probably more useful! As always, Such a creative space!! Blessings, Cindy

  20. Gosh, I wish I could just jump in and do that, Kris! I could get so much done if I just started painting a room on the spur of the moment like that. LOL! : ) Unfortunately, some of these walls need work. I don't know what the previous owner did here in this condo, but it looks like spackle spots that weren't sanded down so that needs to be taken care of before I can jump in and paint. I think I will start looking at colors though and I want to get the master bedroom done first.

  21. I just love your office is so pretty!!

  22. It is beautiful. Did you use a whiter white paint this time. It seems brighter. I love all the white and your nurses sign is wonderful!!!

  23. Everything looks great and i especially love those doors used as dividers. My dining room table and room looks pretty similar right now as I'm purging in the kitchen:-)


  24. I'd love to have that bright fun space to sit at a computer desk, Kris! You've filled it with so many unique pieces, but it doesn't seem at all junky because of all the white. I love your queen sign, but a chalkboard would be cute in that space, too. I know you'll come up with a good plan for that space!

  25. Okay, as I sit here reading this I am staring at my little (very messy) desk space. I think I might have just a touch of office envy. SIGH!!! xo Laura

  26. It looks beautiful! Okay......don't hit about painting a chalk board wall :-)...that would be a fun look ;-)

  27. I love the divider walls/doors too. What a brilliant idea. Girl you have too much ambition, can you come give my office a face lift. Mine seems to be the dump all spot and I hate it. Calling for snow here this Friday, how bout in your neck of the woods?

  28. Nice office, Kris. What a great space to work in. I say if you need a blackboard then make it one.

  29. It is all wonderful. Love the tiered stand and light and the french divider doors and the white chair to read and........ Nancy

  30. Evening Kris, Your re-organization of the office looks fabulous! It does feel good to change things up a bit......I like your idea of a chalkboard over the desk/underneath the nurse sign. I'm sure you have another great spot in the office to put the Queen sign! I personally, LOVE chalkboard signs......I have been trying wall areas for 2 days for the large vintage frame chalkboard I have....yikes! I think I finally found the spot....let us know what you decide! Blessings~~~Roxie

  31. Hi Kris,
    what a beautiful, beautiful office you have. Just love everything about it and beeing a nurse too I love the nurses sign:)
    Have a wonderful week.

  32. Your office is gorgeous! I know how that one thing leads to another goes. But in the end your always happy you did it.

  33. Your office space looks awesome and so bright...such gorgeous! I love the queen sign and i love the idea of the chalkboard. Credenza is an italian word, we call that furniture in this way.

  34. Kris, I love every detail! The 'credenza' looks great on the floor, with the shelves and sweet family pics above! The queen sign looks great there, but chicken wire would be fun, too! :)

  35. Love it all!!!! So inspired to re-love a room now! The credenza is perfect in there. I hate cords and boxes etc. I vote for a chalkboard. I agree with Kelly, a pop of black would look good. And then when you get tired of it, you can make a chicken wire frame! You should have it ALL friend :-)

  36. Your house is so neat, I love all the whites and architectural pieces. Beautiful! I'm in the midst of painting and freshening up too.

  37. Your office always blows me away. All the doors you have make me drool. I like the idea of the chicken wire. You have to find a great spot for the Queen sign, you are the Queen after all


  38. What is the name/brand of paint you used on your walls? I love what you have done with your space!

    1. Hi Stacey,
      It is Behr paint and primer in one and the color is called Table Linen. Hope you come back to read this as you are a no reply blogger so I had no way of contacting you back. Hope that helps.

  39. I love the Queen sign, but I also really like the idea of the chicken wire. It would be fun to see what you clipped onto the chicken wire/

  40. The reason I'd leave the Queen sign as is is this - I have a chicken wire memo board which I moved away from my desk because it looked cluttered to me whatever was on there and distracted me when I tried to work at my desk (It activated a latent OCD gene)
    Your french door divider is one of the best ideas ever. Always a pleasure to visit you and your lovely blog!

  41. No matter what you decide to do Kris, we all know it will be super duper cute!! I just love all the enthusiasm you put into your posts. You are always like a kid in a candy shop when you find all your new goodies. I wish I had a talented hubby. You and him make one heck of a team. Such creative minds!!! AHHHHH.... :-)

  42. FABULOUS all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The frame would be cute with chicken wire on it however your Queen sign is really cute hanging inside the frame.
    You have do such a wonderful job decorating your office all shabby chic
    Its just so clean and bright looking

  43. Talk about office envy....this looks fantastic, Kris! I really love the Queen sign you have inside the frame over your desk. A chalkboard would be nice. So would the chicken they would both be something you could utilize. But...I REALLY like the
    Great job on the re-do. It all looks wonderful.

  44. Your office space is gorgeous! The word "credenza" always reminds me of Cat in the Hat. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hoards decorating magazines. :)

  45. It's just so beautiful Kris - what a gorgeous spot and I didn't realize it used to be a closet - talk about a waste of space !!!
    I love the sign " the Queen will not be........................." lol
    Oh and confessed magazine hoarder here too - too many pretty images to toss in the bin ..................( not that I ever look at them again lol I just need to know there here.

  46. I love your office and that nurses sign is perfect for you!! I love that queen sign, but it would make a darling area for chicken wire or chalkboard. Is there anywhere else you can hang the sign? Thanks for sharing with SYC. I was thinking about last years 'Creating Christmas' party. Are you up for it again this year?

  47. Oh I so adore your office space....and I must say that my favorite is the nurse and "queen" sign! always do such wonderful makeovers...your office is truly charming!!!

  48. Kris, your office is so marvelous! I love the decor and you're right - cleaning can lead to painting to redecorating - marvelous - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  49. Love your charming office, Kris. I'd never want to leave it. xxx ~ Nancy P.S. The chalkboard or the chicken wire. . .either one would look great.

  50. Oh Kris I had a good chuckle when I started reading your post. Any DIYer knew exactly where you were heading because we've all been there while our husband's stood in the background shaking their heads (well at least that's what mine does when the lightbulb goes off over my head). I don't think I'd want to leave your office - such a gorgeous workspace! I LOVE your queen sign and had a chuckle when I saw it. As much as I love it I agree that a chalkboard might be more functional above your desk...but...the Queen sign still needs a place of presence. What about on or near your fabulous chibby French doors?
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista