Front Gardens

Hi Everyone,
Hope the holiday weekend was wonderful.
It is nice to remember all those who are serving now and have served in the past to keep us free.

I want to show you my front yard flowers.

First before I show you the front.  I came home from vacation and my hanging basket petunia's on the deck area have doubled in size.  They love the heat, sun and rain we had last week.  So happy to see them doing so well.
My chippy iron planter's flowers are filling in  nicely too.

In the front of the house I planted a lot of perennials this year.  It looks pretty green right now but in another month the front of the house will be blooming with lots of new colors.

Terry and I are planning out a new project with the front steps that lead down to the street and the front sidewalk and porch.  As you can see in this picture the sidewalk and steps are cracked and falling apart.  They are original to the house and are in need of repair.  With cement being so expensive and the work to pull out all of the cement that is cracked,  Terry and I put on our design caps and have come up with a solution we hope to start working on soon.  When we get this done I will be excited to show you the results.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box!

I have been filling in with hydrangea's, flowering bushes, hostas and knock out roses.  As summer continues I know these plants will become bigger and fill in the open spaces with pretty color.

This year I planted my flower boxes with lots of greens and more natural growing annuals.  I liked the mix of yellows, blues and whites.

This is one of my special birdbaths.  I have had this one in all of my past gardens.  The robins love to play and splash in this sweet angels bath.

I have my sweet vintage Schwin bike I got for $20 out in the garden.  

You will be so proud of me!  I left this sweet bike all natural and original.  I was thinking about painting it but decided I like her in her original state.

These are the flowers this year in my tiny cottage garden.  I love that this little home is dressed for summer with some pretty blooms.  

Just enough to let me put my hands in the dirt and create a nice area for new life to bloom.  Very manageable.  Just a sweet little garden space in the front and back of my home.

How are your flowers coming along for Summer?  This is my time of year and I just love to see these pretty blooms growing and flourishing.  Have a great week.

Apparently blogger is having an issue with sending your comments into my email.  This is a problem across blogger.  So please know I am not ignoring your comments.  I am reading them.  Because they do not come into my email right now I have no way to reply by email to each of you.  It is frustrating and I hope they get this glitch fixed soon.

I also had to figure out the cookie notification footer and how to get that up on my blog. I also had to post a privacy policy.  Apparently I am learning that even if you do not advertise on your blog you still have to have the cookie disclaimer which you should see at the bottom of my blog.  If you click on it to acknowledge you saw it,  it should not pop up again when you visit.

We have been told if we do not do the disclaimer and the privacy policy,  blogger can shut down our blogs.  Apparently this is a law and they are being very strict about this policy.  For those of you that use advertising on your blogs will already know you have to have this cookies disclaimer.  It never was enforced with all of us regular and web press bloggers that do not advertise.  Now it has to be on all blogs.  Just happy I could figure out how to do this with the help of a blogger friend.


  1. Your yard is so beautiful. How are the temperatures where you are? It is sooooo HOT here.

  2. How pretty your front yard looks! I need to get some hydrangeas.

  3. So beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with your sidewalk.....I know it will be amazing!
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  4. Hi Kris, oh I love your pretty flowers in your boxes, front and backyard and the pretty bike. You did a great job. I hope you had a fun trip. I know you and your husband will come up with a nice job on the front stoop and walk way. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. So beautiful Kris!! I am working on my yard now and yours is my inspiration. And yes, that silly Blogger email glitch is annoying. They said it will be untangled quickly and I hope it's soon. Also, you don't have to panic about the cookies and privacy policy, you do need a privacy policy, but Blogger will not shut you down. They actually already put the cookie banner on all Blogger blogs for's only visible for EU residents since that's who the law is meant to protect! So if you add a privacy policy you're good!

  6. Kris: This is all so absolutely gorgeous. You must have the smartest green thumb! Your flowers are unbelievable! I can't wait to see what you do with the front walk. Something special, I'm sure. Thanks for all your work about the cookies and privacy stuff. Why do they do this to us all the time? Just leave well enough alone. There are those of us (MOI) that panic when something comes up and then can't figure it out!! I read Kim's message above and it makes me feel better. Hopefully, it will get figured out and we won't have to do anything new. At least you are ahead of the game now..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  7. Kris, everything is blooming like crazy. I love the bike in its original state. My Hydrangeas in the front haven't bloomed in two years. Praying they do this year.

    Love your fountain too.

    I posted the beginning of our front porch. Still have much to do

    Enjoy your evening


  8. Hi Kris,
    Everything looks lovely. Green is in! I also am doing more green in my planters this year. I will share photos soon. I do love your bike. :-)
    Have a great week!

  9. OMG! This is amazing.. I don't have any word to put to describe it.. amazing ..

  10. You certainly could win an award for beautiful curb appeal. Your home looks so inviting. Absolutely gorgeous flowers.

  11. Dear Kris
    It looks fabulous in your garden. And the old bike is wonderful.
    Have a lovely day.

    Hugs, Lone

  12. Oh Kris, your cottage is blooming! That hanging basket, it's making me smile, laugh and burst with joy. I just love seeing flowers happy! With all this rain, our boxwoods are insanely HUGE and neon green, the color that they become when it rains with just a touch of lightening in the sky.

    OK WOMAN, I just know that you and your superman are going to WoW us with your solution for the walkway! We were fortunate to find a great cement crew two years ago to finally tackle our ugly, old cement. Since we did it, our neighbors did it and now the neighbors to their left are doing it, giving this cement company some business! It's amazing what a new paved walkway will do.

    Like always, you bring beauty in your patch and the surrounding areas. I can't wait to hear all about your vacation!

  13. Kris, those flowers in back look amazing! And what you've done out front is equally amazing. So much work to do all that planting! I can't wait to see what you have planned for that walkway.

    That whole Blogger comment notification has been a thorn in my side since last October, and I have yet to see Google resolve the issue, even by my being active on a forum. I know I've missed reader comments on past posts, and it bothers me. I don't want my readers to think I've ignored them. :( I did add the privacy policy too, but left the cookie thing to Blogger. I was able to test it with typing in my blog name with a .uk extension, and saw that it was in place. A lot of trouble for those of us who are non-revenue bloggers!

    1. I so agree Rita. This whole thing between blogger and even on wordpress is confusing. I put up the footer for the cookies and added a privacy policy so I hope I did it correctly.
      Have a great rest of the week.

  14. Your yard looks fabulous. Flowers really make everything pop. The petunias do do well with the heat. Looking forward to your next project.
    You do need a privacy policy. Google has provided our blogs with a built-in cookie consent for those who reside in the EU. XO

  15. Good Morning Kris
    Your garden is just amazing* the flowers you chose are so pretty. Love that bike. I can't wait to see what you are Terry will do. I Know it will be something awesome.
    Gosh that bird bath is beautiful.
    have a great day Kris

  16. Oh Kris! You have the magic touch! Simply gorgeous, but I would expect nothing less from you :).

    I’m on Wordpress but completely clueless about all this stuff! I’ll figure it out once we are settled.

  17. Everything looks so beautiful Kris! You can see your TLC everywhere!

  18. Your home and gardens look just wonderful, Kris, as I knew they would! Those urns....oh my gosh, drooling! How do you keep them going all summer long when they are so lush and full? I find mine get so root bound if I plant too much, even with all the TLC I give them! Thanks for the info on the privacy policy, I just added mine. How do you add the cookie footnote?

  19. Your flowers are stunning, Kris! I can't believe how big they are in May. I just planted mine a week ago and they are so little and new. I'm fertilizing the heck out of them so they can grow up to look just like yours :) I've had this blogger comment problem at least three times with G+ comments but it was fixed. So here's hoping they get the regular comment system up and running again real soon.

  20. Lovely yard and still love front door!

  21. It's so beautiful! My flowers are struggling to take off as it jumped from pleasant temps to hot very quickly. Do you feed yours anything?
    I'm having the same issues on my blog. Ugh. So annoying and I'm answering in the post where people leave comments. Doesn't seem to be a fix for it yet.

  22. Wow the petunias really took off! This heat has really pumped up the volume with the plants but as of tonight we’ll be cooling down and then in the 70’s which is fine with me! I had quite a bit of loss with my endless summer hydrangeas but my limelight’s are coming along very well. I’m having the same problem with my blog. It’s weird the blogger isn’t communicating about it. Makes you wonder.

  23. Oh Kris, it's all just beautiful! Love it all! I'm amazed at how fast those flowers in the back have grown. Mine never get that big after growing all summer long! Do you fertilize them and if so, with what???? Curious minds need to know! Love your front and the sign on the top peaked roof over the door.. and the window boxes are darling and so is the bike and boots. Besides you having a white thumb, you also have a very green thumb! You should have us all guess what you are going to do with your front walkway and porch!!! Hugs.. Marilyn (I was wondering why I wasn't getting notification of comments.. now I know).

  24. Your garden is fairy. I really like the bike and the darling boots

  25. I just did a post about not getting comments emailed to me. So frustrating. I didn't know we had to install that cookie thing. Oh man. I'm almost to the point where I want to quit blogging and just do Instagram. Anyway, your flowers are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you and Terry have planned! Enjoy your week!

  26. Amazing results in such a short time, Kris. Love the green and white, it is always so clean and lovely.

  27. You have worked your magic on your new gardens! the bike!...My vintage Schwinn is pretty rusty and crusty!...I am anxious to hear about your thinking outside the box project...we were informed that building costs have really gone up too....figures when we are now ready to build...will have to do a lot of thinking outside the box too!

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